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January 2016

12:12:00 AM
K - Anime Season 3 Release Date

Mix reactions and mix evaluations. I think those would be the best words to describe the K anime franchise. There's a lot of love out there, and a lot of rage as well. Some say that the second season is far inferior than the first, while some say that the second installment is better than the first one. I can't say which is better since I do love the manga adaptation more than the anime.

Return of the Kings is the direct sequel of the movie. Watching and jumping straight to the second season is not the best idea at all - I know some did this but sometimes it doesn't work on all anime franchise. The story runs on a pace that not everyone can catch up to it, especially to those who likes to skip the thrills and keep on the trend. 

I have watched the first season of the anime, it is very interesting that it made me stick to wait and pray for a second season right  after enjoying the movie. As expected the budget for Return of the Kings didn't diminish, the fan base grew and so as the budget for 3 years but their return to the anime screen is a big disappointment to me. I personally think that it is how the director tried to roll the film in a not understandable manner. There's something wrong and somehow you can tell it if you have read the manga adaptation. The manga was more precise, the second season wasn't.

I am not saying that I hate the K anime franchise. Also, I am not comparing the first and the second season even though I am disappointed on the second one. Both installments are great, don't get me wrong. 

About a third season? I think you know the answer if you're both an anime and manga enthusiast. There's a lot of materials to cover, a lot of adaptation has been and to be made, a movie after the second season might be announced. Budget, meh, it is not a problem. A movie, spin-off, season 3, all are possible. K is such a successful franchise, so if you're a fan worry not.

2:11:00 PM
Aria The Scarlet Ammo Season 3 Release Date

Time. Time is formidable. We all did race against it, at some time we won, at some time we lost. We can never know the right exact timing to strike versus it but what we do know is to wait patiently until good things flow in to our side and then we attack.

 Aria the Scarlet Ammo franchise did the right thing. After 4 years, a second season (spin-off from manga) came out. The fans from the first season may have been very tired waiting for it but new set of fans joined the coalition. A coalition that only has one motive, to move forward and look for another installment.

It may take another leap of faith for a third season but the progress on the original light novel is on very good status. So material is never going to be a pain, but time will be. Time will tell us when season 3 be release.

12:08:00 PM

There is no such thing as invulnerable. Anything human-made can be destroyed. Even our lovely not-a-single-crack Lego building bricks do get broken. In short, anything made is meant to be broken in the end, that includes war and peace.

My first impression on the anime adaptation of Heavy Object is not that much. I really thought that it would be just the same as the other mecha anime out there. Nothing new but I was wrong. Everything is different from the concept of "usual" mecha and to the approach of war. To be honest the pilot episode is indeed scary, scary in a way that it gave me the feel how a real war looks like.

Having 3 different manga adaptations? A second season is never going to be a problem when it comes to materials. I hope that the anime adaptation gets another shot. If ever that happens, I wish that J.C staff will be the same studio to cover the whole animation again.

11:55:00 AM
Haikyu! Season 3 Release Date

For every tragic loss there will always be an epic victory. Of course, a victory won't happen without much dedication and perseverance. We have to earn it the hard way and learn from our mistakes to be a successful one. The volleyball team of Karasuno Highschool is a very good example. Being the real underdogs of the story while climbing up to the top is what made this franchise followed by tons of anime and manga enthusiast.

After the ending of Kuroko no Basket's third season, the fans stumbled to a dead end. A dead end that the fans including me may wait forever, a movie is not enough though. Although Haikyuu has a different plot and story, it still falls under the same genre with Kuroko no Basket. Both belongs to sports-comedy genre.

This anime still has a lot to cover, a lot of mission to follow and a lot of enemies that will bring road blocks to the team. I don't think that Haikyuu will just end up like Kuroko no Basket and that killed the will of their fans who ended up following the original manga. 

There are two different writers for this franchise, one for each platform, one for manga (original) and one for anime (adaptation), so if you're into "pray-for-a" third season, you should start stalking them every single day on every social media accounts that they have. The stalking should include the director of the anime and also the studio of it. 

12:46:00 PM
Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 3 Release Date

There are things in this world that we would like to have forever. I mean, posses it for eternity. My brother, anime, manga, light novel, my happiness, my otaku room would be some of those. My parents are not with us (me and my brother) anymore that's why I never mentioned them.

Of course, if there are things that we would like to have for an endless state of time, there will be things that we would hate as well. I will name one, and that is the thing that I hate most. I hate failing as a teacher. For me, failing in my teaching is like failing on everything, some may say that it is very easy to teach but the burden you carry as a teacher isn't.

Well, speaking of eternity, I have blogged about Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? before. It was a post that it should have a second season. I was right, it did had a second chance. I am pretty sure that the original author of the manga is very happy and would like it to have more exposure for eternity.

I, as a fan of slice of life genre would like this to have a third shot. But we don't know yet though, the original manga only has 4 volumes at the moment. Popularity and sales, I think both won't be a problem, it would be the content material that needs to be animated. Let's just hope that the original content will continue to run without problem so that there will be high chances of having a third season. Forever waiting? Yeah, maybe.

12:10:00 PM
The Asterisk War Season 2 Release Date

I studied at one of the best high school in our country. It is not easy to pass the entrance exam, it had 3 screenings where the school filters the best of the best on every batch. The school itself wasn't my choice to study though, it was my brother who pushed me to pass the examinations and eventually the school became my alma mater. 

None from my grade school friends passed the examination, some managed to the 2nd screening but I was the only survivor. It was sad, I never had a motivation to go on. I don't know what I was supposed to do back then yet my brother told me to just move forward until I find what I really want to do with my high school life.

The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water leaves a strong message not only to its original light novel readers but also to the manga reader and those who've watched the anime adaptation as well that we should and will always find a reason to act. 

The first season wasn't settled though. And it is not just me wishing for a second season, I do hope that there will be an announcement about this very soon. Materials from the light novel is never a problem, the original story is so far ahead from the anime.

This anime adaptation deserves a second chance. The story is far from over. I know that it is not just me who votes for a yes.

8:14:00 PM

Dance with Devil Season 2 Release Date

I have watched millions of anime. Mathematically not millions but I can't count how many I have watched. Out of those millions, there are only few that I can say that falls as a complete package. I know, that it is not easy to create an animation content but it is rare to find an anime that will vacuum you into watching it over and over again. I can name one, that's Clannad. 

I read the first pages of Dance with Devil's manga. Was it fun to read? Nah, to be honest the manga Dance with Devil -Blight- is never the same as the anime. The manga focuses more on the characters, while the anime definitely stuck on what it is suppose to do, to promote the game. Well, I can't compare both to be exact since the manga would still need a long run before it catches up to the animated content. For now, let's focus on what we have.

