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Yuyushiki season 2 release date

Yuyushiki season 2

Yuyushiki season 2 release date

Yuyushiki sides in the better part of all girl cast shows.  There are a few things that set this aside from many quick cash "cute girls doing cute things" show. (Not that I'm trying to imply that it ISN'T) If you are reading this to find out if Yuyushiki is below or on the line of mediocrity, then I'm here to tell you that it's worth watching. This is coming from someone who generally do not enjoy watching these types of shows.

... Where was I? Oh, yeah. Yuyushiki was just something I eagerly anticipated and enjoyed each and every week. It felt familiar. It felt like Azumanga Daioh, it felt like Lucky Star, it felt like Hidamari Sketch, it felt like K-ON! and it felt like Yuru Yuri all at the same time. It was like a beautiful homage to Slice of Life Anime, and yet it felt like a new experience. Some will call this blatantly ripping them off, but it feels like it aspires to pay tribute to the genre in mimicking the humour, atmosphere and slight boredom of the aforementioned Slice of Life's.

The characters consist of the most typical (I think the other review put it best); one dumb, one crazed, and one who is closest to being "normal". Even though they behave are often odd, it is VERY convincing. The things they say feel very natural, which is something many other slice-of-life shows fail to catch. And it's not afraid to admit that these girls most certainly do not represent the population of "normal" girls that we see today. A few side characters even comment in the anime that the girls are strange and sort of awkward. They do not pretend to be innocent when it comes to the topic of lewdness or go overboard with it like in Seitokai Yakuindomo (not that I'm trying to bash it).

Overall, I enjoyed it as much as its fans did. I hope this will get a second season.

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