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September 2015

12:02:00 PM

Sore ga Seiyuu! Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever been on a radio drama studio or participated on one? Back in high school, there was a group project that we need to fulfill first before having a field-trip form. It was a radio drama project. We have to voice act and have good results for the drama itself in order to get what we wanted. At first, we were only motivated simply because we want to join the trip but while doing the project everyone on the class started to give their best because we were enjoying what we were doing. Reading a script and acting it under different voices and roles is something that can't be explained. Someone should try voice acting first before getting the feeling of what I am saying. I don't know if you're getting what I am trying to express right now but yeah it is the reason why I went to watch Seiyu's Life.

Two years ago, I already saw the original manga of Sore ga Seiyuu. To be honest, I wasn't really interested at all simply because I can't hear what they doing. Covering a story and plot like this is really difficult under the manga platform but when I heard that it is going to have an anime adaptation screamed my heart as it breaks into pieces and formed back into a bigger one. Maybe it is because of the influece of Masumi Asano to the manga industry that made her easier for her manga to have more exposure from the anime scene.

Well, Asano's work are always successful when it gets adapted into an anime so it worries me not if this franchise would have another shot for a season two. I don't know yet since the news are not yet announced. I hope that a second season would be running soon simply because the story falls under my favorite genre - slice of life.

11:37:00 AM 2

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai Season 2 Release Date

Ugh, the title of this anime is too much that its own English translation from the original light novel would make it even longer. Shimoneta: A Boring World Where The Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist.

Well by just reading on the title of this story that I am going to review, imagine world in a scenario like that. Imagine if there will be words forbidden to be said or told. A security device will trigger if you ever break that law and it will also call cops directly as they arrest you with that kind of crime. It will totally be absurd since freedom of speech is being violated. But what if not only words are forbidden? What if it also forbids saying a complete thought, a joke would be the worse example.

Hirotaka Akagi really did a good job pointing out that our world would be very lousy and not an enjoyable sphere if jokes would be eliminated. He is indeed a talented writer that his work got adapted into an anime series. The comedic act on the light novel got more lively when transferred into the anime screen.

If you walked around looking for a season 2, then you came into the right place. Blue Snow's journey will still continue. The pilot season only revealed a very few struggle of SOX. The content aired on the first season is not enough to eat the whole 9  published volumes of the manga. Let's see if there will be announcements from the higher ups of the franchise but I am pretty sure that a season two will be chasing the pilot episodes in a short period of time.

9:19:00 AM
Rokka no Yuusha Season 2 Release Date

Having self confidence is a very good trait. I was built to have one since teaching won't be very doable if I don't have very good self confidence. It makes me as a person to strive harder and be more productive. But we should remember that having over confidence is not really a good idea. Maybe it makes someone impressed but not to everyone. It turns away people from you and that was my first impression to Adlet Mayer of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

My impression and how I look onto Adlet Mayer still sticks to me. I think that is how the writer of the original light novel Ishio Yamagata created him. He really self-proclaims himself and is always very positive. I thought that having the light novel adapted into an anime would be a bad idea but I was wrong. Every character was portrayed nicely in the anime series. The romance circling around the Braves or what is called the Saints in the story is what I think made the plot with a big turnaround to anyone who have read the light novel series.

If you're going to roam around the internet checking spoilers and at the same looking for a season 2 then you should not do it. Don't look for spoilers since there's still a big chunk of storyline not yet revealed on the first season of the anime. If you started watching the anime before reading the light novel might as well wait for a good news about its second season. Time will tell about this, the status of the light novel and the manga adaptation are still on healthy status, no worries for a second installment.

8:17:00 AM

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 2 Release Date

Being bored is a common ground for us human. It is our nature to get tired for doing tasks over and over again without gaining any experience in return. Also, when we don't enjoy a thing that we need to do gives boredom to us because of the lack of dedication. Without something to push us, a lousy outcome lies ahead. But what happens when something you've been wanting and waiting for shows up in front of you? Boredom will next strike again if that occurs.