If you're a gamer then you would know by just watching this anime that it would have a game adaptation. It was very easy to predict on the pilot episode, the background music on the first fight scene is pretty much like playing Castlevania. I don't know if the soundtrack is the same but somehow I felt like playing the game. Maybe because the plot revolves around vampires.

 If I were to be asked if this anime deserves a second season, I would answer yes. For me, this one is almost a complete package but I won't watch it again unless it gets another shot on the anime screen. The ending of the first season is very tear-jerky, the music is just too much and the feels would make you get into the scene. 

 If you're a hopeful fan wishing for a season 2, always remember not to lose hope since the ending clip told us that the story is not yet over. Pretty much, the first season was never finished. LOL! Let's just wait for Brain's Base announcement, also pray for the success of the game adaptation.

I would like to give credits to Mister Ai Yoshimura, he's indeed a very talented anime director.

3:47:00 PM
Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou Season 3 Release Date

Lately, I have been watching Arrow and The Flash. It is nice to get hooked on some cool TV series since comics is never my era. Arrow and Flash is one of those famous characters from DC comics. They are superheroes, so yeah. If you're an anime fan and loves superhero genre, I think you should check out these TV series as they are so good and it is also nice to bounce onto a different screen - from anime to TV series, you know.

Fall 2015 was mostly into the superhero/superpower genre. I think it is because of One Punch Man ravaging every single anime enthusiast down to every avid manga and light novel readers out there. I am not saying that OP-Man stomped other anime from Fall 2015 but it is like the T-Virus from the Resident Evil game. OP-Man contaminated the whole Fall 2015 season with its virus that everyone who watched it will just compare other anime that floats on the same boat (genre) with it and that includes Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou.

Even though Konkurīto Reborutio: Chōjin Gensō had some very tough competitors the franchise still managed to get a second season. It is the other half of the story where first season ended. Now the question is, will it ever have a third season? A third chance maybe? 

3:04:00 PM

Comet Lucifer Season 2 Release Date

I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has read or heard about folklore stories. You know, about tales, legends or mythical scenarios that science cannot explain. Some of these stories have been around for thousands of years already and have been published on some books. Some of these stories are made to protect a certain landform or a body of water just to keep people away from destroying an earthly landmark. Some even grant wishes as a prize for something, an example of this is the Leprechaun folklore.

Going back to the anime. For me, I see Felia as one of those characters on folklore stories. She's an angel and a guardian at the same time of the planet. Felia is indeed a representation of the setting of this anime series.

Felia's disappearance on the final episode as a heroine is kinda sad yet brought acceptance to its anime viewers. Her disappearance may or may not be a mystery to its anime fans, it is an open-ended story though but something tells me that this original anime series cannot have another season. The ending credits and clips are just too much as spoilers for the hopeful fans like me.

Let's just hope for the best though as 8-bit animation studios has some successful projects with trailing seasons. Still, in the end, it is all about the sales. Will Comet Lucifer have a second season?

5:17:00 PM
Zetman Season 2 release date

“It's when things are tough that you have to keep your head up high. You won't find hope lying on the ground.” -Inspector Sayama

I was extremely surprised because I liked this one; since I never would have thought that I can like violent animes! They’re gross for me – well, before. 

Two youths that fight in the name of justice but with different standards – this is what this anime is mainly about. Sometimes, their ideals, who they are and how they serve the public.  I cried on the first episode. Lmao. 

The story was a bit confusing at first, I tried googling everything and it got clearer and clearer throughout the show. The story is set in the modern times with technology that passes our own in the real world. Monsters called Players, or EVOL, created by Humans break the law and start killing they're creators. These specimen broke free of their cages. Just like what happened in Jurassic park. But luckily, this show has heroes.

If we were to talk about the technicality, it is good. I’d say the art is dark; pretty much reflecting its theme – emo. As for the art, the series seems to familiarize a bit of old school. With the old school-like art, it certainly seeds some nostalgia in some of us who have been otakus even for a while. The music, though, isn't anything noble as I've never really paid it much time up to this point. Lmao.

Being a manga follower of zetman, I am to some extent disappointed but at the same time happy because it already has its anime adaptation. Of course, books are always better than movies/shows. But to those who are fresh and wants enjoy a good strong captivating story with interesting characters similar to like of that Tiger and Bunny, it's worth your time. 

If you liked Deadman Wonderland, Blassreiter and Claymore, Zetman is clearly for you, you should give it a shot if you want to try, you won't regret it. 

This anime has a slim chance of getting a second season, though.

5:17:00 PM
Uchuu Kyoudai Season 3 release date

Dream big. That is what they always say to us. For me, my dreams are literally big. My frustrated dream is to become an Aeronautical Engineer; they fix airplanes and jets and such. I can never imagine how I would feel if I reached my longtime dream.

But Mutta knows how he would, because he already did. Mutta's life has driven nirvana. Lmao. He's been fired, excluded from his profession. Now he's had to transfer back in with his parents. Meanwhile, his kid brother Hibito has been riding a rocket and training to be an astronaut. The same career that Mutta once dreamed of.

And until then Mutta as the older brother have a saying that older brother must take a step fast against his younger brother, luckily, there was a test for becoming an astronaut, and so Mutta without hestitation, signed for the audition.

Well, everything about this anime has the feels that is very authentic. There is no sense of false trick. And above all, it gives off a very spreadable sense of hope and optimism. A sense that your dreams ARE reachable, and that there is no such thing as bad luck; it's all about creating your own luck.  I'm sure everyone has had their share of regrets and somewhere along the line, has felt unpleasant about the way their life turned out. I'm also sure that everyone has had their share of thoughts that had to be abandoned for one reason or another. Sad.

What I enjoy most about Mutta's character is that he signifies two sides: disappointment and hope.

A lot of times times during his journey to being an astronaut, Mutta loses faith in himself and says "I give up, there's no way I can do this." (Something I'm sure everyone can relate to) However, like any other great protagonist, he holds an internal spark of hope that drives him to persist through the challenges that sprang at him, in spite of what he says to himself. All in all, he is the reason why I believe this show is contagiously optimistic and hopeful. Mutta, despite being an adult who has skilled a fair amount of disappointment, still retains the optimistic eagerness of his younger self while taking steps in attaining his long-time dream.

If you're looking for a motivation, then you might try this anime... and one note for me, DREAM BIG! AIM HIGH.

I hope this gets a third season because it really deserves to have one.

5:16:00 PM
Tsuritama season 2 release date

"I hate jokes...so much." 

The first thing that caught my eye was the animation. So I decided to give it a try. And it turned out to be what I didn’t expect it to be – awesome.

There main guy is red haired awkward and antisocial boy who was constantly followed around by a seemingly annoying and white-haired self-proclaimed alien with a talking fish. Lmao. However, as time passed on and more episodes were watched, all became clear and the plot exposed itself.

