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Lance N' Masques Season 2 Release Date

Lance N' Masques Season 2 Release Date Ransu Ando Masukusu Season 2

Lance N' Masques Season 2 Release Date

Would you rather be a normal person than to be a super hero or a knight?

If I were to be asked with that same question, I think I would bail out. It is never an easy question to answer, even real super heroes might even prefer the same choice that I did. We can't simply choose between our different lives/personalities. We don't have one single existence, we all have at least two roles in life.

Me? I have tons. I live as an otaku, a teacher, a collector, a sister, a musician and many more I think. More will come soon, that's something I really am sure about. Of course, it goes the same way with Yotaro Hanabusa, he's a Knight, the Knight Lancer, a hero, a White Knight (with a syndrome) and here's a lot more.

If you love this anime, I would recommend the original light novel for you to read of this franchise. The updates on the light novel is very slow but worth the wait. About the materials for a second season of Lance N' Masques anime, it would be a long wait as well since the story trails the light novel in a very duplicate manner. On the 12th episode of the anime, fans do know that there are still more to tell from the story, but what we fans don't know is when those stories will get  told.

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