Strange Tales of Ranpo: Game of Laplace is an original anime series. It is not adapted from outside sources such as manga or light novel. The uniqueness of it is well written by Makoto Uezu. Although the plot itself is not new anymore, the hype to mystery genre anime never dies. I really thought that the series would turn into a Detective Conan-ish kind of story but I was wrong. The mouse and cat chase gives full interest to its viewers.

Talking about its second season, the story and the animation was created to celebrate a great Japanese manga critic's 50th death anniversary. This anime was named after him and was created to give credits to him so we don't know if there would be a second season on this one. Although profits may still pour in, materials is no problem, fans and a reviewer like me will never know if the original anime would have a season two at least.

4:46:00 PM

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Season 2 Release Date

When I was still a kid, my mom used to tell me bedtime stories. You know, the typical little mermaid or a dragon-hero slayer stories. Stories told with full emotions and actions. That was how my mom did it for me. As a child, there is no chance that you wouldn't believe those stories. You'll even end up imagining things or maybe start dreaming about those mythical stuffs. As I grew up, I started to learn the truth and of course forget those kind of stories but not how my mom told it for me.

Monster Musume or Everyday Life with Monster Girls anime made me reminisce my experience with my mom. For me, Miia is indeed the carry role of the story. Well, I wasn't able to read the original story from the manga but I do think that without Miia (the lamia) would kill the harem genre or maybe the story itself.

Before I started writing this article, I had a chat with one of my Otaku friend. Since I haven't read the manga, I really don't know where the first season of the anime would end so I asked him. He said that the remaining part of the story from the finished volumes would be enough for another full season. He also added that the manga is on a monthly release contract making it have a constant update getting rid of the problem of shortage materials for an adaptation.

I really hope that his words are right about the second season. I love the anime because it is kinda rare to find mythical creatures on a Japanese manga not because of its Seinen looks. A season 2 is what I wish for this one.

4:21:00 PM 1

Non Non Biyori Season 3 Release Date

Above all, my favorite genre is slice of life. A touch of everyone's life is indeed the best genre for me. Not because it is covering real life status but because it goes over realization. Realization in a way that this genre leaves you a picture of what is happening on this part of the world of somewhere else. Slice of life gives us good view on everything. A manga, an anime, a light novel or whatever material it is from, for me the best genre is slice of life and that is the reason why I love Non Non Biyori.

When I came back from Japan this year, this is the first thing that I have gone looking for. A full package of the 7 volumes completed in both translated and raw form. I am not saying that this is my favorite anime simply because it went to my top list, it's just that this was the only book series missing from my slice of life collection.

If we are going to talk about the possibility of a third installment, I think that would be a not good idea. I don't know but my guts are saying that the second season would have a trailing 2nd OVA for the series. The contents remaining on the manga are not enough to fit another season. But since the original manga is still running on a monthly basis, then a fan should never lose hope. Maybe just like what happened on the second season, it took almost 2 years for a sequel. This time, it may take longer but it is worth the wait if an announcement will be made from the original writer or the anime producer of Non Non Biyori calling for a season 3.

3:02:00 PM

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever tried teaching someone? I mean, teaching them on something where they are totally noob. As a teacher, I have encountered it plenty of times already, even before I became a teacher. To be honest it is really difficult to do that kind of task but it is simple if you have dedication and patience from the start. Especially when it comes to Math, you do need very good patience and dedication since you are going to start from the basic. You can't teach Algebra, Geometry or whatever field of Math it is if your student can't understand the basic of Math.

In the anime Sky Wizards Academy, my experience is pretty much the same as the main character Kanata Age but what differs us is that his students call him as a pervert. LOL! Well, I never had a chance to read the original light novel of the anime adaptation but I can say that the director did a very good job enlightening the story twisting it with very good comedic scenes.

With only 6 volumes of materials from the original light novel dims the light for the fans of the anime. Also, an OVA coming right after the first season seals the deal already making it state that it may take some time or maybe forever for the fans to wait for a season two. Yet there are still possibilities for a second season. We would never know until writer of the light novel or the anime studio announces to end or to continue the promotional franchise.