Tsuritama is soooo much more than that. It's about a group of misinterpreted outcasts, like in the movie The Breakfast Club. They promised together over the hobby of fishing and understand the true sense of friendship and having friends.

Tsuritama bursts in terms of character development. It’s a proper tearjerker sometimes. The characters are one of the few stuff evading the overall absurdness, and that is most certainly for the better. The gives you just adequate to make you feel like they're on of your support system. Each one experiences some form of dramatic growth, whether it's realizing how important family is to learning the virtues or friendship. Everything about this show is inspiring. Most importantly, the cast just sells it. Their chemistry is perfect. The characters and their relations absolutely touched my heart.  

You couldn't ask for a more fun cast of characters.

This has a high chance of getting a second season! Let’s wait.

5:15:00 PM
Shirokuma Café season 2 release date


This anime is simple, but great. Polar Bear Café is about the daily lives of a bunch of animals who has a café run by the so-called Polar Bear, including a panda, a penguin, a llama and a sloth (among many others). An anime about a cooking bear! CUTE, RIGHT?

Using the restaurant theme but actually can take place in any settings, Shirokuma Cafe and Working are pretty much situation comedy that happen to take place in restaurant and coincidentally share the common activity of arubaito (part-time work.)

You have the oblivious Panda, the po-faced Polar Bear and the irritable and love sick Mr. Penguin. The awesome trio. The characters are probably what kept me coming back to the show so much.
The cast of Polar Bear Café is very star-studded. Everyone seems to be a notable name – the central quartet consists of Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai, Hiroshi Kamiya and Aya Endo –and then the popular seiyuu! 

It's calming and makes me feel at ease, all the while making me laugh and squeal at how cute some of the characters are. Shirokuma Cafe has a wide variety of cuteness. 

Overall, it’s very silly and goofy and I just have to reiterate who utterly charming this show is – it’s a wonderful show to watch if you need cheering up. Chirokuma Cafe is an outstanding anime even if it lacks the usual action-adventure-romance stuff in most anime nowadays. When I saw the series last Spring I never imagined it turning out to be this cute. I am so lucky that I already finished it.
Yes, Polar Bear Café deserves a second season! It surely does!

5:13:00 PM
Shiba Inuko-san  Season 2 release date

I have always loved short animes because they are convenient to watch. And sometimes, us otakus wants lighthearted ones, something that won’t make your burdens heavy, metaphorically.
Shiba Inuko-san belongs to that kind of show. It contains one to two mildly funny jokes and/or sight gags, and that's about it. *sniffs* But are we really after that? If that's all you're looking for, you'll get a pretty good return on your deal (90 seconds per episode). The characters have basically one trait each, the voices are your common high-pitched moe performances; the character designs, uhm, aside from Shiba Inuko-san herself (Kawaii), are utterly unremarkable.

There really is no plot so nothing much to expect. I mean, do animes like this ever have story? Nope! 

However, the cast is enjoyable, and tend to make me giggle every episode. With the short length, you don't get as much you expected, but this anime will bring a smile, or a slight happiness, for sure.
Considering the fact that you are only spending at most 2 regular episode lengths watching this, this justifies the means. If you want a few chuckles or you're looking for something to watch with a couple spare minutes, Shiba Inuko-san is a good place to start. I guarantee you will smile at least once. Lmao.

I have not much to say, but overall, there is a slim chance that this will get a second season due to the lack of supporters.

5:12:00 PM
Sankarea Season 3 release date

I never expected a zombie-related anime being a hit? Oh well, who did?

The story? Well, it is about a young boy named Chihiro Furuya, who has an odd hobby, or more a fascination on zombies. I find him really weird, though, but that’s pretty much a good thing. There’s something you don't see or hear every day. 

His love for zombies can be classified as fascination or charm, or maybe, both. Sounds strange right? I'm sure this would definitely be something strange even for any of us considered to be an otaku. The story continues on from there where he meets a lady, who later on becomes what he’s “obsessed with”.

As for our main star, she is a unique character, ‘cause she’s dead. Lmao. Really! Despite being one of the most beautiful girl at school, she strives hard to gain “freedom” or to be able from her life. Most conspicuously, she tries to avoid everything, her condition and all. (sometimes she can make viewers, puke. Everything’s disgusting.) It is definitely something I'm sure most of us don't want to be placed in our own situations in actual life. I’m quite sure.

As for horror and ecchi, both were united into Sankarea in an unremarkable manner, so do not expect to much. Whi;st the first 3 episodes had horror hints, the rest featured horror in a more comedic way. Nothing outstanding or crappy. Just in between.
 Ecchi  blended easily, the creaters are awesome. It was shown in a respectful manner. In short, Ecchi-fans would be satisfied and non-ecchi fans won’t be disturbed too much.

This is why the show is distinct, the characters. One crazy about zombies, one too rich to be free, finest cat in the world and more expect when you decide to start this anime. The interaction between everyone is just awesome. Zombies are underrated, anyway. So the show really polishes what people want to distinguish more about the characters. 

Overall, I'm liking this series as it is so far. It's not something I'll be fanatical about as much as the main character for zombies but certainly relishing it at an anime fan level. The story (although somewhat easy to predict) has drama with an emotional background mixed in with comedy and likely romance. The characters are appealing and the music fits fine. My only worry at this point is Studio DEEN as it's definitely not my preferred anime studio of this world. This is a good shot for the Spring Season. I hope this gets a third season.

5:10:00 PM
Sakamichi no Apollon Season 2 release date

Back in grade school, we studied ballroom and I prefer jazz so much. After how many years, I stumbled upon an anime which its synopsis says that it revolved around jazz. I downloaded it eagerly.
The trouble is Sakamichi no Apollon isn’t as much about jazz as it is about lame and dull characters. There’s jazz in the series, and it definitely gets a part, but it doesn’t play as large a part as I hope it would. This seems to be the theme of music-based anime, but what hurts is it doesn’t pay attention to the music as much as the boring lives of the characters. Jazz is concerned, it changes with the temper. That heart the dancers of jazz are only seen during the parts where the characters play their music. Other than that, the series falls flat. Ugh.

Lame as it could be, the plot also is. Kaoru is a guy. He goes to high school. He loves to read. Sentarou is a guy. He also goes to high school. He’s a gangster. Ritsuko is a girl. She also goes to high school. I can’t distinguish her character besides being the love interest.

Together they are the three main characters of our little jazz drama. Kaoru goes to high school as the new kid. He meets a brutal Sentarou guy who skips classes a lot. Usual shouju stuff. Sentarou is a drummer who plays jazz with Ritsuko’s father and a silly guy named Jun. Kaoru, who can play the piano,  learns how to jump from his classical background into the realm of jazz.

