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Hyouka Season 2 release date

Hyouka Season 2 release date

Hyouka Season 2 release date

For most people, the most possible way of finding the highlight of your life is reminiscing your high school days. Meanwhile, in others’ worlds, in contrast of the norm, they choose to live the dullest life one can have. Rejecting the chance of being happy and being completely updated about the latest gossips and all those high school stuff. For them, these things aren’t necessary. And for me, being a bubbly and quidnunc person, I find that gloomy.
In this show, Oreki Houtaru, the main character, is an oddly unenthusiastic boy who’s not really fond of making friends and joining school activities. Luckily for us, by the request of his sister, he joined the Classic Literature Club. 

At CLC, there he meets Chitanda, a meek girl. But as the show progresses, she turns into a paradigm of curiosity once she says, "I'm curious." Another lovie is Fukube, a smiling boy with an extraordinary memory who calls himself a “database”. Yup, database. Just like in excel. 

The next stop is the plot, the main course of this anime. They (Oreki and friends) begin to investigate a case that occurred 45 years ago. However, hints of the mystery are buried in an old collection of works of the former members of Classics Club. The collection, however, is titled "Hyouka."

Well, the show was thrilling and exciting. But for me Chitanda’s excessive curiosity is exaggerated sometimes, though; but this greatly contributed to the comedic effect of the show. Atleast, for me. Lmao. There is a fantastic chemistry with their interactions that they seemed as normal human beings rather than simple stereotypes. What mainly shines, though, is Oreki's and Chitanda's relationship (OTP!) stemming from how heavily their personalities and manners contrast with each other, but being capable of dealing with each other. I admit, I blush whenever I see them. They’re perfect!

Overall, I definitely loved the progression of their admirable story. It makes me so happy in a wide number of ways.
Curiosity kills the cat but Hyouka is what kills the boredom. I hope this colossal anime gets a second season.

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