12:57:00 PM
Kangoku Gakuen Prison School Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever been in Prison? I am pretty sure that some of my readers have actually been there but don't want to be there. Being alone and trapped is not good for our psychological health. I don't know if I could withstand being locked and away from my brother. It would be a nightmare for me if that happens.

The story of Prison School is very different to real life Prison stories. My brother said that being there or enrolled to a school like that will build up your personality. He even added that the Prison School's way to run is the best way to tolerate minimum mistake. Though it may sound bad at all, it indeed polishes a person. I asked my brother if he would really love to be somewhere like a Prison school. He said that he would love to, but his cellmates should be gals not guys like him. LMAO!

A manga that gets adapted into an anime is already a big success. Turning it into a live-action TV series made it more popular. If you're going to ask for a second season then you should stop right now. There is a very high chance that the anime series would have a second installment. A season two is not a problem since the original manga is running on a weekly basis update. With 18 current volumes, there is too much content to cover and those are more than enough for a season sequel.

11:28:00 AM

Joukamachi no Dandelion Season 2 Release Date

I was born as the youngest in the family. I only have one brother so that counts as four in our family. My parents left us early in this world that means that I am only living with my brother alone. It is quite a sad story but honestly it is not. Accepting the fact and problems that you really have to encounter is the one of the best thing a human should do. From a small family, I then had a big family when I became a teacher. I started teaching and my family started growing and growing. I can't even count how many kids I have right now but yeah it is a royal rumble everyday on a classroom.

Castle Town Dandelion is indeed one of the best family based manga. The supernatural plot is not new anymore but the fact that any age is very suitable reader of the original manga made it very popular in a short span of time. If you came to watch the anime adaptation simply because you want to smile and giggle then you're in the right place. The animation made the comedy genre more successful for the story itself.

We all know that the manga as the source of the anime content is still not enough for a second bite. It would definitely take some time before enough materials would turn into an anime again. Fans including me might have to wait for a season two though. Sad or not, good news or bad, waiting for the right news is the best decision I think.

10:47:00 AM

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Season 2 Release Date

Everyone has a secret or two. Also, it is not bad to have a secret love. Even on my Otaku collection, I do have some secrets there what I pledged not to tell anyone. Keeping a secret is part of our human nature and that include telling lies. But I have never met anyone who is really bad at keeping words. Someone who you can read very easily. Someone who you can pick to solve honesty problems yet you can't trust because of his easy-to-read attitude.

Asahi Kuromine is a very unique character. His unique characteristic made me stick to read the original manga. He is also the reason why I even continued to watch the anime adaptation as well. The comedy mixed with the romance of the animation tend to blend with the plot of the story.I think it is because of the duo of the anime writer and the director which made the humor factor have more impact to its viewer.

If you have read the original manga then you already know that were tons information and materials still left to cover for a season two. Also the status of the manga itself is still ongoing. With its weekly update, making a trailing second season won't be a problem to its anime fans. It is just the anime that needs more exposure since the manga is already popular in Japan.

9:38:00 AM 4

Junjou Romantica 4 Season 4 Release Date

Love is always in the air and love always win. It will never fail you but most of the time will hurt you. Love will always be sweet and romantic yet sometimes it curses with ball and lightning. I would say that it is always good to have someone to date considering that you are not yet married. Although I am not dating one right now, sooner or later I will get into it again. It is healthy to our heart, I always talk to my students that having someone to date makes you more mature. Losing someone is always there, but learning from it is something you can't buy with your money.

Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance manga series have thought me tons of things already. Those moral are something that can't be found to other manga stories out there. I think having 3 anime season is already enough to say that the adaptation itself is a very successful program. It is really difficult to find a romance yaoi manga turning into a long run. Yaoi is not a genre anime viewers would love to stick into watching it. Trust me, I've been there.

Shungiku Nakamura is a very talented writer. As I've said earlier, the road for Yaoi genre manga to become famous is a rocky one. It is indeed her writing abilities that made the fans read and wait for the manga release and also for the anime adaptation season releases as well. I am sure that materials is not a problem for a fourth season. If she wants a season 4 then there will be a season 4, the question is when she wanted it to be released.