Sakamichi no Apollon is a nono for me. It’s overhyped, people are overreacting, and that excitement is maybe why you joined the bandwagon and check this anime out, and got disappointed, right? Lmao.

 Well, me contradicting myself time, there are some qualities that are pleasurable, okay. 

Disclaimer: but taken as a whole, it’s merely adequate in gratifying the thirst for jazz, as well as the search for a good musical anime. But I won’t recommend this for someone who’s finding a musical show worth his/her time.

I secretly hope this gets a second season, though. Jazz rules!

5:09:00 PM
Saint Seiya Omega Season 3 Release Date

Did your father force you to sleep during the afternoons of your childhood? Well, for me, it’s a big yes and I am proud being a daddy’s girl. He has driven me into animes since then, like it was my destiny. Lmao. But seriously though, because whenever I wake up, I open our telly and catch up on the hottest anime in the child neighborhood. (Oh yes, the children of our neighborhood had anime-talks and bragging about merchs and games and cards and collectibles) 

Aah, whenever I remember them, I remember Saint Seiya, one of my much loved anime when I was younger. Sadly for me, they are taking the franchise into the future. But I’m confused, why did they still name it saint seiya. Oh, c’mon. I guess that's the disadvantage of having a franchise titled with the name of one character, though, for the new generation. I miss my childhood already. I hope kids of the next generation will respect anime as much as we did.

Back to the main course: First of all, they reused the OST Pegasus Fantasy, my faviieee! That's a nice nostalgic touch. A plus plus for old fans like me. Next, characters are updated to reflect the current stereotype of bishounen (no more muscles).  Everybody is thin. (quite relatable for some guys out there, *coughs*) 

The cloths though are simplified, and are stored inside a jewel. The lovely idea of cosmos is still there, but they added basics, you know, fire, water, earth, etc. Basics, like what I said. Understandable.

The plot? Well, uhm, I think the series started very well with Seiya as a gold saint caring for Saori & an infant from (this is kinda odd lmao,) Mars. Yup, it's still Saori as Athena. Then the story turns into the expected outbreak! We have Kouga as the new Pegasus saint (Lmao I didn’t expect this)t raining and not figuring out the point of everything! Though he’s still the typical weak and ignorant main character. Then, this being expected, Saori got kidnapped by Mars. Honestly, I thought she's Princess Peach now. So Kouga is going on a journey to find her.

So far so good. I was expecting Kouga's up and downs slash pain and gain all through his journey as he is meeting other saints as friends and foes at the same time (or either), life and death fights, even stronger foes, rinse and repeat, you know, the typical staple of hostility anime. Generic. Well,excuse me. NO. Ha-ha! Instead, he went to a school with his friends and learn how to become saints. Wait, huh? Yeah, they brought Seiya to Hogwarts and he became a wizard. Oh, and yes, they have classes too. *sigh

Let's just hope they don't have the saints call for Captain Planet (I’m joking, okay) and this gets a third season.

5:08:00 PM
Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden season 2 release date

“Even the most ignorant, innocent child will eventually grow up as they learn what true pain is. It affects what they say, what they think… and they become real people.” –Pain, Naruto

Are you an avid fan of Naruto? Well, you probably need to watch this amusing anime!

Let’s be precise. This show is a comedy. There’s no plot, or if you’re looking for a finite story - THERE IS NOT. In this show, we only follow Rock Lee's humorous life as everyone has been turned into SUPER CUTE chibis. Chibis are one of my favorite anime elements. They’re so Japan-ish. (Lmao.) I used to collect notebooks with Chibis printed on their covers. They’re so cute! 

Uhm, okay, err. Back to the show. Just like what I am saying, it is not meant to be any serious action at all.

However, watching the series is very entertaining and in my opinion, very funny. I would sit all day watching these Chibis have fun in their lives. The opening and endings are both very cute and fun to listen to. The small stories that are in each episode ranges from romance to friendships. They have even stab fun at the anime from time to time. 

The show has made me giggle out loud a couple of times. You shouldn't try to connect it to the main story in ANY way or else, I’m warning yo, you might get headaches, a tip is just try to forget the main series for the time you watch this. Okay/ Especially if you're a Rock Lee fan then you definitely shouldn't – as this show makes him look like a complete idiot. Do not take everything seriously, bro. This hilarious show should definitely have a second season!

5:06:00 PM
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Season 3 Release Date

Did you ever think about what are you going to do first when you see a zombie?

Well, if you are afraid of them, you better get used of them. Because in this anime, you’ll see the other side of a zombie.
Aikawa Ayumu, who was revitalized as a zombie by scientists specifically Eucliwood Hellscythe, thought his life might finally get back to normal, or as normal as it can be - for a zombie.
 However, destiny has lead him to otplansplan. Some zombie guys just can't have a break. Lmao.    

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead similarity to the first season is visible.  But of course, some things are just different. The original ones have the chances of being better since they are authentic and the sequels are based on ‘em, so they have to be good enough. What made its first season fun to watch was how funny the plot itself is. Of course, I am delightful that season 2 brought more happiness. The major downside, though, is that - unlike the first season, where characters are progressing and there was at least a story, there is almost none of those in the second season – and that’s sad.

The plot could have been over within the second season, yet, money makers will do everything and ruin the anime. Kidding aside, they chose to drag it out and leave it unfinished, which made a somewhat poor ending as well. Sad for its fans. In addition to this, the main characters did not really develop at all, and their relationship is like a straight line. Boring, dull and unchanging.
In the end, I do not appreciate how the average score for the second season is higher than the first season, since there are quite a few flaws and no real traits with this anime.

With that being said, do not hesitate. Lmao. The second season is quite enjoyble. It is something to giggle at really silly scenes, and in the end you’ll found amusement in this anime. Honestly, it's just good, but it won't be anything more than that. This has a tiny chance of having a third season.

5:03:00 PM
Kimi to Boku season 3 (You and Me 3) release date

I don't intentionally ignore anyone. Their words simply don't resonate with me. -Asaba Yuki

Well, this anime is one that you would recommend to an anime-beginner. This was on the top of the list of my most awaited anime of Spring 2012. A.K.A. You and Me 2, for those who haven’t watched the 1st season, please make sure you watch it first and start this awesome series! It revolves around five male friends, they are: Shun, Yuuta, Yuuki, Chizuru and Kaname. 

Happiness and tears almost fell when I finished the first season. It felt like waiting for centuries for a second season. So when I was that it was alrealy showing, I instantly downloaded them; I don′t wanna watch ONLINE, the buffer′s taking FOREVER to load >.> You know how annoying that could be. Come on, all of us know the struggle. *otaku hug*

Back to the topic, while I was watching the show, it's like my heart’s beating fast with each scene. I actually tear up so many time watching this show (It can drive you very emotional) just because of how it is simply beautiful and appropriate. It is very relatable. The show really doesn't develop, anyway, or have some outbreak of events and I think that makes it relaxing to watch. Just a lot of jokes, relaxation and good times.

