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August 2015

8:16:00 AM
Zetsuen no Tempest Season 2 Release Date

“There is more shounen ai in this anime, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy” - Definitely not Shakespeare

A light hearted review of Blast of Tempest (my first, so suggestions welcome)

Blast of Tempest (Tempest for short) is, for some inexplicable reason, a love letter to two of Shakespeare’s most enduring plays: The Tempest and Hamlet. A strange concept it is indeed, and this anime is, without a doubt, one of the most pretentious I have seen as a result. I admire the writer for being self-absorbed enough to take two classic pieces of literature, and squeeze them into the context of a high-schooler mystery action anime. Surprisingly though, it is exactly this confidence that the show exudes that makes the mixture click beautifully.

Our main characters, Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino, are thrust almost immediately into a world where everyone is turning into stone, Mahiro’s found a doll allowing him to speak to Kusaribe Hakaze (a half-naked magician/tsundere stuck on an island) with Yoshino just following along looking generally photogenic. Standard fare then, for a shounen series. The real standout feature for the series presents itself rather abruptly with the fixation on referencing Shakespeare, particularly when Fuwa Aika (Mahiro’s recently murdered sister) enters the stage. The story and characters aren’t just inspired by Shakespeare, they’re going to make sure you know the sole reason they have for their existence is to be going around quoting Shakespeare.

So it is unsurprising, given the plays this anime is inspired by, that this is a tale of revenge primarily for both the main characters. For Mahiro, it is a chance to use his newfound magic capabilities thanks to Hakaze in order to track down his sister’s killer (for whom he has a very obvious, entirely unrequited, love). Yoshino meanwhile is determined to gain peace of mind for the death of Aika, who until her death was secretly dating Yoshino under her brother’s nose. Yoshino tries to make it seem that he tags along however so as not to see the killer punished by Mahiro, to uphold his position as our inevitable token idealistic anime character (in the very best of ways though).

Anyone familiar with the stories of The Tempest or Hamlet will quickly notice the similarities between Blast of Tempest’s two main characters and the protagonists of The Tempest and Hamlet. Mahiro in his hell-bent devotion to revenge, calls Hamlet to mind, whereas in his more optimistic but rational moments, Yoshino is a transparent reference to The Tempest’s Prospero. While not necessary, as the anime does a reasonable job of explaining to the audience the overall themes behind The Tempest and Hamlet, anyone with even a passing knowledge of the stories and in particular the characters of both these Shakespeare plays will no doubt leaving the anime more satisfied. The ties to Shakespeare the story and characters the anime holds become more and more elegant as it progresses, and are certainly one of the most enjoyable features of the anime. That is, if you can handle the sacrilege that is an anime so arrogantly ripping of the works of the one true playwright (note: sarcasm)

Secondary characters in the show are largely passable, especially after the change in personality much of the characters have in the second half of the anime, which adopts a far more shounen tone than its first half. What you make of this is very much dependent on your overall opinion of typical shounen anime. If anyone had to animate this show though, I am glad it was studio Bones; the light-dark tones of the second half of Tempest are reminiscent of the comedy tones Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood had going for it when it wasn’t being a horribly dark I see you’ve just turned that poor girl into a monster you heartless bastards sort of show.

Blast of Tempest’s animation is what I would expect coming from Bones, not up there but definitely pleasant to the eye. I think Bones knew however that they wouldn’t need exquisitely animated backgrounds, because it surely isn’t just me who can’t get over those character designs? The power of photogenicity is definitely strong in these ones. And respect to Bones for making a show where some of the characters do occasionally find themselves wearing different clothing. If you’re not a fan of shounen ai, stay very much clear – this show is like the gateway drug to watching Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club.

In conclusion, Zetsuen No Tempest is like a sports car you haven't used in a long time: it takes some time to get to its best, but when it does, you won't look back. It's a gem of a series which deserves a lot of recognition, and I can safely say it is one of the finest anime I've seen in my life. I hope this gets a second season, badly!

8:14:00 AM
Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL III Season 3 Release Date

I am not fond of card games and all these stuff. Only my brother. I'll get direct to the point, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II (subbed) is the best anime he said he have seen to date. I studied why. With a top-tier appealing story, thorough art that is stylistic yet still a homage to its forerunners former styles, and a truly endearing main cast that watchers will gradually get more attached on towards, this second season strengthens the already good first season, and with it, genuinely breathes new life into this ever-changing franchise.

Revolving around the Barian's, Zexal II has arguably one of the eeriest and intriguing plots of the franchise to date. However, this does not come without flaws. Most find issues in the pacing and execution of this story, and complaints about it can be heard through fans of anime and Yu-Gi-Oh! alike. As the story progresses and the plot unravels you realize the series is a lot less predictable than anticipated, and instead, is actually presented quite well.

To put it into laymen's rapports for readers of this review, think of Zexal I as Clannad, and Zexal II as the after-story. Simply put, it is essentially the pay off to the big build up that is Zexal's first season, and what a pay off it is.

Even though the story's objective is still the same, the presentation is significantly better. We get to see the objective and troubles of together the Astral world and the Barian world. While both worlds want to kill the other one, it becomes surprisingly complex with different sets with different affinities have their own objectives and methods. There are a few plot twists, but they honestly make sense. The events that conspire throughout the characters' journey only makes the emotional add-on to them that much stronger. The one issue I have is the numeron code and its being. To endure any more would make a fuss of some key moments.

The characters are meaningfully better in Zexal 2. Out of Yuma's crew Yuma, Astral, and Shark all get a lot better with Shark being the biggest improvement. Shark's sister Rio also becomes part of the cluster and is more fleshed than the other girls in the group. The Barians are all sole and excellent characters, and in all honesty, they are the best characters in Zexal 2. Unfortunately, they are all surrounded by spoilers, but trust my word; Kaito is a great character while Haruto becomes more open. Orbital 7 remains just as witty as ever.

