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Brave 10 season 2 release date

Brave 10 season 2 release date

Brave 10 season 2 release date

Being a girl loving slice of life animes, I never loved ninja fights and all those stuff. But if you love ‘em, I am pretty sure this anime is for you!

I tried to watch this because it’s a trend in tumblr. I thought maybe it is worth my time. And I was right. Though having flaws, this anime is not the best, and definitely not the worse. It’s bearable.
In this anime, I loved the outdated Japan background. The fights are not pushed forever, usually 1 or 2 episodes is the maximum. These are necessary, well, uhm, probably to advance the story. The plot is fairly foreseeable and shallow: clique conspiracies, good vs evil, resolving matters by fighting your way through, brotherhood, and such. 

The first episode is actually one of my favesand I believe the story should have followed a bit more its spirit. Saizou is super strong compared to his friends before they joint in the Braves, which is very unique for general type ninjas. That's a noteworthy thing for its antagonists. However, I find it awful seeing a main character display off so much for lesser results.

C’mon,  I do understand that they even needed to make more time to introduce and include the other characters. However, they should have performed way faster. You see, I really am not a fan of slow-paced shows. Take Jinpachi Nezu for example, this character appears at episode 8, but there is only four episodes left so I knew it they would rush his role, there are lots of WTF moments. 

Honestly, I would’ve enjoy seeing a series of 25-27 episodes out of it.  Just to mnake it more comprehensible and enjoying to watch, and have time elaborate on characters, get Saizou to finally kick those bad guys' ass finally, and get some stuff more detailed so when us, the audience, absorbed what it is trying to say, we’ll get so much feels. You see, this is a good anime, but it has bad elements.

Making a longer show would have contributed momentously to a justifying ending. It would have been an amazing show if everything wasn’t rush. Obviously, I am demanding for a second season, let’s give this another chance, please.

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