The art, however, is the same as 1st season. The approach of animation of the new opening song is very similar to 1st season one. WHICH IS SOMETHING I LOVED SO MUCH. The new ending song, however, focuses on the main 5 characters doing funny random face expression and other things. Kawai, though. I am very happy they kept the original OST from the 1st season. 
Even though the Comedic effect can only be considered as 'light' - it still is great. These five males complete my day and make everything good. They’re my life!

I am still hoping to see more episodes and I really do hope they will stay bffs no matter what happens. 

I hope this gets a third season!

5:01:00 PM
Hyouka Season 2 release date

For most people, the most possible way of finding the highlight of your life is reminiscing your high school days. Meanwhile, in others’ worlds, in contrast of the norm, they choose to live the dullest life one can have. Rejecting the chance of being happy and being completely updated about the latest gossips and all those high school stuff. For them, these things aren’t necessary. And for me, being a bubbly and quidnunc person, I find that gloomy.
In this show, Oreki Houtaru, the main character, is an oddly unenthusiastic boy who’s not really fond of making friends and joining school activities. Luckily for us, by the request of his sister, he joined the Classic Literature Club. 

At CLC, there he meets Chitanda, a meek girl. But as the show progresses, she turns into a paradigm of curiosity once she says, "I'm curious." Another lovie is Fukube, a smiling boy with an extraordinary memory who calls himself a “database”. Yup, database. Just like in excel. 

The next stop is the plot, the main course of this anime. They (Oreki and friends) begin to investigate a case that occurred 45 years ago. However, hints of the mystery are buried in an old collection of works of the former members of Classics Club. The collection, however, is titled "Hyouka."

Well, the show was thrilling and exciting. But for me Chitanda’s excessive curiosity is exaggerated sometimes, though; but this greatly contributed to the comedic effect of the show. Atleast, for me. Lmao. There is a fantastic chemistry with their interactions that they seemed as normal human beings rather than simple stereotypes. What mainly shines, though, is Oreki's and Chitanda's relationship (OTP!) stemming from how heavily their personalities and manners contrast with each other, but being capable of dealing with each other. I admit, I blush whenever I see them. They’re perfect!

Overall, I definitely loved the progression of their admirable story. It makes me so happy in a wide number of ways.
Curiosity kills the cat but Hyouka is what kills the boredom. I hope this colossal anime gets a second season.

4:58:00 PM
Arashi no Yoru ni: Himitsu no Tomodachi Season 2 release date

Animation, in a variety of ways, can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for public appreciation.

Okay, I hope you get how animation is very much important in a show, because that is what mafe this show peculiar to the eyes of the viewers. The animation is cool. The plot is the foundation whilst Animation is the main house where in you put on some furnitures for it to look presentable and nice.

In this show, the visuals are bright, cheery, and very appealing to younger audiences; they have bubbly and colorful personalities that suit best for the younger audiences. However, the landscapes are beautifully rendered.

You wouldn’t expect this but I’d say that the series somehow is different from the books and movie. Why? Because Mei, who was originally cast as male in the movie and often seen as male by the author of the books, has now become May, a female goat. Strange. Yeah. This was probably done for marketing purposes. Well, for me I do not care much about that, it’s the plot’s job to make this an enjoyable kiddie ride. I find this a disappointment, actually, as it actually leaves the interpretation of May and Gabu's relationship as being more a romance than a friendship (which I obviously didn’t like) mainly in the way some episodes depict communication between the two. Seems malicious to me.

The English dialogue here is very slow and simplified, likely to assist with youngsters wishing to learn English. But those beautiful worlds are better expressed in Japanese. You know what I mean. Japanese anime voices are different. The music though, sounded like they lacked budget this time. Lmao.

Indeed, it has been a rollercoaster ride. This show has quite lots of ups and some downs; the story is still moving, but it is lacking in a great many ways compared to the original story books and movie version. But still I am *secretly* hoping this gets a second season.

4:57:00 PM
Accel World Season 2 release date

A major problem of the schools worldwide is bullying. Why’d we say so? Because it comes in many forms, physical, verbal, emotional, or online; One thing is common – it surely affects the victim negatively.

How about you? Have you ever experienced being bullied? Well, if you have, you’ll probably relate to our main kid in this anime.
We have this male lead that is a bullied chubby little who’s one of those spikey haired shounen protagonists. He spends his time usually buzzing about his condition, wishing he could just disappear into this videogame world. That’s his life. We are supposed to feel sorry for him (lmao), actually, so forgive me if that comes off as false when he already has two friends, one of whom is a cute girl who makes him lunch every day. 

The pace was awesome. Eyes were everywhere, no matter where the main character goes, somebody is around him. Since Haruyuki is a loser, he really loathed to be around people, in short- he’s Antisocial, although most people weren't just really noticing him. This could be the one of the best ways to tell us that our main character is a complete loser (lol) in the real world but he is great in video games and such.

Main character's skill at this computer game results in the cutest girl in the school being in love with him, and, miraculously, giving him magical powers. Absurd right?! He now has to compete in games wherein if he wins, he gains additional points in exams and a whole bunch of other stuff. What would school feel like when you are him! How lucky.

But ooh, does it cost a price? Sadly, yes, if he loses, he's no longer part of the game! So, does he get disengaged from the entire network? Let me spoil you. NO.

It didn’t seem like nothings gonna happen to him. But really, nothing did. 

However, the outcome of what happens to him is he no longer has bullies after him, he keeps his old friends, and he had a vague battle with the prettiest girl in school. 

This has been a good journey. There are just some otaku moments wherein you wish you could jum into the screen, and be eventually a part of their world. Ugh. I hope this gets a second season!

4:56:00 PM
Tanken Driland Season 2 release date

When I bought the manga back in 2012, I was excited when the management announced that there will be an anime adaptation – which was released back in July 7, 2012. I miss this show so much. I miss Mikoto.

Well, let me introduce the plot to you. Princess Mikoto of Elua wishes to become a hunter, and search for treasure all over the land of Driland. She fought various monsters in the process. . She sets out on her trip with her personal assistant Wallens, but they are soon joined by Pollon, a hunter who dreams of being a hero, and Pann, a hunter with a spear. The group explores various treasure, meet other hunters, and save the world from a very horrible threat. But as they continue their study they began to sense great danger drawing near. There are also hints of some great evil coming to the world and that Mikoto and her friends will have to fight it. So yeah, that’s it.

