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November 2016

3:34:00 PM
I do get this feeling when sometimes I lose motivation to blog. Sometimes it is very difficult to write and express your emotion. And then later, I would feel like losing interest at all. It is a chain effect like it is dragging me and my hobby into a sinkhole but with just one push from something or something else, I get my momentum back like it is always Sunday everyday. One push is enough to keep me back in track. Like Yuri Katsuki, just one push from his idol Victor Nikiforov and then poof he's back and wanted to win the Grand Prix again.

Yuri!!! On Ice is definitely the best anime for Fall 2016. That is my choice so blame me not. I chose this anime to be the best for this season not only because it is a rare kind of sports anime but also the fact that it is featuring international events for figure skating. Aside from that, it is also letting us know the beauty of figure skating itself. How each performance are scored, what is that program that they call, how they train and their every lives, and how heavy each competition is as ticket for every grand event for figure skating such as Grand Prix and Olympics.

If I have the power to push a power button then I will definitely push it just to make this anime a season two but sadly I don't have that power. All I can do right now is to blog and pray for its continuing season. Well, the best thing is that we don't have to wait for materials to pile up before its announcement because Yuri!!! on Ice is an original TV anime series and I don't think that MAPPA would just abandon this project. MAPPA studios has a very good reputions on their produced anime though. I just hope that the second season would follow right after the first one.

12:06:00 PM
Being different is not being ugly. It is being unique, and being unique is being special. Special not only in the inside but also in the outside. I once had that problem being different when I had to transfer school back in grade school. I'm the only kid who can't catch up in class and I ended up being teased by my classmates. The teasing continued until a teacher thought me how to shrug my classmates off and have my chin up always. My teacher also said that I should not always judge on what I see on the outside, sometimes we have to check first what is really in the inside. That is how I see Kae from the original manga and the anime adaptation. Though she may have changed her outside appearance, she's still the very otaku girl from the inside, a yaoi lover to be precise.

Some do not prefer Boys Love or Yaoi genre when it comes to both anime and manga platforms. But what these some don't know is that Yaoi is one of the successful genres on both scenes. Next to sports and mecha genre, it is yaoi that ravages the anime sales. You may not be convinced but I've been blogging for more or less 4 years now and I saw how yaoi evolve and pretty much gave a new meaning to harem genre.

Well, enough talk about the genre because the story is not just basically yaoi, it is a combination of romantic comedy as well. Kiss Him, Not Me would have some problems when it comes to content if the second season would go with the same pace with the first season. The Watashi ga Motete Dousunda manga is quite precise on each chapters and volumes while the anime adaptation is somewhat skipping some not-so important parts but would be nice to have those parts as a sugar for the adaptation. If you get what I'm saying then with that kind of pace the lack of content the adapt/animate would be a problem for a season two BUT the manga is on a healthy status though so fear not, it is all about the sales in the end. 

1:31:00 PM
Different reasons for different animes, perhaps different tastes and pleasure. Our eyes seek for the most comfortable anime for our body. If we don't like it, we just skip it and find another lover. That's why we get to choose on different variety each season for each year. But sometimes, it is not all about what we like or what gives us the best pleasure when watching anime, sometimes it is picturing the anime as if you're in there, as if you're one or perhaps the main character you're watching.

I said those words because I see myself in Souta Tawara and Poco as the orphans kids at the orphanages I always visit.  I see myself reminiscing like Souta when I'm with them, their smiles and how they react on each toy that I give to them. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by the anime, overwhelmed to the fact that it sinks my heart to the bottom always, makes me smile everytime Poco is around. To be honest, I never thought that the anime adaptation of Poco's Udon World would be so wonderful in my own eyes.

Slice of life anime always find their way to the anime kingdom. I don't think that there's something that would hinder's Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari second season unless the anime didn't have much recognition but I don't think so. The original manga only need a group of scanlators for online manga sites and also enough sales from the anime adaptation. Content would never be a problem, I think that there is enough room for the anime to make a season two.

