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Durarara!! x3 Season 3 Release Date

Durarara!! x3 Season 3

Durarara!! x3 Season 3 Release Date

In every peaceful world, there will always be an underground chaos. A chaos that normal people doesn't even see or feel at all. A chaos where everyone is dragged into, yet none is able to fix it. Not just in this amazing anime but also in our real world. There will always be people strolling around with their black hats waiting to take advantage of your weaknesses and gain strength what they got from you.

In this action and suspense thrilling anime, proved that time is not really a factor when fans started to protest for a sequel season. Even though it took 5 years for a sequel season to follow the pilot one, it is still a successful season for everyone. Light will always shine to believers and fans who steadily wait for the finish of the original light novel itself.

Now that the second season is done, will there be another light for the x3? Well, the original light novel is pretty covered with two complete seasons. The answer is when Ryohgo Narita be able to finish the second light novel of Durarara. I am somehow sure that the contents of that book would cover a third season or maybe a spin off of the anime series.

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