9:14:00 AM 1

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

In every world, there will always be the good and the bad guys. Peace is never achievable. There will always be chaos around, watching your back while waiting for the right moment to stab you. That's how everything in this world has been. But remember that not all the bad guys are really bad, sometimes they have to do things when they are cornered by those who are in the "good" side.

My first glance for the anime adaptation is that it is like Getbackers. I thought that the plot itself is the same with that said anime but I was wrong. The anime series is just like its original manga. Almost nothing is changed so if you're a big fan of the manga who hoped for the animation then this is already a heaven's gift for you. The drama, crime-busting, and action genre of this story pretty much ends the cut on the adaptation. It was portrayed well. I wish I could give commend to the director of the anime.

The original manga only has 7 volumes and it is still on a running format. I don't know if the number of volumes would be enough to cover everything for a second season but I really hope that there will be one. It is not just me hoping for a season two yet I still wish that it will get promoted soon into a weekly-release manga in Japan. If ever that happens then chances will be more good for a second installment.

8:31:00 AM

God Eater Season 2 Release Date

Before I went to watch the anime adaptation of God Eater Burst, I have tried the original game of it on my Playstation Portable. It is quiet a nice game. It is an action game with a very good number of installments and now have been passed to Playstation 4. I played the first game of it 4 years ago and never tried the second edition nor the other versions of the game. If only that I will have more time to spare then I would gladly be playing the sequels of the story.

Moving on to the anime. If you look closely into it, the anime itself has a very good budget. You can say it by just looking at the animation. It seems that the producers are well prepared for this one. Even though the pilot episode was delayed for some good reasons, it is totally worth it for the original game fans and diehards.

To be honest, just like the first episode, the anime adaptation itself already faced tons of delay. The OVA aired 5 years before the first season of the series. But I think it is because of the game having more exposure than the first OVA. Now that it has a Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita versions, the promotional first season will definitely have a season two if the games will have good sales. What I am sure is that the second season will be announced after the release God Eater Ressurection in PS4 and PS Vita platforms. Remember that the anime is a promotional activity for the game so it all depends on the sale of the game not on our anime screens.

7:48:00 PM

Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Season 2 Release Date

If I am going to choose between my career or my current hobby, I think I will choose my hobby over it if there are no students in this world who don't need any assistance at all. Just like Yoji Itami on this anime, he is an Otaku but what differs us is that he just work for the sake to sustain his needs for being an Otaku. To buy stuffs on sales and enjoying the most of it. Well, I don't work just to buy my Otaku items. It is indeed my dream to be a teacher and leaving it aside just because I want to be a full-time Otaku again would definitely be absurd.

If you are into a Fantasy series fanatic then this story is a great choice. I never had a chance to read the original light novel of this anime series but what I am sure is that having the book reprinted means that it did had tons of sales from its original cover. The story and the plot itself is very good that it had four manga adaptations which pretty much supported and pushed it to be adapted into an anime.

If we are going to talk about the season two, there is quite a possibility for it. Like I said, the story and plot itself is very great. Also the animation is not something that we should look down. And big great news is about the materials from the original novel series. There are still tons of cover after the first season, materials is not a problem anymore. I hope that this anime Gate: The Self-Defense Force Fight Like This in that Place gets a season 2 at least.

6:13:00 PM

Gatchaman Crowds Season 3 Release Date

I have never dreamed to become a super hero but please don't get me wrong because I do admire all superheroes. My mom is a super hero and so is my dad. All of our parents are super heroes and our friends as well. On one thought, have you ever imagined that there are real-life super heroes that have been roaming around Earth to protect those who are in need? It sounds crazy but it is indeed true. They just don't poses super powers.

Gatchaman Crowds is an action, superhero genre anime. Its science fiction module showed what audience the show wanted to target. I may be already out of range for its target audience yet I still sticked to enjoy watching the anime series. From the first season up to its second season, I can say that the show itself is a very successful investment.