11:09:00 AM
Not all the time, anime will always be on point to a new comer. I mean, most anime these days are adapted from a particular content, maybe from a manga, light novel, a toy, a movie, a game, etc. We never know the next set of content would be. Some anime are enjoyable to watch if you have a background from the original content, like Touken Ranbu. If you haven't played the original game then you will have a hard time catching up on almost everything about the swords.

To be honest, the anime adaptation of Touken Ranbu is a rare find. Rare gem to be exact. A game being adapted into an anime is quite uncommon but from a web browser is a different talk especially that the animating studio has to do some tweaks with the characters though. The plot and story pretty much falls to the writer and director, so it is quite easy. Only the disappointment from the original game fans is the only thing he team behind the anime fearing about. To satisfaction from their original supporters is the only way to top for a project like this.

Well, the anime made it to two anime adaptations though. A third is just a push for everything. On situations like this, we don't know if the game itself isthe promotional content for a season three or if it is still the anime. But for me, I would like this anime to have another shot in the anime screen.

7:55:00 AM
Gaming is a family to all anime fans. I'm pretty sure that almost if not then all anime fans loves to play video games as well. As an anime enthusiast, I do want to be part of a gaming community someday. I mean, not the ones who play but the group behind the game itself. It would be a dream come true to me yet I know that it is not easy to make a single video game. My brother always tell me that if you work on a small-time gaming company then you would 100% be underpaid but once you have completed a game, the salary doesn't matter anymore. It is about the effort and hardwork a game creation team puts into their masterpiece in the end.

Last season Summer 2016, anime NEW GAME! showed us what are things behind the curtains of how a MMORPG is made. A simple yet very informative anime about video game creation, same goes with Magic of Stella. I'm not saying that both anime are the same because they are simply not. These kind of anime gives me enjoyment and experience but at the same time both things that I would never ever have. I mean, I'm a professional teacher and my dream to make a video game is almost zero though. Watching these anime are enough for me.

A season two for Stella no Mahou? Why wouldn't I vote for a second season. The laughter and the slice of life feeling from the anime is too much not just for me I think but to fellow enthusiasts too. The problems for a second season that this franchise would face would be the sales from the anime, how good the anime as a buffer for the original manga and also how long it would take to make another one. I'm pretty sure that materials would never be a problem on this series though.

2:56:00 PM
Do you believe in evil spirits? You know, bad spirits that wanders around our world just to frighten us on our daily lives. I'm that kind of person who can stay alone at home, alone at night and walk around my house with a very small amount of light to nothing but I'm too afraid to watch horror films. I mean, when it comes to films, yes I'm scared but in reality or actual life I'm not. Which makes me a weirdo. Nah, I'm just kidding. To be honest, my thoughts when it comes to another dimensional creatures is so-so.

There are reasons why we don't just remember the names of our favorite anime but to also remember the animation studio who created/adapted our favorite series. If you don't know much when it comes to studios, White Fox studios handled Matoi The Sacred Slayer original anime adaption, the studio itself did a very good job considering that the series doesn't have any outside source to work with. Everything falls under the illustrator and the anime director.

If you wonder how these original anime series collect their outer source of sales then you should start checking on their character figures. Like right now,  Soushin Shoujo Matoi's figures are not yet announced but I'm pretty sure that soon there would be at least one for both Matoi Sumeragi and Clarus Tonitrus. Well, about season two, there's no much talk about that. Content would never be a problem, the only roadblock that this series would face is the sales of the anime itself. Did it have enough exposure and success on its first season to push a second season?

1:40:00 PM
I've always been curious about witches. How they lived, what caused them to be feared so much, how they do their rituals and so on. Even though they have this negative vibe on almost all books and stories, I always believe that not all witches are bad. They are like the online hackers nowadays, some are bad, some are good. Bad hackers use their ability to steal password and stuffs, while good hackers retrieve very important information mostly left by dead people, work like research paper and state of the art projects.

As an anime television series that falls under alternate history genre, I find the animation quite good, especially that war is also playing a big role on the plot, Also, let's not forget that the anime is not adapted from any outside sources, not from a manga nor light novel so props to the studio for this wonderful work.

