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Busou Shinki Season 2 Release date

Busou Shinki Season 2

Busou Shinki Season 2 Release date

Let me start off by saying that this is not worthy of our expectations. I mean, literally. This is not at all anything I was expecting and assuming after viewing the ONA. It is more in the mood of shows like Hidamari Sketch, Working! Is it (Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan also reminds me of it). It is a pleasurable slice of life with humorous elements. But still… I found the climax (for which, unexpectedly, the whole lot ends in fiery eruptions despite the complete lack of example within the show) to be the most foreseeable and least agreeable part.

So, the actual story is just …meh. It has no real track, it was like a road leading to nowhere. It is just really slice of life. It's fine, but there isn't some all-encompassing goal. Iykwim! All you get are the tricks of four Shinkis (those girl/Gundam things I said) and some fights that happen. Some occurrences take a different turn from others, but really, it's just kinda flat.

There is also a little, I repeat, A LITTLE bit of fan service in this show, so yea. Actually I thought it was good, but it wasn’t. While the actual appearance may not have been A+ material, it was a remarkable concept, and I enjoyed it a bit. I would read it if it has a manga. TBH.

I watched this entire show, which is great admiration for it given my recent involvements with anime. Even if it wasn't approximately what it could have remained, it is still an unusual gem: a pleasant title as an alternative of yet another rotten turd for the ever-growing mound of garbage. LMAO. Joking. That was exaggerated. However, there is a slim chance that this will have a second season, due to its quality.

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