Let us now rate the cast. First, Mikoto. Instead of being a princes and sitting and waiting to come of age to rule the realm of Elua, she is exploring the world; she is learning to use a sword and sneaking out of the castle to learn how to be a hunter. Next - Wallens, Mikoto's attendant, he has a mysterious and shady past and changes the subject whenever someone asks him about it. That added to the thrilling element of the show. He is also a powerful fighter able to take on monsters much larger than he is using only his fists. 

This is somewhat similar to Badass Princess because Mikoto has a lot to learn, but she's a capable ass-kicker in her own right – which makes her a great inspiration for the audience. Girl power!
Overall, this is an enjoyable and thrilling watch. Ugh, I really miss this. I wish and hope this gets another shot – a second season.

4:55:00 PM
Natsuyuki Rendezvous Season 2 release date

What is loving? Is it a skill? Is it an expression? Is it a feeling? Sounds mushy for me but it may be something that all of us feel like it must be a special part of us because it's the central music of human life. No, uhh, but seriously, think about it!
Eternal and ghostly love.

At any rate, this series is light hearted and presents romance in a more realistic as well as naturalistic way despite the supernatural theme added in. Get it? Someone ghostly pries in. That being, the troll husband is Shimao. More than that, this series seems to have a rather slow pace particularly in some of the later episodes.
However, a slow paced romance series is never good specifically to fans that are looking more intense drama. Bring on the strength? No. It's more like bring on the slice-of-life feel. This is just another no-brainer show. Not wprth the king's time. So, anyone looking onward to some intense emotions should avoid this.

To me, though, this series can be pleasant at a realistic level It has the soothing tempo, light and slow pace that can be calming to watch. And of course, being dual tagged as supernatural and josei is quite a rare case in today's anime series. Most anime you see these days are series tagged “action, romance”, “ecchi, romance”, “horror, romance”, “school, romance”, blah blah blah. With that, happy soundtrack and the simple yet realistic artwork defines Natsuyuki Rendezvous at its best form. Simple yet enjoyable - but certainly is not flawless. 

Despite this though, theare are flaws in this series. I have higher standards than this thing. The pacing, conclusion, and focus are a few to name.

All in all, Natsuyuki Rendezvous is an anime that is hard to love. Yet, it has moments that are enjoyable. Being a ghost is never easy; but love is just so damn complicatedx right?. I hope this gets a second season, but sadly, it has a slim chance.

4:55:00 PM
Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse season 2 release date

Mecha anime is sometimes for most of people would evade this one like me.
sometimes we bargain mecha anime and they tend to be boring and tiresome. Like, what they are always about are battle, battle and battle. They just focus on that matters without  character development. But back then, I am being suggested to watch Muv Luv Alternative and I must said, it was a great experience.

The creation of the series is obtainable in a way that it reproduces the more serious tone of the Muv Luv world that depicts the survival of mankind to be contingent on these new generation of skilled pilots. The pilots themselves are drawn well, at least, and those tight suits the women wear are the eye candies. 

On the other hand, the mecha drawn are less than regular and focuses too much on themselves. They are just there for the military purposes of battling the BETA with not too many special characters. 

All in all, Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse is one of those mecha series where it attempts to balance out the grim reality of the battle and the trying hard drama between the main characters. The reality of the war is there. Sad part is that we will and can see from Yui's past and how hard is what she has gone through. But at the same time, positively, there’s new hope as she finds new friends to move on from that past. 

Yuuya's interactions with other people shows that he’s a caring person, rather than just a self-centered pilot as some of us supposed him to  be. 

There is also the possible romance, as well as what is in hope for a healthier future. These are all positive stuff, inspiring stuff.

Ultimately, Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse is an undervalued series that some of us may have looked over past this year. Perhaps if we encountered a harsher reality in today's world, we might become more self-aware. I hope this gets a second season!

4:54:00 PM
Moyashimon Season 3 release date

I was a big fan of biology and this anime was certainly something that I would look forward into.

Well, the anime industry seems enthusiastic to screw up everything they touch these days. So the answer to that question came rather unreceptively in the form of Moyashimon Returns. The only redeeming quality of this series is that its terrible corpse like body can feed the many bacteria and fungi that the show goes to such agony to educate us about.

If you read the synopsis it essentially says it's an anime about a college student who has the gift to see microorganisms. That is what we I mean who wouldn't look the additional way if it's about a man who can see microorganisms and goes to an agricultural school. I see why individuals look down on this anime because it doesn't seem very thrilling. 

The characters are dull and exclusivity from the first season sucked out of each, the story is a disordered mess that skids all over the place and feels nothing like the light hearted, creative series that I so enjoyed, the main characters does nothing while uninteresting side characters that we don’t give a shit about whine and protest about stuff we also don’t give a shit about. This has a slim chance of getting another shot – a third season.

4:53:00 PM
Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon  season 3 release date

After I finished watching this sequel series of the original “Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere”, I took a deep breath. A great of refreshment because I cannot get over of everything I watched. Yes, that's right@ Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II is one of the series that I found so bad that it's that damn good.

This sequel takes place in a fantasy world, a world of politics, war, and excitement. Interesting theme and well rounded characters. The cast is still there with Tori who portrays the fool. He's the guy who’s naked nearly the entire series but finds himself comfortable with the person he cares about the most, Horizon. But let's not forget the other characters in the series. Take for example, Tenzou Crossunite, the guy with the bizarre hat and an astonishing personality.  Tenzou has a depraved and random personality but a hero as he puts his life at risk for the well being of others. He gets tons of screen time in this sequel and for a big-breast woman that he eventually falls in love with. Well, that's a hyperbole but I promise you, it does have its flavors. Lmao.

Despite all the comedy going around (more than just Tori's nakedness), there are some emotions as well. Tenzou fights throughout the latter half of the series not only physically but also mentally, (which I find attractive hihihi) as he attempts to save a woman that he really loves. The romance is very odd as it's not the usual shoujo type or the “love at first sight” but rather, based on mutual respect, affection, and a flower that bloomed into love.

Great care and detail is put into crafting every scene, and it's visible.  Fun comedy, magnificently choreographed conflicts, beautifully combined music, and inspiring characters are thrown into a vast and detailed world to pursue their goals. An anime that you'll certainly crave for more if you tried.

I honestly fail to recall some details because everything else in the series was too mind-blowing.

4:52:00 PM
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita season 2 release date

Grow up, my usual phrase to immature people. Changing and adaptation is natural to human beings, they tend to blend in the society as they grow up.

 Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita lives in an interesting world where humanity is on the verge of extinction, succeeded by a race of silly, mass-producing pixies bearing a continuous. Adorable and cute as they are, these little creatures are anything but are favorable.

Ah, our jejune character, as interacting with these terrifying creatures serves as her occupation. For the nameless "Watashi", being pulled into their world of games and magic is little more than a daily rate. Time loops and strange things happened.

