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Rokka no Yuusha Season 2 Release Date

Rokka no Yuusha Season 2

Rokka no Yuusha Season 2 Release Date

Having self confidence is a very good trait. I was built to have one since teaching won't be very doable if I don't have very good self confidence. It makes me as a person to strive harder and be more productive. But we should remember that having over confidence is not really a good idea. Maybe it makes someone impressed but not to everyone. It turns away people from you and that was my first impression to Adlet Mayer of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

My impression and how I look onto Adlet Mayer still sticks to me. I think that is how the writer of the original light novel Ishio Yamagata created him. He really self-proclaims himself and is always very positive. I thought that having the light novel adapted into an anime would be a bad idea but I was wrong. Every character was portrayed nicely in the anime series. The romance circling around the Braves or what is called the Saints in the story is what I think made the plot with a big turnaround to anyone who have read the light novel series.

If you're going to roam around the internet checking spoilers and at the same looking for a season 2 then you should not do it. Don't look for spoilers since there's still a big chunk of storyline not yet revealed on the first season of the anime. If you started watching the anime before reading the light novel might as well wait for a good news about its second season. Time will tell about this, the status of the light novel and the manga adaptation are still on healthy status, no worries for a second installment.

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