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Joukamachi no Dandelion Season 2 Release Date

Joukamachi no Dandelion Season 2

Joukamachi no Dandelion Season 2 Release Date

I was born as the youngest in the family. I only have one brother so that counts as four in our family. My parents left us early in this world that means that I am only living with my brother alone. It is quite a sad story but honestly it is not. Accepting the fact and problems that you really have to encounter is the one of the best thing a human should do. From a small family, I then had a big family when I became a teacher. I started teaching and my family started growing and growing. I can't even count how many kids I have right now but yeah it is a royal rumble everyday on a classroom.

Castle Town Dandelion is indeed one of the best family based manga. The supernatural plot is not new anymore but the fact that any age is very suitable reader of the original manga made it very popular in a short span of time. If you came to watch the anime adaptation simply because you want to smile and giggle then you're in the right place. The animation made the comedy genre more successful for the story itself.

We all know that the manga as the source of the anime content is still not enough for a second bite. It would definitely take some time before enough materials would turn into an anime again. Fans including me might have to wait for a season two though. Sad or not, good news or bad, waiting for the right news is the best decision I think.

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