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March 2016

11:40:00 AM
Easygoing Yuri Season 4 Release Date

Most anime fans don't have enough time to complete all anime released for a season. An anime episode plays for around 20-60 minutes depending on the quality of the episode and also the studio animating it. Sometimes OVAs are served to make an open-ended season have a proper ending. There are 30-40 regular anime shows listed for every season in Japan, excluding the TV shorts. With an average of 12 episode per anime, a full season consists 360-480 episodes, and that is around 7200-28800 minutes. In short that's a lot of time to invest. LOL!

I didn't have that much time to watch all anime of Fall 2015. I was so busy with my teaching and with my loaded hiking trips with my high school friends. Even though it killed so much of time, I am still able to catch up to the season but I needed to prioritize what I should watch first. I chose Yuru Yuri season 3 to watch first simply because slice of life is my favorite genre and I didn't want to ruin my happy mood from my hiking trips.

I had so much fun watching it especially the King Game. HAHA! I hope that Namori will not stop illustrating and writing for this franchise. Even though that the manga adaptation is not at ongoing status at the moment, the main manga is still up and running. With enough materials and sales, a season 4 will never be a problem. I do hope that fans would continue supporting not just the manga but also the anime adaptation.

9:20:00 AM
Young Black Jack Season 2 Release Date

Becoming a doctor requires a lot of courage and passion. Without those two, even with excellent skills, a person will fail in that profession. It also takes a lot of time, exposure, and experience to be a great doctor. I have a friend who recently been licensed as a physician; he is still a newbie, but I am pretty sure that he will do well in his line of work.

Speaking of doctors, Black Jack is an already a well-known anime character for his superb medical skills. His talent is simply incomparable to other anime medical characters out there. He may be a fictional character, but his acts can be compared to real life-saving doctors. He doesn't just rescue human lives; he does it on animals as well. Osamu Tezuka is indeed a genius to create such character that would still wave and say hi to this generation. Black Jack character may be old, but the franchise never gets old.

Black Jack showcased his talent again as Young Black Jack for 2015's Fall season. The series is like a flashback on how he achieved his talent from his first surgery onto another endless tragedies as a young medical student. I hope that Young Black Jack gets another shot in the anime screen, not as the distinct character, but as the young promising medical student, he is. A season 2 is what fans are looking for.

4:11:00 PM
Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Season 2 Release Date

It is always an advantage to go on extra curricular activities. Not only at school but also on stuffs that you really like to do. As an anime and manga enthusiast, I don't just watch anime and read manga, I also share my personal profile to the outside world like blogging and going to anime conventions. It is always a big plus and big advantage to go to conventions as it is a good place to confirm rumors and theories of fellow enthusiasts from legit set of people. And let's not forget about the awesome freebies and picture takings with cosplayers. 

I wasn't in Japan when Valkyrie Drive franchise was announced. The announcement was in a convention, I don't know if I should name the convention though (hint: it is a very big convention with thousands of participants yearly). But yeah, those anime fans and gamers out there are lucky enough to have a sneak peek on the anime media but too lucky to see the contents of the games of the Valkyrie Drive franchise.

All three, Mermaid, Bhikkhuni and Siren of Valkyrie Drive are not just for show. Each release was a success, each product is a success. Without one product, the franchise would fall apart and I don't want that to happen. I hope that Marvelous would think about relaunching the whole franchise again, with a second season on the anime and of course second installment on the games.

2:08:00 PM
The One Being Sung Season 3 Release Date

Do not judge a book by its cover. That is the rule of thumb that I always apply with myself and to my students. I know that first impression always lasts but not all the time it is correct. Base on my experience from teaching, if you stick your first impression to a person or a thing, you will always end up regretting that impression in the end. Better know everything first, be a part of that thing or person then start judging.

I just don't get it though. I don't get it why some people from myanimelist tend to give a review to an anime even though they haven't finished watching the whole season yet. It breaks my heart, seriously it does. Utawarerumono took more than 10 years before it reappeared again in the anime scene. And those 10 years are not years not well spent, we are talking about a big franchise that hit big in the gaming scene. Originally from a visual novel, the first release of it is never a joke, same goes to the first anime season of the franchise.

Now that fall season of 2015 is over, Utawarerumono: The False Faces is over as well. As a gamer, I am happy that the second installment of the game is very successful, with it available on the PS4 platform is a good sign already. Also, as an anime enthusiast, the second season is a big break. I do hope that the third game would go online real quick, so that the third season of the anime adaptation would be released as well. Remember, the anime adaptation for this franchise is a promotional activity for the game.