To really know who these characters really are, watch it. There's only so much one man can say before spoiling everything. I don’t want to be that man right now! Lmao.

Zexal 2 was a much more pleasurable experience than Zexal 1 due to its better plot handling and characters. Zexal 2 is one of the most unforgettable parts of Yugioh that will leave you hanging at your seat getting the exciting feeling the character's emotions, wanting more! At the end of the journey through a revolting swamp is a hidden village of wonder and enthusiasm known as Zexal 2, so I guess this has big chances of a third season!

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi Season 4 Release Date

I always want to ditch watching the anime I already started when it goes boring and the plot becomes confusing. I mean, there’s lot of good catch out there. Why waste time on a bad one, right?
Like in, Wooser no Sono Higurashi, which definitely makes no attempt at any sort of comprehensible storyline. LMAO! I was so annoyed! When you’ve read that, you might suppose that this must therefore be some sort of slice-of-life sketch-based show, right? And it might be compared to the likes of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou or Lucky Star. However, the word 'sketch' is too kind for Wooser. UGH.

The narrative flicks randomly between oddments of Wooser the rabbit-thing's many fantasies of robots and awkwardly perving on under-age girls. Doesn’t that make you vomit? Each clip leaves you wondering if there was or were something or some things you missed, or if you were even meant to laught or find it funny. I' estimated that at least a quarter of the series is boringly swallowed by repeated clips of an 8-bit Wooser walking on screen and saying "Yo" to the audience (yes, it's that exciting :3).

There is only this one character that gets any sort of screen time, and that is your Wooser, who is frankly loathsome and uninteresting. (I doubt myself being an anime-enthusiast right now, I am so hateful. Lol. JK.) All he seems to care about himself and the undergarments of his human roommates, Rin and Ren. They, along with a crowd of other arbitrary characters including an owl and some sort of dark anti-Wooser, might as well be equipment. They are never properly presented and have only momentary amounts of inane dialogue throughout the series. You might argue that because these are only small unconnected skits that character development is unnecessary, but the skits just aren't or not even a bit exciting enough to pull this off. Lmao.

There are a lots WTF!!!!! Moments and allusions to other anime (lol), I didn't really find myself laughing at all, though, throughout this series, or, in fact, feeling any kind of emotion other than mild annoyance. I would rather have spent the time I spent watching this, watching coat paint dry. XD Lmao.

Maybe not the worst collection of shorts ever shaped, but it can't be that far off. If you think it might be 'so bad it's good', you'd be wrong. Sorry that this review has been such a downer, but Wooser no Sono Higurashi is definitely a series to avoid. However, there is a slim chance Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life will have a fourth season.

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Season 2 Release Date

From the first episode you might think that it’s another shoujo about a CRAZY boy getting dropped into a serious girl's lap, and might lose attention. However I think Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is exceptional in that it doesn't try to make its lead male into this aberrant boy who happens to be perceived wrong by all of his classmates, and is actually deep down a darling who is a hero with all of his ethics in the right place. In Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Haru (the male lead) is literally an almost sociopath, minus the fact that he hasn't actually killed anyone, yet, and all of his colleagues have had the time to recognize this. Although there are quite of shonen that have made comedic use of following an "evil" negligent boy who has messed up morals like Beelzebub and kyou kara ore wa, it’s quite rare in shoujo and I think the story of Shizuku (the female lead) reaching out to this troubled boy (out of obligation at first) is sweet and also hilarious and worth watching.

The story is quite simplistic, but I didn't really notice that much. In terms of art, often, art in shoujo has a particular style that is hard to transfer to anime effectively. However I think it’s obvious that this anime had the funds to make their art work well and there weren't as many "chibi" + flowers scenes which are normally often present in shoujo, so it made this anime more truthful and watchable for me.

I gave the sound a high score because there are these "elegant" characters that go to a luxurious all boys school, and every time they show up/mess up/ do something inane it plays this classical music and its entertaining. (because of the lack of funding, it was correctly placed and super funny).
Shizuku is a girl that does nothing but schoolwork, which is naïve, though it possibly prompts several girls with maybe good but not perfect grades of themselves in high school, who might regret being too grave. Although if there's no crazy aberrant beau around too vigor you into a recreational straining of activities, there is no crazy felonious beau around. (There wasn't, in my case, for me, and I happen to be attending a respectable college, but like most girls I love to watch anime in which characters, who are also very similar to me, or only have one peculiarity because they are 2-D and thus easy to relate to, get to experience something more idealistic.)

I really like animes that are humorous and I tend to not like a shoujo except it's stupid humorous in a decent way, I enjoyed this anime a lot, and I would recommend it to other people.

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To Love-Ru Darkness Season 3 Release Date

To love ru darkness, brings up the new hope about how a harem anime which usually have negative comments can make all that comments gone. A common knowledge to all the anime lover that harem anime is usually is lack in the plot and story, since what makes harem anime interesting is fanservice and all beautiful or moe girl. If you have ever seen The World God Only Knows then maybe you have seen a good example how a harem anime can turn into from fun harem into a serious harem anime (in story aspects).

Back to the To Love Ru darkness , if you have ever seen the previous season of To love ru darkness (To love ru and Motto to love ru), maybe you will realize the "gap" between this anime between the previous season. Not just from the score (which TLR darkness have bigger score than the two previous) but also from story aspects. if those previous seasons are TOTALLY random and doesnt have strong plot or story then this anime was 180 degree between those two. honestly, i really feel relieved since To love ru is getting better in each season, from the season 1 which is really abstract and season 2 which like a gag anime and to the season 3 (TLR darkness) which i felt like my effort for watching this series is paid off.