Since the anime it is an original anime series, having no source of adaptations makes it easier for anime reviewers to tell if there will be a third season or not. The franchise only needs good market value and earnings to continue to produce a third season or maybe a fourth one.

2:46:00 PM
Gakkou Gurashi! Season 2 Release Date

The school is the nicest place indeed for a high school student. That is a fact. But what if this happy and nice place turned into a graveyard where you have to get rid of your closest friends just to survive. 

I started watching this anime for one reason. That is because I am so tired of waiting for High School of the Dead's second season. I thought that having this anime fall in the same genre that I like means that it will have the greatest intensity of action but I was wrong. This anime is indeed a psychological anime based on the pilot episode. The happy feeling on how the school is indeed a happy and live place turned into a disaster at the end of the first episode.

It broke my heart and I am sure that it did to others too when we saw Yuki having her mental breakdown. Believing that everything is okay even though it is not bend the emotions of mine for this anime. I feel so sad every time I watch every single episode of this series, I still crave for more.

The original manga of this anime adaptation have like 6 volumes at the moment and only enough for a single season. We don't know yet if the manga will continue running but as long as the anime adaptation earn good sales and market then a second season won't be a problem since it will have good budget for the manga and also for the next production of season two.

2:03:00 PM
Durarara!! x3 Season 3 Release Date

In every peaceful world, there will always be an underground chaos. A chaos that normal people doesn't even see or feel at all. A chaos where everyone is dragged into, yet none is able to fix it. Not just in this amazing anime but also in our real world. There will always be people strolling around with their black hats waiting to take advantage of your weaknesses and gain strength what they got from you.

In this action and suspense thrilling anime, proved that time is not really a factor when fans started to protest for a sequel season. Even though it took 5 years for a sequel season to follow the pilot one, it is still a successful season for everyone. Light will always shine to believers and fans who steadily wait for the finish of the original light novel itself.

Now that the second season is done, will there be another light for the x3? Well, the original light novel is pretty covered with two complete seasons. The answer is when Ryohgo Narita be able to finish the second light novel of Durarara. I am somehow sure that the contents of that book would cover a third season or maybe a spin off of the anime series.

9:05:00 AM
Charlotte Anime Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever thought of asking yourself why you? Why of all people in this world, you were the one chosen for a certain ability or scenario? The pilot episode of this anime pretty much nailed every single doubtful person in this world. Those person are those who doesn't believe in themselves and always end up failing on their quests. If I didn't believe in myself then I wouldn't be a teacher and an Otaku right now.

The plot of the story is not that new anymore. In fact, I have seen these a million times before even on silver screens. But what I like about the anime itself is the moral of the story. You shouldn't abuse what you have big. You should treat your ability or power to protect someone or to build it for something good. I also like how Nao's presence turned Yuu into a different person that stopped him from abusing his power and started to care more about the people around him. This anime teaches me more from what I have read in the manga.

OVAs are very good sign that an anime had a big fan base that helped it pushed through, yet somehow it reminds me that most of the time when a single season anime had a trailing OVA means that the original content would not be enough for a season two. I don't want to lose hope with Chalotte as an anime but I will not stop believing that it will have a second season soon after the release of the OVA.

8:43:00 AM
Classroom Crisis Season 2 Release Date

Every classroom has its own crisis. Crisis to be solved, most of the time is worked together in groups or by the whole class. Easily solved if performed by stacks but what if it someone wanted to take care of a crisis alone? A disaster is about to happen then.

Before I became a teacher, I started from being a student. Well, obviously? Classroom problems always happen and will always ruin our school day lives. I never tried to do difficult and problematic tasks alone. I always ask for help yet there will be one who would want to carry out things like a pro without even thinking the matters that lies afterwards.

Classroom crisis is not your typical romantic comedy story. It is an anime mixed with a science fiction plot diverse with great animation and spins. With the light novels coming right after the first few episodes of the anime series brings hope for a second season of this anime. The only question that lies ahead is if the light novels would have great sales and would eventually help it push a second installment for this amazing anime series.

