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Litchi DE Hikari Club Season 2 Release Date

Litchi DE Hikari Club Season 2

Litchi DE Hikari Club Season 2 Release Date

I basically stumbled upon this by scanning what crunchyroll had to offer on my day off. After that, I actually turn out to be a huge fan of the Litchi Hikari Club manga, so when I overheard they were doing an anime, I was excited. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to learn that it was going to be a sequence of short comedy draughts. Still, I gave it a try and found that it wasn't as awful as I originally expected. It was charming and silly, at best. I would commend that enthusiasts of the manga watch this, if they think they'd enjoy a parody, but wouldn't applaud this to somebody who hasn't read the manga, as it would be too challenging to follow.
I had no idea what it was but the art style and the plot synopsis (which was really of the manga) sounded attention-grabbing so I supposed I'd check it out.

What I found was a bit I enjoyed, it was funny and dim and while I felt like I didn't fully know what was going on, I was engrossed in trying to follow it. It sort of felt like I had stumbled upon an inside joke, that while it was fun to watch as an outsider, I knew I was missing a lot of inside jokes. After viewing the 8 three minute long videos I did some googling and found the manga and sat down for a read. And then I read the prequel. And then I watched the gang "Litchi Hikari Club" music videos. And then I viewed the anime again. Basically it slurped me in.

What I've found is the profounder you get into the Litchi Hikari Club, better it gets! I really enjoyed both of  mangas and would recommend those to the not so weak of heart before you go for the anime. Once you've read the manga the anime's funniness seems much more disturbing and creepy than it had previously.

All in all, I can feel like this anime can stand up on its own. So long as you're up for some silly black humor, but it's best appreciated as an addition to Litchi Hikari Club manga. I am still hoping for a second season!

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