The story is quite simplistic, but I didn't really mind that much. To love ru darkness or we can called TLR darkness, is focussing on Momo (Lala's sister) and Mae (Yami's sister) story. As for Mae, she is the new character that just appears in this season. Anyway, this anime has two main story, for the first one is Momo obssession to make a harem plan for Rito, since she thinks with the harem plan Rito can make all the girl happy, and for the second was about Mae and Yami (i am not gonna spoil it). So, what makes this season differences between those two previous season? First it was the story itself, So this series FINALLY have a story? YES IT IS! we have a main goal and know what this story about, and it obviously different with other season, like Motto To love ru, until i had finished Motto, i still dont know what the story about and it really like Shinyraku Ika Musume which have 3 different stories in each episode (I love Ika musume), but honestly it didnt fits well for a series like To love ru.

Back again to TLR darkness, after the story lets talk about the art. This maybe the whole reason why people love to watch TLR darkness. I am not gonna exaggerate it but it was superbly amazing! my first impression was extremely colourful and, so bright. The lines for the character design is really have a high quality art, like from the each character's hair or body. If you comparing between the art quality between the season 1 or season 2 and this season, you wil realizel see how big the gap between those season. Not just from the art for the character itself, the background was suprisingly really well-made. It was colourful, beautiful, and gorgeous. My eyes were never tired to watching the quality of this anime, my suggestion is you must watch this anime in the highest quality to improve the enjoyness.

Then, lets moving into the sound section, first lets talk about the opening songs. "RAKUEN PROJECT" by Ray. Honestly i dont really care about the opening songs in every anime but then i thought i might give it a try. From the first i listen it, and its directly raping up my ears. I totally love it, what makes more awesome is the video clip in those opening, it was heartwarming (especially in the end of the songs when Mae and Momo hugs Rito) not just the video clip, the lyric is really describing on what TLR is about. for me it was really fits with the anime and yet its a lovely song to hear. And for the ED, i didnt really paying attention to it, since it doesnt so special.
I do really love with this series especially this season, because they had improve their quality like from the story and the art. But of course, there is nothing that perfect, so does this anime. Still there was unnecessary fanservice that really distrubing my eyes, Like how Rito is always trapped in such ecchi scenes (like he is usually grabbing boobs absently or how he trapped in Yami's panties without any logical reasons), but despite of that unnecessary scenes, i know that scenes were made to refresh our eyes. And of course its acceptable since this anime genre is Ecchi, honestly, although i found that unnecessary, as a man i must said it was kinda fun.

At the last, I must say i quite enjoyed this anime. I really surprise on how this anime can improve are, from such a fail anime turned into an amazing anime. of course, thanks to Momo and Mea as the new character that makes this anime more lively and fun. I hope this gets a third season!

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Sukitte Ii na yo Say I Love you Season 2 Release Date

In a world full of strangers, full of people who hate you, no matter which way you turn, you can't trust anyone. Even if you reach out to someone, they will only end up using you or simply outright betray you.

Sukitte Il Na Yo, or Say I Love You, builds upon that premise with an added twist: what if the first person you begin to trust is your first love? This is quite a daunting situation because trust, as well as listening to each other, and spending time together, is an important element to a healthy relationship. It is similar to being forced to run before learning how to walk. You just can't do it without knowing the first steps.

This is the situation that our main female character, Tachibana Mei, is in. Having been bullied and excluded by friends during her childhood, Mei has withdrawn herself into her own cocoon as she enters high school. One day, the most popular guy's friend, named Kenji, pulls Mei's skirt, provoking her. Extremely pissed off, she ends up roundhouse kicking Yamato, who’s the most popular guy in school. It seems that her frisson struck a chord in Yamato and he ends up seeing Mei as love interest. I can't say for all guys but, to all girls out there, jerking us guys, if we don't know you, won’t perhaps make us fall in love with you. Anyway, "Say I Love You" follows a typical shoujo plot: girl has problems, girl meets prince, prince changes girl's life, girl falls in love with prince. But this is not an anime where they get cool and head off into the sunset showjumping on a white horse at the end. In fact, Mei and Yamato get together very early in the anime. What this anime displays is how they come to know each other while being in a relationship. The situations that the pair was placed in were very interesting, especially the first couple or so, because given Mei's lack of trust in overall, you get to experience her emotional disorder as she fights to understand what it takes to be in a relationship. However, as the anime approached the end, the situations were falling more into the general Shoujo states of mistakes and the like.

While the main storyline of the anime is the connection between Mei and Yamato, there are a few subplots running about, especially near the end. I had a little bit of a hard time figuring out how those plots tied into the main story but they tie into the bigger themes of bullying, trust, and friendship. I would say the anime does a good job of interlacing these small stories into the anime without having them end up feeling like fillers. 

I love idealistic fiction, but I also have a very private beef with it. I distinguish there are young people out there who build their ideas about relations from fiction. The story of Romeo and Juliet is the perfect example of how retarded and self-destructive young adoration can be. I'm not saying individuals can't enjoy fantasies, but they need to recognize pandering bullshit. "Sukitte ii na yo" is smart because it avoids one of the serious sins of romantic fiction: As an alternative of incorrectly inferring that lack of social abilities makes you hot, the story really digs into the subject of difference in social build and its effect on a connection. The author clearly has a clue what she's doing and it´s too bad the story doesn't reach the statures it could have.

I really hope that someday there will be a second season for "Sukitte ii na yo", because I definitely feel thirsty for more.

1:12:00 AM
Robotics;Notes Season 2 Release Date


Robotics;Notes opened strong by asking some important questions, but unsuccessful at executing all of its ideas in a timely means. However I think this series has some saving graces that make it currently one of my favorites. I want to mention that this is an idea I have wanted to see executed for a long time.

