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Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica season 2 release date

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica season 2 release date

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica season 2 release date

Have you gotten pissed at those wimpy protagonists that always hesitate before doing anything? Have you gotten irritated at the Frick and insane power ups and power of friendship crap? If the answer is yes, this anime is probably the perfect break for you. 

This is a rare thing, my dad once said, to find a show with enough courage to lost from your average cut and paste framework. So the protagonist goes in and comes out with the aggressive demon armies dry humping the ground he walks on... and then what? We see that protagonist use his newly found badassery to participate in shenanigans like driving assholes in their place, or stealing girls underwear? Sign me the fuck up. And while this is surely present in Hagure, behind the scenes there stirs a new disturbance just begging the hero to be brought back into the whole "We are the secret organization. You don't even meet our values. Wahahaha." trope. "But Selsica!" You dispute "It didn't reach that point in the anime, and we'll never get a second season!" Ahhh how right you are, but that brings up another point. Good stories have an ending, a conclusion that ties together the relationships, plot, and ultimately, the world of the series, leaving you with a feeling of fizzy warmth. Not the kind of aerated warmth you find after eating a week old bean burrito - either. In conclusion, interesting idea, bad execution.

Nothing much to see here; just another unmemorable no-brainer show. I must confess that it’s at least good for its fan service. It is contiguous a softcore hentai at times, with a protagonist who is one step away from a rapist, and that makes it more interesting that the common crap we get in ero shows. The boobs are not ever censored and there are even some scenes of sexual foreplay. Ugh. Other than that, of course, it’s total trash and if you try to watch it for any other reason you are going to hate it. Lmao. This has a slim chance of getting a second season.

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