 How plenty of time my brother has, he watched it at the first time the broadcast the order and a second time in sequential, overall, he said, the experience is nearly the same, there's not really a "developing" part of the characters so even if we watch it in the beginning and/or as flash back from the middle portion, nothing changes very much. The pleasure, the crazy and strange aura of the episodes allow us that. Watch it as wherever you feel to.

 Despite some problems in terms organization and efficient execution, what we have here is an intelligently written and thought-provoking piece. It's full of funny spectacles, satires, and a lot of good elements to relish about. I hope this gets a second season!

4:51:00 PM
Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica season 2 release date

Have you gotten pissed at those wimpy protagonists that always hesitate before doing anything? Have you gotten irritated at the Frick and insane power ups and power of friendship crap? If the answer is yes, this anime is probably the perfect break for you. 

This is a rare thing, my dad once said, to find a show with enough courage to lost from your average cut and paste framework. So the protagonist goes in and comes out with the aggressive demon armies dry humping the ground he walks on... and then what? We see that protagonist use his newly found badassery to participate in shenanigans like driving assholes in their place, or stealing girls underwear? Sign me the fuck up. And while this is surely present in Hagure, behind the scenes there stirs a new disturbance just begging the hero to be brought back into the whole "We are the secret organization. You don't even meet our values. Wahahaha." trope. "But Selsica!" You dispute "It didn't reach that point in the anime, and we'll never get a second season!" Ahhh how right you are, but that brings up another point. Good stories have an ending, a conclusion that ties together the relationships, plot, and ultimately, the world of the series, leaving you with a feeling of fizzy warmth. Not the kind of aerated warmth you find after eating a week old bean burrito - either. In conclusion, interesting idea, bad execution.

Nothing much to see here; just another unmemorable no-brainer show. I must confess that it’s at least good for its fan service. It is contiguous a softcore hentai at times, with a protagonist who is one step away from a rapist, and that makes it more interesting that the common crap we get in ero shows. The boobs are not ever censored and there are even some scenes of sexual foreplay. Ugh. Other than that, of course, it’s total trash and if you try to watch it for any other reason you are going to hate it. Lmao. This has a slim chance of getting a second season.

4:48:00 PM
DakaraBoku wa, H ga Dekinai. Season 2 Release date

Do not judge a book by its cover. My version is: do not judge an anime by its title. Sometimes, anime creators aren’t just creative enough when it comes to titles. One product of these unfortunate creators is I Can't Play H! 

This is an amazing show. If you're looking for an ecchi one full with fan-service.
This show is mainly starred by a perverted teen in his puberty years, thinking about lustful thoughts. I Can't Play H (also known Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai) is like Highschool DxD clone. 

This is pretty much cliche but it started off with this strange depraved open minded boy walking around with his childhood friend. He is popular at his school for being a pervert, and many people hated him.

It is a series about a cluster of breasts with a perverted character who makes the deal of his short life with a lovely Shinigami, or in English terms, a grim reaper during a wet and rainy night.

The pacing is very slow, the show was very repetitive. I mean like, they should’ve focused on making the show a quality one – with a good plot and all those stuff. Instead, they did everything to make the show longer, that it became boring. Like what I said, it was very repetitive – I feel like same stuff happens every episode. Come on, we need variety.

However, if you accomplished to finish the crappy 6 episodes, get ready because this show eventually turns into gold. The plot progressively increases with nothing but positive pleasure, and that is pretty much a good thing for fans looking for a show that is filled with fanservice. 

Overall, it was a fun pervy ride for its fans, it was a great show that blooms late, but it is worth it. I hope it gets a second season!

4:47:00 PM
Chitose Get You!! Season 2 Release Date

We are always told that nobody is ever perfect. Well, this quote actually suits the anime business. Some animes are just not that good – admit it. Also, there are animes that aren’t satisfied with being bad. Then you’ll conclude that maybe, the creators hate their jobs. Maybe they wanted to piss some people off.

On the other hand, there are also animes that when you watch it, all you’ll think and/or say is: THIS. IS. PERFECT. But this is not where Chitose Get You!! belongs. It belongs to the second group I mentioned – not satisfied with being bad. Forgive me for my harsh words, but if I can compare it to one thing, it’s all garbage.

There are quite a few things that make up such a terrible show. Let’s try to look technically:
First, the animation. It is by all ways terrible. It’s barely even animated, like WTH can you include some details please? Can anything be worse? You can actually count the number of individual frames per episode on a hand. Status: super pissed!

Honestly, if it is a 3 minute per period gag show, we should see some jokes to be at a reasonable pace, right? Right?! But this show somehow manages to be not funny. Great. A gag show that isn’t funny. That’s what we have here. *slow clap

If you are planning to waste your time, watch this. If you are planning to piss your friends off, tell them that there’s an incredible show dubbed Chitose Get You!! and prepare to lose your friends.
Sorry for the long rants, I just can’t imagine that this lasted for 26 episodes?!!

Above all, if you are wondering, it has a small chance of getting a second shot. You know why? Read the whole article again. Lmao.

4:46:00 PM
Campione!: Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Season 2 Release Date

Sometimes you just come to an anime randomly without expecting something. You just want something to do. But Campione gave me something more than that. I merely came to watch an ecchi harem and you know what I got? An awesome show that understands how to make a story despite having fan service and a harem.  However, to expect unexpected plot twists, and unbelievable character development from an ecchi harem anime would be one of the most wrong things one can ever do.

So what is Campione? It revolves Godou Kusanagi (omg he’s handsome) who killed the Persian God of Victory, Verethragna. As a result, he hrts Verethragna’s power and the name of God Slayer. After that, he randomly went around killing out of control deities no one else can take care of.

The animation may not be something to be admired about, but hey, it’s a still a good story and a clear one at that. You’re not going to puff at all or cry, or laugh your ass off, nope, you’re just going to appreciate the action and smile at the love.

Campione actually does have one exceptional aspect to it. The way he conquests the Gods is through an aptitude known as Warrior. In a nutshell, if he has necessary knowledge of the enemy, their defenses begin to smash and eventually they become human, thus making it easier to slay them. What makes it captivating that he doesn’t just say, he tells.Irrespective of whether or not the facts about the Gods is useable, I still found it to be one of the finest parts of the spectacle. Even if the information isn't truthful, I felt like I learned something from it. And it really fascinated me. There’s just something enjoyable about hearing about the origins of Gods, you know. I hope this gets another shot.

4:45:00 PM
Binbougami ga! Season 2 release date

The reason why I have always loved Binbougami ga! is because it has always remained as a perfect anime chiefly contaminated by an awe humor.

I was driven here originally because of the plot! The synopsis is very much character wise. Mainly starring of a strange girl with an odd fashion wearing bandana (which appealed very cool to me), I was grasping for some more episodes. Then I began to watch the whole series.

