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Tanken Driland Season 2 release date

Tanken Driland Season 2 release date

Tanken Driland Season 2 release date

When I bought the manga back in 2012, I was excited when the management announced that there will be an anime adaptation – which was released back in July 7, 2012. I miss this show so much. I miss Mikoto.

Well, let me introduce the plot to you. Princess Mikoto of Elua wishes to become a hunter, and search for treasure all over the land of Driland. She fought various monsters in the process. . She sets out on her trip with her personal assistant Wallens, but they are soon joined by Pollon, a hunter who dreams of being a hero, and Pann, a hunter with a spear. The group explores various treasure, meet other hunters, and save the world from a very horrible threat. But as they continue their study they began to sense great danger drawing near. There are also hints of some great evil coming to the world and that Mikoto and her friends will have to fight it. So yeah, that’s it.

Let us now rate the cast. First, Mikoto. Instead of being a princes and sitting and waiting to come of age to rule the realm of Elua, she is exploring the world; she is learning to use a sword and sneaking out of the castle to learn how to be a hunter. Next - Wallens, Mikoto's attendant, he has a mysterious and shady past and changes the subject whenever someone asks him about it. That added to the thrilling element of the show. He is also a powerful fighter able to take on monsters much larger than he is using only his fists. 

This is somewhat similar to Badass Princess because Mikoto has a lot to learn, but she's a capable ass-kicker in her own right – which makes her a great inspiration for the audience. Girl power!
Overall, this is an enjoyable and thrilling watch. Ugh, I really miss this. I wish and hope this gets another shot – a second season.

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