The story had enough twists in the beginning that I held my trust in the writing even when I found it doubtful. My issue came from when the series began to suffer emotional whiplash. An episode can be very stirring or focus on romantic interests when there are bigger things at stake. I don't absolutely mind the characters trying to find time to develop inspired in the midst of despair but mainly because Akiho is able to mostly remain inspiring through the complete show. The overview of the monopole was one I believed would be given more explanation, but I also wasn't able to come up with a better solution either. I can accept it as being representative of a systematic gray area. What this show does is show a lot of theoretical technology, so thats what I accepted it as. You see a lot of questions asked involving technology that not only concern robotics but also augmented reality. Besides, what the story all leads up helps paint a better picture of what I personally believe to be the scheme theory painted by the overall speculate science series of visual novels, which seem to smear a very self-destructive depiction of humanity who is lead by governing bodies that do not want the average man leading scientific process. An overall paranoid portrayal that still somehow rings accurate to my core. But I hold hope because this anime validates a belief I share, and that is that giant robots, super heroes, and all things childish dreams are made of can save the world. Ultimately I was happy at the finale, but not 100%, due to some unavoidable flaws in the story, but very often I was left wondering "how could they get out of this" and being very scared of the foes and the condition at hand, and ultimately was uplifted by the ending, being exposed one somewhat happy possibility.

Another thing that held my interest was the art. While it looks rather ugly compared to other visual novels and anime by 5pb, it has its nice touches here and there and the CGI was nice at times and was mainly used well during the early episodes centering around the Robot Wars-esque battles. However, mainly it was the way they capture suspense stays just fantastic. This might be something to do with the writing, but it's mainly the look of the scene where they try to make there mech walk for the first time gave an amazing sense of size, which also taken how significant the occasion was in the story. The character enterprises are good in all the ways they need to be for a realistic show but just be situated as good as Steins;Gate. Nice touches like the PokeCom pouches gave the characters and the world they live in an interesting look. The show creates a lot of technology for its universe, based on real world advancements, and shows them in use very well (a trait I hear it also shares with the game).

The only reason I am really rereading the sound so high is I think the sounds of the robots as well as the software used in the game had nice design, and because the series features some of my favorite anime music of the year it came out, a department 5pb. always does fantastically in. Powerful female vocals really set many of the tracks apart from other J-Pop tracks, especially Jungo Spectra by Zwei, the first opening theme.

There are loads of characters and while they are expressive they are not too visually interesting. Akiho as well as her relationship with her brother were my main reasons to watch the show at first, having a good back and forth and can be related to fairly well. The MC is pretty bland but he is supposed to be, this is based off of a visual novel. He displays the pro-gamer with a laid back attitude very well. The one with the most going on at first glance is Frau Kojiro, introduced later, who took over as my favorite. She may practically be another case of the otaku stereotype, but she is so unflattering that I enjoy her due to being not to much like other anime girls (although Tomoko comes to mind, however, Frau is way worse of and also more talented of an individual. Sorry Tomo, keep trying and don't give up!). However she, like many characters, unfortunately took the back seat during the second half where the main characters and numerous new ones are elaborated on. Every character did get 15 minutes of fame, but there are just a few characters who I find boring, such as Junna, and many of the secondary characters in the 2nd act. Airi is also worth citing, her story really touched me, but then again I find her as moe' Frau does.

I can't talk about the villain(s) without spoiling, but that's probably my main disappointment -- we get no good villain. There is no good motivation for the wicked intent, and frankly, most fights amid good and evil just bore me; I prefer conflict among good-yet-flawed characters, quandaries that make me think. Don't get that here. Oh, and I could’ve done without the parrot ex machina interference at the expedient moment; i really laughed -- not what i should feel moved to do in a life-or-death situation.

Your end result is quite bearable, management raise some moments that worth it, even with all these snags is an interesting anime, with an attention-grabbing past, even if your left end that feeling of taking due some more.  I hope this gets a second season!!

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Legend of Qin: Qin's Moon Season 6 Release Date

"Extermination is never the reason to become robust. This word 侠 reads "brave hero". If a person must overthrow another in order to prove themselves, they've already gone astray. The right part of this word orates "human". It signifies the actions and behaviors of a person. And on the right, the term reads "double-layered". It is made up of a "human" with two little "humans". What it means is that a sturdy person should help those who are lesser and fragile."

The Legend of Qin tells the story of the fall and rise of the Qin dynasty, and during this time, Jing Tianming, along with his uncle and friends, struggle to find peace in this dangerous time in the world.

In the Legend of Qin, anybody will be amazed by the martial arts, fantasy, action-adventure, romance, and history that intertwine together to tell the story of not only Jing Tianming, but his companions.

With the combination of the story line, characters, animation, and sound, the Legend of Qin is one of the best Wuxia's of all time.
Having a noble story line is a need for all, right? With no excellent, amazing story line, it's like having peanuts without the butter!
In the Legend of Qin, there's certainly a story. I promise you. From episode one until episode thirty-four in season four, the story will enchant anybody, and have everyone pleading for more.

Jing Tianming is my pet character through the Legend of Qin. However, Old Man Ban, Gao Yue, Ge Nie, and everyone else will surely captivate your heart. Each character has their own unique personality and their own piece to play. The section just doesn't involve Jing Tianming, but has other main characters that will make you giggle, cry, scream, but most prominently, happy.

The animation is one of the key facts of the Legend of Qin. Ever since I saw episode one from season one, I fell in love. Even though I'm watching the Legend of Qin on my computer screen, I feel as though I see Tianming and the others in reality. As each season tops and a new one begins, the animation only gets better and better, and occasionally I forget that the Wuxia isn't real, and I'm actually in realism.

I always loathed the sound in anything. I never paid any consideration to music in overall, but the melody here changed my belvedere. I used to skip the initial and ending songs, and would get irritated if music played while a character was chatting. After actually paying courtesy to the song, it isn't semi bad. Although the music is great, the music didn't add to my liking of the show.

In conclusion, I fell in love with the Legend of Qin, and I hope this gets a sixth season!

