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Gakkou Gurashi! Season 2 Release Date

Gakkou Gurashi! Season 2

Gakkou Gurashi! Season 2 Release Date

The school is the nicest place indeed for a high school student. That is a fact. But what if this happy and nice place turned into a graveyard where you have to get rid of your closest friends just to survive. 

I started watching this anime for one reason. That is because I am so tired of waiting for High School of the Dead's second season. I thought that having this anime fall in the same genre that I like means that it will have the greatest intensity of action but I was wrong. This anime is indeed a psychological anime based on the pilot episode. The happy feeling on how the school is indeed a happy and live place turned into a disaster at the end of the first episode.

It broke my heart and I am sure that it did to others too when we saw Yuki having her mental breakdown. Believing that everything is okay even though it is not bend the emotions of mine for this anime. I feel so sad every time I watch every single episode of this series, I still crave for more.

The original manga of this anime adaptation have like 6 volumes at the moment and only enough for a single season. We don't know yet if the manga will continue running but as long as the anime adaptation earn good sales and market then a second season won't be a problem since it will have good budget for the manga and also for the next production of season two.

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