Would Izetta: The Last Witch get another season? I definitely believe that the anime would get a season two. Izetta's vision is not only to bring peace within Eylstadt but to bring peace to the whole world, there's also a lot of mystery to cover which includes the first white witch and her grandmother's. To be honest, I already pre-ordered one figure of Izetta at 1999.co.jp to support and push the franchise. Hopefully my purchase would be one of the millions to support Shuumatsu no Izetta's second season.

11:51:00 AM
Story development and character development are two of the most important things when it comes to anime adaptation. Both's pace should always be looking after the anime viewers. If the plot or story is moving very fast then the fans would have a very hard time understanding the adaptation at all, same goes with the character development as the fans look more closely to their favorite characters. The flow and understanding when it comes to adaptation should always be on point and not leaving the viewers behind.

I'm not gonna lie, Occultic;Nine's anime adaptation is indeed fast. Fast as in very fast in every single angle, that if you haven't read the original light novel nor the manga of it, then you'll end up scratching your head trying to understand why and what on each episode that you're watching. Well, some anime are built to be like that and I'm pretty sure that A-1 picture did a very good job adapting the content into an anime.

Having a quite score at myanimelist, I don't think that the fans would like to abandon the anime of Occultic;Nine but when it comes to every trailing season especially season two, there will always be problems up ahead. The possibility of this anime to have a second season is low unless there would be enough volumes from the original light novel. The series is still young though, there's still a lot of room to cover and that goes with the manga too.

9:56:00 AM
A class without at least a stubborn student is no class at all. There will always be at least a joker as well, a silent type, the talkative one, the one who likes to steal your lunch because he/she loves your mother's cooking, the one who always look at the window, and the sleepy one. As a teacher, I always find myself not just a mother to them but as a sister as well. Even though they don't ask me to tend for their needs, my inner self always does it for them. My job is like the job of Nanba prison building 13 supervisor Hajime Sugoroku, he takes his job so seriously that he would dedicate his whole life to it.

I still remember the first volume of Nanbaka and how it debut on online manga sites. It had a lot positive feedback not just from the manga community but to manga critics as well. Often, a new manga don't get that much of a chance to be animated. It takes time and also recommendations about it but the content is never hard to crack though. I mean, comedy genre manga is super easy to be adapted into anime.

Would Nanbaka have a season two? Hmm, let's see. If the studio is going to get content from the serialized volumes then it might take some time before it gets another shot. The manga itself has a lot of content published already, it is just a matter of debate and sales from the higher ups if the studio would have a go signal on producing anime content for a second season.

4:34:00 AM
I was once in a hospital to visit one of my girl students who just bore a child. Our meeting was blissful especially having a new member of our family. I have to leave the meeting early because my schedule was hectic back then. On my way out of the hospital, I passed by the cashier and saw one lady crying. I asked one of the guards why and found out that an anonymous guy paid her daughter's operation. The lady was worried sick and was standing by the cashier for several hours, the guard said then mister Santa Claus came.

Well, not all heroes wear capes. That instance gave me more reasons why I should keep on donating and helping orphan kids. Also the reason why I always wanted to be a hero, a mahou girl, a magical girl. Well, I'm too old for that. I mean too old to be a magical girl but my age didn't stop me to watch Magical Girl Raising Project anime.

If I have the power to instantly give Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku a season two then I would do it right away. No more talk, second season right away but sadly I don't have that kind of power. All I can do is to blog about the facts and the circumstances if the series would have a season two. Actually, it is quite easy to tell. With the manga adaptations that the original light novel has, I don't think that content would be a problem for a season two assuming that they would make a spin-off of the story. If no spin-off second season would come then the anime series has to wait for enough content from the original light novel before it starts pumping some gas. About the sales, anime adaptations like this are promotional projects from the original light novel. Although it can be the other way around, there is a very small chance that the light novel is the one promoting the anime.

10:40:00 PM
Before i began writing this blog post I interviewed a friend of mine first who loves biking at first then he started listing to some road biking trips. His hobby turned into a passion. His passion turned into a big collection of photos where he road with his bike and a collection of his own modified bikes. When it comes to something that we like, no one could really stop us from making ourselves happy. This is also the reason why my brother can't stop me from collecting manga and figures. Also the reason why I keep on helping children from orphanages and been doing giveaways for fellow anime and manga enthusiasts.