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Onii-chan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! Season 2 Release Date

"At the end of the day, at the end of the day when all was for naught, I can at least take pleasure in knowing that my little sister is waiting at home with open arms and a warm bosom." — Sophocles

Ever since the Armory Show of 1913, the state of Western Civilization has been one of failure. Nonetheless the rise of Modernist Art might not appear terribly important to the average uneducated reader, the example shift from Representational Art to Abstract Art established the Seeds of Degeneracy that grown into the base and terrible Popular "Culture" that we are all so familiar with today. Indeed, with blatant and vile works like the Twilight and well-known Fifty Shades of Grey standing conceitedly at the frontline of a modern Literary Movement that panders and spoils its viewers, Western Literature has not ever been in grimmer a state. What happened to authors who defied their readers like real writers do? Where is the bravery? What happened to Subversive Works like Great Expectations, a veritable seven-part Landmark Masterwork by David Copperfield about an orphan who goes to a secluded school that straddles the edge amid "magic" and "reality"? And this horrible trend of dumbed-down throw-away culture is not limited to the kingdom of Literature (if horrible books like Twilight can even be called as such). We no longer have true artists like Fragonard whose shockingly honest and realistic depictions of the harsh reality of daily life were barred from the Paris Salon of 1863. But where the West has fallen, the East will rise, and now I am profitable to talk about the work that will unquestionably serve as the herald of the utmost important Literary Movement of the new time: the Japanese animated TV series "As Long as There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If He is My Brother, Right?"

There is a type of writing called Metaphorical Fiction. Considered by the massive majority of Rational and Moral Enlightenment thinkers to be the Highest form of Literature, the great Dutch librettist Voltaire famously said, "Give me not a story about a man who does deeds, but one where the man becomes the deeds." However, it is not nearly as accessible as a conventional linear narrative with wish-fulfillment essentials like Fifty Shades of Grey and as it is very rare to find a work of Allegorical Fiction these days, it is an exceptionally rare treat to be fortunate enough to experience one. As such, we should be very thankful that the underground Japanese Literary Movement known as "Imoutocore" is giving us the opportunity to once again experience works from this all-but-forgotten genre.

The motive why I started this article with a quote from the great Roman tragedian Sophocles is simple: "As Long as There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If He is My Brother, Right?" is a heartbreak. In the end, Akito is powerless to make the exact choice, was unable to love his little sister, and was inept to uphold Family Morals within his home. The finale of this story is maybe the very melancholiest in Literature, as the emotion of any viewer should struggle during the extremely emotional peak and somber outcome. And after all, when we realize that his little sister will not ever truly know the love of her oldest brother, we also realize that just as Akito is fated, Western Civilization too. But as the Korean sociologist Watari Wataru said further to the end of one of his dissertations recently, "My wife have left me and I didn't get tenure” I am so glad that OniAi is getting a second season.

12:51:00 AM
Medaka Box Abnormal Season 3 Release Date

I am never a fan of cliché things but this anime somewhat squawked the inner stereotype in me. This series is actually a sequel to 'Medaka box'. There is some wit in the game, rarely romance and a loooooooot of action. The story is pretty much about Kurokami.

It is about Medaka finding out thay she is not the only one that is different from standard students. Though she has been asked which barely been fussed about at the end of the first series along with her three friends wanting to keep her side.

To me, the story is good. So is its artwork but what actually fails me, is where its mainly due to the 'Abnormal' stuff in here. It is ridiculous overwhelmed and likewise making it harder for the other 3 leading characters to be in spotlight this somewhat made it unsatisfactory to me. 
However, if you don’t turn away so debauched, you’ll see that there’s much more to Medaka Box Abnormal than just insincerity. Here comes Zenkichi, the added lead character, who is the precise opposite of her aptitude wise. He might be strong, both actually and mentally, however it is mentioned, not once, that he got there by hard exertion and was very puny during his childhood. Regrettably, the rest of the main characters don’t do the themes justice as most of them are “specials”; very brilliant people or abnormals. Of course, most of the time, they can’t rival the abnormals that are villains.

One of the main difficulties I had with the story be situated how all refrains were presented. Medaka Box Abnormal sure pacts with very thought-provoking issues but they are usually solved by main characters simply stating their opinion, even though antiheros keep asking better and better problems. The difference between the “good” guys and the “bad” guys is nothing but the way they answer them. That wouldn’t be such a problem if the display didn’t depict the main character’s view as the right one and all else as wrong and it drives as far as Medaka deciding what’s correct for the rest of the world. (doesn’t make her think about it even for a while).

While it might look like a huge chaos, and it slightly is, most of it is done purportedly to create a comedic result. However, not all looks like it’s tiresome to parody itself. Character connections and demonstration is probably the finest part of the anime. While characters themselves aren’t somewhat to recall, their relationships and moods are delivered without a glitch. You can realize how they feel about what they say or about what is happening or purely know their nature by their actions. I found this to be the superlative part of Medaka Box Abnormal because to me it felt other real than most of SOLs I’ve ended and it made the anime more enjoyable.

Medaka Box Abnormal is absolutely not a faultless anime. It’s difficult to like since it tries to jam a lot of genres together and never truly emphases on one. And even as soon as it does (for a while) it usually spoils it for bigger effect. There is a thin chance this gets a third season.

12:48:00 AM
Litchi DE Hikari Club Season 2 Release Date

I basically stumbled upon this by scanning what crunchyroll had to offer on my day off. After that, I actually turn out to be a huge fan of the Litchi Hikari Club manga, so when I overheard they were doing an anime, I was excited. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to learn that it was going to be a sequence of short comedy draughts. Still, I gave it a try and found that it wasn't as awful as I originally expected. It was charming and silly, at best. I would commend that enthusiasts of the manga watch this, if they think they'd enjoy a parody, but wouldn't applaud this to somebody who hasn't read the manga, as it would be too challenging to follow.
I had no idea what it was but the art style and the plot synopsis (which was really of the manga) sounded attention-grabbing so I supposed I'd check it out.