It features obvious orientations to other anime/manga or Japanese tropes while boasting a humble but fairly cheering arc as Sakura Ichiko proves she is a lively character.

Lighthearted enough, the fact that the graphics and voice acting is awesome bring it all together gorgeously.

The cast is pretty fun, if you ask me. The main characters bring a lot of a fun to the table particularly. In fact, most of the characters are very random at times, so it turns out to be a really ridiculous slash funny one.

The soundtrack sequences are well enough and of course, the path is fairly similar with the Final Fantasy XIII's battle melody which I found strange. Lmao.

Just a little tip, though, if you were on the verge of watching it-- please give 1-2 periods a chance!
I promise you that the (sort of climax, lol) middle part of the anime will you and I swear to God it allows fun slapstick entertainment while being sentimentally good.

They’re awesome! I hope this’ll have a season 2!

4:45:00 PM
Tari Tari Season 2 release date

High school dramas are stereotyped nowadays. But, though people know that they are mostly cliche, they still watch and support it. Admit, we are all part of those people.

Being a part of the conventional genre of high school drama, Tari is certainly not a newbie in this kind of anime.

It akes place during the final year of high school for Wakana and her friends Sawa and Konatsu. Immediately afterward receiving a scolding from the strict and scary vice principal, Konatsu decides to quit the choir club and start a new one by herself. This courage went to her with the aid of her friends, as well as the later addition of two male characters: Taichi, a njce badminton player, and "Wien", a peculiar and unusual transfer student from Austria. Of course, things don't and won't go as smoothly for Konatsu as she was hoping they would, receiving an initially angry and cold reaction from Wakana who accuses her of fooling around and giving music as a game.

 In an attempt to show how he was determined , Konatsu sings in public and gathers the attention of her aforementioned friends - finally assembling enough members to establish the club and push forward with her ambitions.

Though not visually excellent, I meantheth animation, Tari Tari benefits from its complex and detailed scenery which is based and modeled upon real locations. The school and the area in which the characters all live in feels very much reliable and distinctive.

Tari Tari is a title that stands out not for its setting, nor its story, or even its well-developed characters. What sets it apart from the other similar titles is how it manages to synthesize all of these basics and convey a story with a purpose. It typifies exactly how teenage drama sjould be conducted and be enjoyable, at the same time.  When so many series subscribe to the idea of "the more crying and yelling, the better", a title such as this is a concrete proof of how this kind kof shows can greatly affect this world when done greatly.

These shows are needed for this generation. with that, I do hope this gets a second season.

4:44:00 PM
Rinne no Lagrange season 3 Release Date

This series at times seems like one of those titles where you can watch through but feel bored of the somewhat repetitive and dull moments. But there are also those moments which are heartwarming, filled with joy, but occasionally also has emotions that can be connected to each of our own young lives.

Despite having flaws, this series seems to be one of the most underrated titles of this summer. But that's fine because Rinne no Lagrange II isn't here for a fame contest (lmao) but rather to deliver entertainment that the audience demands and deserves.

Also known as Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2, it is the direct sequel of the original series that takes place some months after Lan and Muginami leaves Earth. I missed this show so much. I missed Madoka.

Overall, it is a fun ride to enjoy and a show to watch. You know feeling of opening the fridge and seeing it fulfoodfoodf? Ya, that's a similar feeling you get when you play the episodes. It's not all about play and games though as there is a story going on here.

Unfortunately though, the story seems be distorted sometimes although it comes perfect at times. Pushing forward and rushing it through the story is not a decent idea and in this sequel seems to recurrence a bit of that mistake.

Yet, it can be a relaxing, pleasurable series to enjoy on a weekend with the Jersey Club. I hope this gets a third season!

4:43:00 PM
Oda Nobuna no Yabou Season 2

People often say that highschool is the highlight of your life. Me? I always remember my high school days. I will never forget those. Well, who will? 

When you look at the cover Oda Nobuna no Yabou, you would immediately think "oh, its just another cliche harem series", you are wrong but I wouldn't blame you if you did coz I myself thought of it as one. Cliche, stereotype, and boring.

When I actually watch it I realizet that there is simply more to it than that, its definitely not a dull cliche and although it has many female characters, it doesn't present itself as a stereotypical harem inwhich they are all attracted to the male lead. Lmao. This one is different.

The historical romantic comedy follows teenage Sagara Yoshiharu who time-travels to the Sengoku period, where the most influential Samurai lords are cute girls.

 Yoshiharu bumps to Oda Nobuna, the female counterpart of Oda Nobunaga, and eventually begins to serve her as a substitute of Kinoshita Tokichiro, who was killed.

 Throughout the show we basically deal with the different tasks Oda Nobuna needs to accomplish, or rather what tasks she has for the main character, Yoshiharu. It is a historical anime, like the one I used to loved before but I forgot its title lmao. but since I dont know much at all about Japanese history, (coz I ain't japanese soo..) its hard for me to judge how accurate this is, really. However, the fact that Yoshiharu needs to take care not to affect too much since he's from the futurnle, is quite an interesting add-on to the show, that little extra bit contributrd as he tries to not reveal essential information to certain people, or how he takes from his historical knowledge to get out of situations.
Plot wise and character wise, this show is a lovely one. I won't ignore, though, the fact that some people might not like this anime, but if you agree with me on the ones I said earlier, then get your ass off that chair and give the awe Nobuna no Yabou a try.

I hope this gets a second season!

4:42:00 PM
Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi. Season 2 Release date

I have always loved my history class back in high school. That's why this show probably made me eager to watch it.

Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu was dervied from athe Japanese card game Uta-garuta which this one comes from Hyakuninissh, which was wellknowned and chiefly froman ammassed love poems.

History lesson out of the way are what comprises it. Each episode is introduced by Fujiwara no Teika in a modern setting and tells the relation of each verse and a little about the poet's life, what is cool is that he is lacing it with fancy humor and an intelligent script.

The characters were real people, which is very unique to anime's nowadays, being derived from a true story, most were renowned in their lifetime. One is Sei Shonagon who wrote the Pillow Book and Murasaki Shikibu who wrote the Tale of Genji. They spent most of their time caught in the royal palace particularly Empresses, Princesses and ladies in waiting who were nearly captive.

Overall, it gave me an enjoyable ride. Uta Koi, for the most part, portrays lively adaptations of stories concerning the lives of famous traditional poets in feudal Japan having their own differing experiences with love that inspiration their writing. Each of the stories range from mild to extreme emotions, some were tearjerker for me. (Well, you do not need to be surprised because I am a faint hearted person.)

However, It made for quite the interesting watch since it let me know a little more about Japan's literary history.  I hope this gets another shot because it is deserving.


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