Long Riders! is more like a hobby, slice of life anime to me. Although the manga mainly belongs to the sports genre, I find the anime adaptation more into a hobby kind one. The first season features the struggles of Ami Kurata as she tries to discover the new world with cycling. Ami Kurata's first bike is a Pontiac firebird folding bike. The friend that I interviewed has one of that and he said that it is not easy to get one especially if the bike is going to be shipped just for you to get it. Here's how it looks like in real life:

If the anime adaptation would stick to the original manga content just like how it is in the first season. I don't find any problems when it comes to the content to cover if there would be a season two. I would like the anime adaption of Long Riders! to have another shot in the anime scene. A season two is a must have not just for to those who loves anime but to bike and cycling enthusiasts as well.

9:25:00 PM
I've been reading mangas since I was 10. I saw how the scene grew, the artworks, the designs, and the covers. It is always fascinating how each series evolved yearly, how the mangaka listened to their international fans and how we, the fans influenced their masterpieces at all. It makes the fans stay and wait for each update, either weekly or monthly, if in hiatus status, the fans would wait still. This has been the story and relationship of manga fans to their idols, patience has always been the fans' virtue. You'll read a lot of manga with tons of potential in the anime scene but never a chance to be adapted though. Weekly or monthly manga release is nothing compared to a anime adaptation news, it takes years of preparation and lots of prayers from the supporters as well.

Keijo!!!!!!!! is one of those manga series with tons of potential yet took more or less three years to have an adaptation. I've been reading the manga for 2 years now and never missed a single scanlation update online. I want Keijo's original manga to be added to my collection but it is very difficult to get one. 

Keijo's content when it comes for a second season would never be a problem. The series has a big area of room to cover. The adaptation is not fast forwarding the significant events of the manga series. I find the adaptation in a good pace. I also think that the manufacturing/release of the figures in public would come as soon as the first season ends. When it comes to outside support, I'm pretty sure that the original manga of Keijo has gathered enough reinforcements to makes sales for the anime series. 

7:07:00 PM
I know that this might have been written already on some blogs or anime new website out there but I think it is still worth telling that anime is always evolving and improving. Listening to fans and discussing everything to the higher ups when it comes to producing anime has been on the spot this past seasons. I think that is also the reason why the anime scene is growing as well and more and more anime is getting produced every year. Well, the more anime produced means more blog posts for me to make. RIP me.

Voice acting is very popular to Japan. It is a stepping stone to almost all the media platforms out there. A Japanese voice actor could transition to movies, televisions, back to radio or just stick to anime dubbing scene. To watch anime is already great but to see the voices behind our favorite characters is always a mystery. Idol Memories did a good job showing the seiyuus to the fans and how lovely they are in real life. Most of the time we just see them on photos or on some real quick interview videos but to see them interacting on every post-anime-episode makes them loved by the fans even more.

There's no more discussion for this one. Idol Memories deserves a second season. As an anime television series the content for the product will never be a problem. Only the sales and the production would be the questions left for the fans waiting for a season two. Would there be enough sales to push another season? I will always hope for this one to have another shot, seeing the seiyuu on the anime screen makes me watch the anime even more.

9:29:00 AM
Climbing to the top and learning the ropes are two different things. Before you reach your dreams, you have to be good and get experience from the bottom first. There's no way that a skipper would make a great name at top if he's not even good and doesn't have any/enough experience at all. I know this because I've been there already. I was promoted pretty quickly as a Math Department head and it was never easy. I wasn't good at leading a department and didn't had enough experience to handle every single situation back then. I had to step down as a department head and now I'm trying to make my way back to top again.

It is good to see an anime that enlightens not just the anime fans but also to those who prefer light novels and mangas more. Girlish Number anime adaptation gave us the insight how difficult it is to be in the anime scene, the timeframe, the deadline and hard work you need to put into just to stay alive in this line of profession. Some may just hate Chitose Karasuma's attitude at first but we fans always know that there's a moral and a reason why the author made her like that. That is for her to learn and be able to come up with the challenges ahead.