What I found was a bit I enjoyed, it was funny and dim and while I felt like I didn't fully know what was going on, I was engrossed in trying to follow it. It sort of felt like I had stumbled upon an inside joke, that while it was fun to watch as an outsider, I knew I was missing a lot of inside jokes. After viewing the 8 three minute long videos I did some googling and found the manga and sat down for a read. And then I read the prequel. And then I watched the gang "Litchi Hikari Club" music videos. And then I viewed the anime again. Basically it slurped me in.

What I've found is the profounder you get into the Litchi Hikari Club, better it gets! I really enjoyed both of  mangas and would recommend those to the not so weak of heart before you go for the anime. Once you've read the manga the anime's funniness seems much more disturbing and creepy than it had previously.

All in all, I can feel like this anime can stand up on its own. So long as you're up for some silly black humor, but it's best appreciated as an addition to Litchi Hikari Club manga. I am still hoping for a second season!

12:45:00 AM
K: Return of Kings Season 4 Release Date

After actualy watching this series, I asked myself, "What have happened?" followed by a "Why did I watch this?" LMAO.

Seriously though, art is probably the only (yep, ONLY) reason why you would watch this eye-candy of an anime. It's so outstanding. The animation is so charming. The fight scenes are breathtaking (although few). The art is so meticulous. The colors are lively (but sometimes annoyingly too much). Character Designs are good. They fit each character's behaviors. It really is a banquet for the eyes.

Although the notion of the anime was an absorbing one, the performance was not so well done. A lot of times I was jumbled by what was happening, with no real clarification afterward. The total story I understand, however little stuffs are left unspoken - anything about the monarchs really, their origin, very little is actually said about controls, how and why altered people have them, and so on. It left me with a gazillion queries and very few answers. The culmination is also a cliffhanger....sort of...which is always annoying if it is not followed up.

Despite some plot holes and unsolved wonders (like the whole Strain thing - why do we only encounter one? And why is she entirely unsolved?) I did enjoy watching K.

K was an engrossing and exciting ride for me, though. I really had no idea what to expect (as the synopsis didn't give away a lot) but I wasn't dissatisfied (until the ending). It may not be a really profound fetching story but the action scenes are really a display to observe, I'm glad I watched it for the art alone! Although there wasn't much character growth or real.. Substance to each character, they stood best when interacting with one another, which really kept the show touching for me. And the mysteries surrounding each. Which were decently completed, but I feel like if they'd had extra time to give you a little more data on the characters then the world in over-all it may have been easier to connect.

I wander.

I think some people are still hoping for a fourth season! Hmm. There are slim chances, but, who knows?!

12:40:00 AM
Juusen Battle Monsuno Season 2 Release date

I always love people who reminds me of myself. Someone who is a control freak, and a leader deep within, would really do so. Let me share a very straightforward, well written, anime. It's actually more like an older anime and western-ish cartoons in a way, though.

Juusen Battle Monsuno, consists of villains that are really dangerous! The villains have real threat to them. If they say they will do something, they do so and they mean it. They do horrifying things.

The character leads are awesome, all well-written and I love how the are very outspoken. I felt like I am related to them in a way. They are all brave and clever, and well rounded. They are all relatable especially Bren. He's not the bravest or strongest or smartest, but he does his best.

Jinja is one of the best females ever! She is one of my most favourite characters ever. She is a total badass and awesome. She wins some fights by her martial ability, not monsuno.
She a straightforward, strong, character.

Chase is an overwhelming leader, and he is badass and brave. Very enthusiastic and willing to go into dangerous situations, to the point he's reckless. But not too irresponsible. Dax is awesome and not what he seems at first. Beyal is very sweet, and can fight well. Beyals adorable. He's one of my most favourite characters ever. Jon Ace is one of the finest characters ever! He is one of my most favourite characters ever. He's pure grand. He's a hardcore, discreet, soldier, whos extremely strong and tough.
He looks awesome and handsome too.

The antiheroes are overwhelming. Some of them are like the best villains ever. They vary from pitiless and splendid, to various kinds of crazy people. So, like all good villains, you end up cheering for them sometimes. Commandant Marshall Charlemagne is pure amazing. One of the best female characters ever! One of my most preferred characters ever.

The combat is faithful, and the monsuno use the area to fight. They ruin buildings, throw enemies into them, etc. The toys and anime tie in excellantly. Sometimes it can jar, like with the terrible Bakugan, but the combat and monsuno centers, etc, in the anime and the toys are very close or matching.

The monsuno are grand and unique. They are made from different animals, elements, etc.
An elite thing is, they all look like the group that made them. They have the faction colors. And their core is faction colored.

The story is amazing. It has many, many, surprises.  And it can go dark. It can go happy, it can go anything it wants to.

What happens to Jon Ace at one point is astounding and sad. (oops, spoiler alert!)
Generally, this is fantastiiiiiic! I hope this gets a second season!

12:37:00 AM
Jormungand: Perfect Order Season 3 Release Date

I watched both seasons! Uhm, in like.. er. 3 days! Yes, I didn’t sleep. It's pretty interesting with all the gun fights and the cool circumstantial setting. It seems accurate, but don't get too into it, because in the end, it's all nonfiction. Lmao. </3

Don’t worry… The character development was the prize for the show. It's not easy vending weapons, knowing that your life is actually on the line and that you are considered a dealer of death. Some arms dealers do for the money, some do it for the fame, but Koko does it for World Peace. Arms dealing might not be the extreme idea for world peace, and can be measured downright hypocrisy, but Koko's work is based on necessary evil, where evil actions must be done into order for good to arise.

As for other character, Jonah, he travels and protects Koko with his lifetime, even yet his parents were killed by the very guns sold by arms dealers. It might be sardonic, but he does it as a martyr so others can live a better life, even though he hates wars, weapons, and arm dealers. Jonah and Koko might have contradicting beliefs, but they graft together for the improvement of others.

