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Jitsu wa Watashi wa Season 2 Release Date

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Season 2

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Season 2 Release Date

Everyone has a secret or two. Also, it is not bad to have a secret love. Even on my Otaku collection, I do have some secrets there what I pledged not to tell anyone. Keeping a secret is part of our human nature and that include telling lies. But I have never met anyone who is really bad at keeping words. Someone who you can read very easily. Someone who you can pick to solve honesty problems yet you can't trust because of his easy-to-read attitude.

Asahi Kuromine is a very unique character. His unique characteristic made me stick to read the original manga. He is also the reason why I even continued to watch the anime adaptation as well. The comedy mixed with the romance of the animation tend to blend with the plot of the story.I think it is because of the duo of the anime writer and the director which made the humor factor have more impact to its viewer.

If you have read the original manga then you already know that were tons information and materials still left to cover for a season two. Also the status of the manga itself is still ongoing. With its weekly update, making a trailing second season won't be a problem to its anime fans. It is just the anime that needs more exposure since the manga is already popular in Japan.

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