As a serial novel, I don't see Girlish Number having just one season on the anime and one volume on the manga. The series already gained a lot of admiration from the fans and I'm pretty sure that the support would follow in later. When it comes to content there shouldn't be any problem. I just hope that the sales would be enough to push through another adaptation project for this series.

6:52:00 AM
A dictionary is a ship that navigates an ocean of words. Without words, you cannot express your  thoughts or be able to have any sort of deep understanding of others. People board the ship we call dictionaries and fine the perfect words to gather the small lights floating to the top of the dark waters. Words are lights. But in the ever-changing world, unable to find the right words, there are those who lead troubled lives caged with their own trapped feelings. We need a ship people like that can feel safe boarding. That is the dictionary we are trying to create. Written with characters meaning "to cross the vast ocean," it's called The Great Passage. We are creating a ship to cross the vast ocean of words. Proactively inclusive of new words with clear and concise definitions. All in order to make The Great Passage a dictionary that brings people together.

The Great Passage anime isn't just your ordinary "book" making anime. It is a combination of almost everything we encounter in real life. The awkwardness, the passion, and the precision on how we meet our special someone is delivered on this novel. To be honest, I already watched the movie of this novel 2 years ago and watching the anime adaptation still gives me the laughter and chills that I'm always looking for. Too bad I don't have a hard copy of the original novel. I would like to have one though someday and add it to my collections.

For a second season, I would like the anime adaptation to have one. A trailing season would be a good option but I don't know about the materials because it is already solid as rock that the novel will stay as it is. With no followup content from the novel then there won't be enough materials for trailing seasons.

2:43:00 AM
Reading books and learning about the lives of amazing historical figures is so much fun. Visualizing how they conquer places, unite territories and explore a new world of them is very fascinating. But not every book tells how good they are on almost everything, there are some books that reveals their true identity and somehow their very own intention on why they do that. They have good vision, wise and very aggressive as well. I think those three traits are the basic qualities to make you a historical figure.

From a manga, Drifters made its way to the anime scene not just once but twice already with its OVA. The series is not just a historical series though, it is in fact the most action packed anime for Fall 2016. The entrance Drifters to the anime scene had a very good timing since a lot of anime fans were so hungry for an action genre anime. It's kinda rare to see this genre to have that much of an impact since mecha and card games have been overtaking the scene for a very long time already. It is a fresh content to be honest although the cinematic is bloody indeed.

I do vote for its second season. Like I said, action-themed anime is kinda rare nowadays as the scene needs some balancing when it comes to animating now. Even though a lot would back me up about this I don't think that it is enough to push this anime for a second season. The content from the original manga would be the first and major problem about this anime if it is going to have a season two. The story is directly followed from the manga, without enough content a season two would not be possible.

1:24:00 PM
There are so many reasons why I love watching anime. So many that I would like to talk about one of the reasons. Watching anime is not all about enjoying what you're viewing, sometimes it is about learning new things and evolving as well in the real world. Well, there are some anime that you can't put into life but there are plenty out there especially those that falls under slice-of-life genre. March comes in like a lion may not be a new anime for me but a new game (shogi) for me to look into. From the ranking system down to its gameplay, you can say that shogi is different yet the same with chess.

3-gatsu no Lion is the perfect blend for every anime enthusiast. The mixture of emotion on each chapter on every episode is what makes it perfect for me, The dark experience of Rei from his past and his character as a shogi players combined with the love, tender and care of Kawamoto sisters makes the series worth watching in the anime screen. Chica Umino is indeed a genius when it comes to writing these kind of comedy drama stories. She scares us, breaks our hearts but at the same time makes us laugh while enjoying her content.

A second season for 3-gatsu no Lion? Yeah, definitely worth a shot but when is the real question. While the manga is still on ongoing and a live action film waiting for its content to be published then all the fans including me has to wait for an official announcement. I don't think that budget and support would be a problem for this Chica Umino's work. She's a very good manga artist and illustrator. I don't think that her fans would let this work of hers not to have another season.


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