I also enjoyed the further types. It's nice to know a girl who can buzz your ass like Valmet, who's probably the creepiest and most physical imposing member of the group, but she does show some softness towards Koko, but no pity against men. The other characters like Lehm, Willie, Tojo, Lutz, and others all might come from tough backgrounds like special forces and secret groups, but they tend to grow on you as human beings.

Well, ss for the story plot, the first series (Jormungand) is like a disorganized of action and of the group's adventure through the arms market. However, it's this series that connects the dots and shows what Koko was plotting all along. I admit that I was confused what Jormungand had to do with the anime because it took all the way to the last couple episodes to know what Jormungand was all about.

Anyways, I must say the show is enjoyable due to the innovation and cooperation of the group to reach their goal. Also, the mixture of the undercover arms merchants and intellect groups teaches a lot about the felonious of arms swap and intelligence assembly, which some might be considered imaginary. Finish wise, I truly want the series to stay due to the underwhelming ending, but the manga is complete as well as the anime. But lol never lose hope. I want a third season! (even though there’s a slim chance. Lmao)

12:35:00 AM
Ixion Saga DT Season 2 Release Date

This has mysteriously been on my list of show to watch for like a while now. Having finished it, I would say it was a lot of fun! It's nothing deep nor is it anything overwhelming, originally. It's just fun. Fun can go a long way, we know it, though.

The art and animation are ordinary, though far from bad. The story is quite thin and basic. It rids on humor, some of which can be smash and miss. There's a lot here that isn't at all great. Nonetheless, I'd still give it an 8 just since the characters and the humor when it fixes work make it a silly, fun ride.

The characters here are quite affable. The main character is rather irritating at first, but he does seem to mature through it all and become progressively likable. His traveling buddies are more immediate. Princess Escarlate is ideally deadpan and comical. Her knight Sanglain is serious and easygoing, while still crazy enough to deliver good laughs. Mariandale is probably the best character the series has, having a great design, fun character and being at times a amazingly grounded and positive example of a transgendered character in a purposefully dumb shounen comedy anime. Rival Erecpyle and his minor team Incognito meanwhile offer big on comic damage and are always fun to watch. All the while the party comes across minor characters who are sometimes correspondingly crazy and fun. It's an interesting cast.

The humor is center here, and as humor is a idiosyncratic thing, it's what could potentially curtail satisfaction of the show. Ixion Saga's humor is very stupid, irreverent and often immature. As audacious as it sometimes gets, it can be value quite a few good laughs if you're willing to laugh at that kind of humor. Don't go in imagining particularly smart comedy though. If you have no use for childishness and willful stupidity, you will not find anything of value here. For those of us who do enjoy watching something just kind of silly and dumb at times though, Ixion Saga is a solid and satisfying pick.

This is a comedy that's assumed me lots of healthy jokes so far; I've viewed through half the episodes, and look onward to seeing what curve 'balls' are thrown at me then. Second season please!

12:30:00 AM
Initial D Final Season 7 Release date

I was not fond of cars. I mean, my grandpa and dad might be, but after watching this, I sort of liked them already.

Let me talk about this anime. First, I personally think that portions of the series may seem ridiculous, but the series does an outstanding job of making a good sense. Though some individuals prefer the story telling method of showing over telling, this series does a excessive job of making them go hand in hand. The explanations are technical but very necessary.

Takumi will be taking his last race as a street racer. His rival this time different. He is racing a co AE86 Trueno model driver, Inui Shinji. Also, he is younger than Takumi who usually tends to be the youngest in his colleagues. Takumi’s car is the hatchback model while Shinji has the sedan model. Racing goes, Shinji’s background will be shown and many characters return to see if Project D can become the greatest street racing team in Japan.

This was a blast. It is mostly focused on the race between Takumi and Shinji and how they compare and contrast as people along with their cars. It is also a great way to demonstrate Takumi’s development as a racer and also gives Shinji some fleshing out. Many of the characters that return give their input in what can happen giving them some kind of influence. It is very heartwarming.

Somehow, The explanations does a very, very, very excellent job of making everything make sense and not seem ridiculous. Mostly from Ryosuke and his team. The series does a very genuine job on how Takumi and Shinji’s hachi-roku models are different and are operative in rally racing (the sedan model) and circuit racing (the hatchback model).

Shinji is a very attention-grabbing character and I think he isn’t exactly an anti-Takumi, but like Takumi was formerly but just needed the development that Takumi needs. He has very fascinating similar qualities to him but some things that are altered which make him distinct. Granted it is very focused on the race, a lot is agreed and the series comes full circle in its own way, but can be exposed to a possible sequel. Also, the series finally explains what the D in Project D means and the meaning is what a good fraction of the fans have pondered since the beginning.

All in all, while the plot and character expansion still was not able to meet the high standard of Second Stage, Final Stage remains a visual treat with stunning, entrancing, real-world sounds. Fun fact, the races were all well-choreographed and filmed at the Gunma Sports complex. There is a certain element of realism that the first few stages didn't have due to lack of technology, at the time, and lack of budget.

Any Initial D fan will rise Final Stage for what it is and look onward to other Initial D media that is set to be released over the following few years. For now, however, the story of Takumi and his AE86 has come to a expectable, but satisfactory end.  I do hope this gets a revenge, lol. Even though it may seem that it already done, we will never give up. Seventh season puh-lease!

12:28:00 AM
Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou Season 3 Release Date

I haven't seen season one, but people said I should watch it first and that things will make a lot more with sense. I have no time so I have no chance to do so.

Even so, the second season is so beautiful. They awake the romance a whole lot, you will certainly love it. If you don’t cut my fingers. Okay, so now I'll tell you a little about the anime.
I heard that it picks the story up right where the renowned first season ended. The next day, actually. They really turn it up a nick and it is a lot faster paced. They encompassed a lot more in the second season (which is beneficial to me lol) romance will really pleasure you and if you are a cry-baby, you probably will. I unquestionably did. And in the end everything is worth it.