7:05:00 PM
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever heard of the role playing game Red Dragon? Early this year when I came back to Japan, I had a talked to a Japanese of mine who loves playing video games that are exclusively distributed to Japan only. He came up telling me a game that he said that I might want to look into. Since I do love reading books and the game he was telling about originated from a great series of books, I  started to listen to him. To be honest, I was not interested of the original book nor the game itself but what came dashing thru my head is the fact that it had an animation. This is my first ever encounter that an ANDROID (Phone) game would have a promotional activity on the anime screen. Yes, you read it right. This anime is base from an Android game, sooner it will have an iOS version and will be distributed, reversion worldwide. I am not sure if it will have impact at all.

It is really difficult to discuss of a second season for this anime. But what I am sure is that if ever the Android and iOS version of the original game make some good sales, then a season two will not be a headache for the fans. Also, there are rumors that the game will also be adopted into a light novel and into a manga series.

Who knows, but I am finger-crossing right now hoping for a second installment of this franchise. We will never know what's going to happen next.

5:13:00 PM
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Season 3 Release Date

Everyone has the right. Everyone has the right to decide our own path. We write our own story and read it when we wanted to. No one aside from ourselves should dictate what we want or need. But aside from ourselves, there is another thing that twists the plots of our lives and that is FATE. It is fate that made you read this article right now. It is fate that you have watched this amazing anime Snow White with the Red Hair. It is fate why the original manga turned into an anime for an adaptation after 9 years. It is not just us, we do have fate to ruin and beautify our stories as well.

From the anime adaptation of Sorata Akizuki work, comes a romance, fantasy story of a young herbalist with an elegant red hair. A hair of red that is often called strange but signifies strength and it is indeed the color-meaning of "fate".

The story didn't only revolve around Zen and Shirayuki's love and tail romance. I never thought that Shirayuki's talent of being a herbalist would play a big role on the story since in the original manga it didn't turn out like that. She became a pharmacist while Zen slowly but steadily fall in love to her.

I don't know if it is really the original fans of the manga that forced the first season of the anime into a season two but I do have a feeling that Bones studios did a very good part with it. Bones always produce the best of the best animations. After the announcement of the second season, I had a thought in my mind if a third one would be possibly if the original manga only has 14 volumes to cover.

Chances may be low for a third installment but I do hope that there will be one for us.

4:12:00 PM
Aquarion Logos Season 2 Release Date

Satelight studios never stops to amaze me. They have always been successful with their projects just like this one. Aquarion Logos is the third of this anime franchise. A third one and will be absolutely looking for more!

If this anime is your first anime to watch before its other two siblings, then you will be pretty much confused how the plot and stories go. The pilot episode ran for almost an hour just to explain everything on the first-base plot and also to enlighten viewers that it is not JUST an anime to show. Having a first episode to run for that long simply states that the anime itself will be aired with tons of episodes.

I know that there are other things to consider when we talk about the second season but with lots of networks supporting the Aquarion franchise, this mecha genre anime will never die. The target audience will always be there to give positive feedback and also good motion for a next season. Hopefully, an Aquarion Logos season 2 will be considered before the fourth franchise.

1:49:00 PM 8
Aoharu x Kikanjuu Season 2 Release Date

Let's start this deathless death match.

Have you ever played paintball before? Or ever held a paintball gun? Or a game where you need shoot an objective for you to win? With or without experience, I am sure that it is really fun to play real-life shooting game with your friends. I do have some experience playing paintball with my students and most of the time I loses the match. Simply because I just scream and run while they chase me with their paintball guns.

Aoharu x Machinegun is not just an anime that is based from a sports. It is an anime that you will get hooked into while dreaming playing the airsoft game with your actual friends. From its action and full military concept, I hope that this anime would turn into a full-romance on its next installment.

Coming from a manga serialized by Square Enix, I wish that it will have some light to have massive manga orders and sooner be promoted into a weekly series. There have been speculations about the second season but I doubt that having very small number of volumes from its own original manga would drive it and be licensed from a season 2.


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