12:32:00 PM
Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon Season 2 Release Date

Pretty sure that everybody have been part of a team. Forming and picking your team members would always be the great idea and it comes the other way around when you get queued with random people which you are no idea of what their capabilities are.

I see this team stuff often in professional gaming scene. It happens when a successful gaming franchise starts to crumble with their current roster leading the franchise no choice but to reshuffle their team roster. A franchise has to kick a player or two, or maybe the whole team to replace new members just to see if it would alleviate the situation to save its sinking name. I saw it happened a lot on Natus Vincere's (Na'Vi) Dota 2 team and leaving just Dendi an pioneer member of the team with new sets of team mates. Let's pray that it won't happen to the 35th test platoon of the anti-magic academy.

It is very easy to read on where the Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon's story will go. As an anime enthusiast, I can say that the plot is not really unique at all. I've seen this fantasy-romance- harem stories a million times already. Well, this adaptation of Toki Yanagimi's work may not be an eye-catcher for me, but the first season of the anime is still very light to watch compared to some ecchi anime out there. I hope that it gets a second season though and show the anime land how good the content really is. Come on Silver Link studies, I know you can do it.

3:42:00 PM
Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider Season 2 Release Date

Innovative thinking. That's how they call it. That is how geniuses think. They are very deductive and at the same time calculates every move that they do. Very careful that they are unlikely to make mistakes - they are still human though so they still make errors. But not those kind of fatal errors that would ruin their major moves.

Yes, these geniuses are real, they do exist. I mean, the innovative thinkers. You will often meet them on competitive levels where they harness their skills even more like chess grandmasters and gamers in first-person shooting, MoBa (Dota2, LoL, Smite) and real time strategy games (Starcraft2, Warcraft3). You will always be amazed on how fast they think and how accurate the outcome will be in their favor. They are like the Detective Conan of real world.

As a fan of mystery stories, I always look for movies and series to stick with. Movie and TV series hunting is one of my stress relievers after work. One of those series that I managed to hunt is Subete ga F ni Naru's tv series. I never had a chance to read the original novel though but I already fell in love to the plot which made me even happier that it had an anime adaptation after a year of the tv series's release. I know that the feeling is not just with me, a season 2 is already an uproar on the anime scene. A second season is what the fans from the novel, tv series and the first season anime are looking for. 

5:22:00 AM
High School Star Musical Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever tried auditioning before? My first audition was way back in high school. I auditioned because I wanted to be part of our school's dance troupe. It wasn't just a normal club audition, applicants were suppose to perform a single routine at the school quadrangle while the whole school watches the whole event. Sadly, I didn't made it through. The reason wasn't mentioned though but I am pretty sure that it was my confidence. I was so nervous back then that it caused me to make vital mistakes on the routine. Since my first year audition, I never tried it again until I hit my fourth year and successfully joined the club as I am a senior already with much confidence.

It was because of Yuta Hoshitani from High School Star Musical that made me share my story. His confidence and admiration to his idol made him through the club. Maybe not a lot would get this though but fans with great dedication to dancing knows that you need to have the guts to pull off a routine. Of course, you will need confidence but if really don't have what it takes then you won't make it far. 

Speaking of having what it takes, I think the franchise Star-Myu did a very good job on the anime scene. The franchise also has a radio drama, it would be a great idea to check it sometime. With proper push from the fans, a season 2 won't be a bad idea. High School Star Musical deserves a second chance on the anime screen.

8:05:00 AM
Fafner in Azure: Dead Aggressor Season 3 Release Date

Success is one of the sweetest thing here on Earth. No matter what kind of success it is, it will always be sweet. And just any other things out there, it doesn't last forever. There will always be roadblocks that will pull down a success. Roadblocks that might stay for forever if patience and proper comeback are not prepared.

It took more than 10 years before the second anime season of Dead Aggressor to occur. It was like an abandoned quest not only to the writers, animation studio and everyone that is behind the franchise but also to the fans who waited in vain. For the fans the first release was a successful attempt, but that attempt submerged onto a bottomless pit that not a single one would know when it will come back to rise again.

Well, I am not one of the original fans of the
Fafner in Azure. Some of the original fans were my brother and some from his professional gaming team. They are not into anime anymore simply because they are full-time paid gamers now but when I told them about the second season of Soukyuu no Fafner, they started streaming like some 5th graders going to a fieldtrip. 

I think it is not just my brother and his friends who wanted a third season for this anime. A lot of original fans out there will ask for it as well. Their comeback was real, although it took so much time I hope that this successful would not have a dejavu.


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