The story was based on a series of video games released in Japan. It focuses on the characters, with multiple parallels demonstrating many fundamentals of human nature. The story centers on an ancient family line of ladies known as the Tamayori Pirncesses. The main character, named Tamaki Kasuga, is the youngest in line who is approaching of age as she lands at her grandmother's estate and must learn what it is to be like a Tamayori Princess. Tamayori Princess's drive is to be the protector and keeper of an ancient and mysterious power closed within the land known as the Onikirimaru. The Princess has guardians who are on oath to protect here in the form of transcendentally powered males from a celebrated and loyal clan. The enemies of the story belong to a group recognized as the Logos, a secret society bent on freeing the Onikirimaru, which is prophesied to bring about the world's end. Tamaki, alongside her guardians, like any other hero, must stop the Logos ahead of time, before it's too late.

I sit here thinking why Hiiro no Kakera is so actual at drawing the audience in, influencing us to watch the next episode, and I realize an important method employed by very few anime that sparkles through in Hiiro no Kakera. On the surface Hiiro no Kakera appears to be of stock value, with a dime a dozen transcribed all over it. The art is thriving done, like most fresh anime, the scenery, and story, though interesting, are somewhat basic in their presentation, and if you simply watch 1 episode it is easy to see why several would dismiss the characters as well.

Those who nod off the first impressions and stick around for a bit, will find habit setting in as you must watch the next episode ending in a complete and nourishing resolution often lacking in many anime. This is able by what I like to call incremental development. The characters, the story, the relationships, all are carefully settled as though you are watching a rose bloom before your very eyes without losing one beat. The characters and their relationships develop at a deliberately slower pace in order to outdo real relationships and secluded growth and change. This forms a significant bond between the audience and the characters that repetitively grows stronger.

This theme of expansion is consistent in the story as well as the creators purposely pull a few hits early on in order to end with a spell and a nourishing bang. The music, voice acting, and sound course are all superb. The opening track of the first season is one of my own favorite opening songs in current memory, not only for its aesthetics, but because of how well it thematically turns with the anime. The voice actors brings the characters to life in tremendous fashion, which is critical to any character based story. The acting is unswerving and believable with robust outings from virtually every major character.

On a side note, another modern anime that executes incremental expansion extremely well is Sword Art Online. Especially concerning the relationships of the characters.

The tone of Hiiro no Kakera is of a muted nature with some light wit peppered in throughout. But, for the greatest part it has its somber face on. It is dramatic and powerful when it needs to be and calm and quiet in mostly the right places. This sets up a pacing structure that is performed very well. It isn't perfect by any means but it is reliable and carefully consummate. Overall, it was a great anime. I hope this gets a third season!

12:26:00 AM
Hidamari Sketch Series Season 5 Release Date

To my extent of knowledge (lmao), Hidamari is one of those under-the-radar Slice of Life shows, which is a disgrace because it really is a good show. The show stays on with the girls' ordinary lives at Hidamari Apartments plus Yamabuki High School. Chitchat, spending time with each other, going to school. This is pretty much what occurs throughout the series. You might contemplate, "Wow, that's uninteresting," but it's the characters traits that make each chapter fun to watch. But with a 4th season of a SoL show, you would consider there's at least round kind of plot to Hidamari Sketch, right? Nope.

But as far as plot drives, if you've been passionately viewing the series, the two eldest dormmates, Sae and Hiro, are in their last time at Yamabuki High, and the show boosts off with them getting ready for their senior class trip, parting Yuno and the others to take carefulness of themselves. It's actually the first episode unaided that unintentionally pushes the girls to become more mature, as you will finally see later in the show.

Taking place during Yuno and Miyako's second year of high school, Honeycomb is a wobbly continuation of the former season. Somewhat than jumping between past and present in a purely sporadic format, this is the first time where nearby is a tough and consistent progression in the story. Each episode openly follows the previous one; at first glance this may seem like a unimportant detail, but with those such as Sae and Hiro's approaching graduation, this becomes an increasingly relevant as there is now, time needed to effectively develop those characters.

Character development - something Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb has no lack of. The story is now more than a plain excerpt of the characters' daily lives and elegantly handles the underlying melodies of relationship and graduation. One episode, for instance, emphases on Hiro determining what she wants to do with her life after high school and if an art teacher is really the proper career choice for her. Another episode goes into detail with Sae's familial situation and her relationship with her younger sister, Chika. There's also a large focus on Yuno maturing and finally assuming her role of senior for her two underclassmen Nori and Nazuna, who in the development mature as well. None of this is enforced in and undermined by dramatization; it is skillfully and naturally borne through their regular communication with each other. As a result of this development, the upcoming graduation carries a lot more expressive weight than it otherwise would.

That's not to say that the same happy-go-lucky appeal is missing from this season, though. Adorability and funniness are helped abundantly and in healthier shape than ever. Each character plays off of the others in crafty ways and has their equal share of comedic scenes— even Yuno competes this time with Miyako on equivalent ground. The humor is not connected by archetypes and machines but through natural responses. Most characters arise out of their conventional role in this season as an outcome of their development, providing a much more persuasive dynamic than before. One of the best acts is a highlight of this; the girls playing a game of Life with their own custom-made squares, representing each character's goals as well as reactions to other possible life choices. Each of their unique quirks and personalities blend composed for highly amusing results, and this is certainly not the only example within the anime.

Seeing how much the series has improved since the first season, it's a little unfortunate that so few people decided to stick with it until Honeycomb. Hidamari Sketch is an anime that is overlooked for all the wrong reasons. Possibly the slow pace or the eccentric style didn't appeal to everybody, but as one of the best anime of the slice of life genre, it's in anybody's best interest to stick with it until the end. You will most certainly be rewarded.

And Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb shows that Shaft is still a healthy studio and will continue creating great works. I look onward to their fresh shows after the ultimate retirement of Shinbo. But I still hope this gets a fifth season!


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