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Zero no Tsukaima F Season 5 release date

Zero no Tsukaima F Season 5 release date

Zero no Tsukaima F Season 5 release date

There are lots of obstacles you need to go through when you are in a commitment.
This show is conveys that lessons. Saito is a guy abused by his master, Louise. Then conflicts appeared and Saito is extremely indecisive about his relationship with Louise, and then stuff gets fixed. Am I being a spoiler to you? Anyway, let’s go straight to the point. Nothing fresh is really found in this season and I won't go too much details about the plot because hey, you should have seen the previous three seasons before you watch the 4th one, no?

With four episodes in, and things really got to an explosive and bizarre start - the first three episodes are devoted completely to closing up what the third season left, and it does so EXTREMELY well. I mean like, new characters are introduced, but they don't take up too much time regarding the action and plot. I sometimes feel that it is rushed but, err, it’s fine.

Those first three episodes on their own could have made the entire season, however. It was that good.
I would also like to acknowledge the OST which is epic (special note to the song "Passion" which I'm listening right now).

I think they did an excellent work. Lots of love to Saito! My anime crush. *blushes*
This season encompasses the whole series, and every episode makes you feel delightful and the two final episodes are just so much overwhelming that you can't accept it is already over, move on and then you see how it was just a agreeably dream in which you will go back someday... but if you weren’t able to do so, hope that this gets a fifth season.

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