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Young Black Jack Season 2 Release Date

Young Black Jack Season 2 Release Date

Young Black Jack Season 2 Release Date

Becoming a doctor requires a lot of courage and passion. Without those two, even with excellent skills, a person will fail in that profession. It also takes a lot of time, exposure, and experience to be a great doctor. I have a friend who recently been licensed as a physician; he is still a newbie, but I am pretty sure that he will do well in his line of work.

Speaking of doctors, Black Jack is an already a well-known anime character for his superb medical skills. His talent is simply incomparable to other anime medical characters out there. He may be a fictional character, but his acts can be compared to real life-saving doctors. He doesn't just rescue human lives; he does it on animals as well. Osamu Tezuka is indeed a genius to create such character that would still wave and say hi to this generation. Black Jack character may be old, but the franchise never gets old.

Black Jack showcased his talent again as Young Black Jack for 2015's Fall season. The series is like a flashback on how he achieved his talent from his first surgery onto another endless tragedies as a young medical student. I hope that Young Black Jack gets another shot in the anime screen, not as the distinct character, but as the young promising medical student, he is. A season 2 is what fans are looking for.

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