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Charlotte Anime Season 2 Release Date

Charlotte Anime Season 2

Charlotte Anime Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever thought of asking yourself why you? Why of all people in this world, you were the one chosen for a certain ability or scenario? The pilot episode of this anime pretty much nailed every single doubtful person in this world. Those person are those who doesn't believe in themselves and always end up failing on their quests. If I didn't believe in myself then I wouldn't be a teacher and an Otaku right now.

The plot of the story is not that new anymore. In fact, I have seen these a million times before even on silver screens. But what I like about the anime itself is the moral of the story. You shouldn't abuse what you have big. You should treat your ability or power to protect someone or to build it for something good. I also like how Nao's presence turned Yuu into a different person that stopped him from abusing his power and started to care more about the people around him. This anime teaches me more from what I have read in the manga.

OVAs are very good sign that an anime had a big fan base that helped it pushed through, yet somehow it reminds me that most of the time when a single season anime had a trailing OVA means that the original content would not be enough for a season two. I don't want to lose hope with Chalotte as an anime but I will not stop believing that it will have a second season soon after the release of the OVA.

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