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Servant x Service Season 2 Release Date

Servant x Service Season 2

Servant x Service Season 2 Release Date

Working is no easy task. In fact, getting by every single day with a job is something we all want especially in today's world of recession. With the current economy era, it's best to work hard and keep up with your job hoping you don't hear the two forbidden words known as 'you're fired!' For three certain newcomers, they've become new employees at a Health and Welfare Department of a certain government office at a certain city in Hokkaido. In Servant x Service, we get to see an insight look on what it's like to work in such an environment and their daily lives.

OFFICE COMEDIES: Not very many people can think about this genre of comedy without thinking of heavy hitters like the two Offices (UK and US) and to a lesser extent, Parks and Recreation. Now, there seems to be a series that tries to take the office lives of Japanese civil servants and turn it into a comedy. Does it succeed?

It stars a small cast of young adults (Lucy, Hasebe, Chihaya, Miyoshi, and Ichimiya) all with their own unique quirks. There's a bit of romance, but mostly office antics that keep the story moving at a steady pace until the end of its 13 episode run. Think of it as Japan's answer to The Office of England and North America. There will be characters that you look forward to watching, and some that irk you every time they're on screen. And of course it wouldn't be Japanese without a talking animal, which comes in the form of a stuffed bunny boss. They work in the social service sector, but the setting is really only a backdrop, with the action of the characters amongst themselves being the plot driver. It's a good relatable scenario for anyone who would consider themselves affiliated with the josei genre, so if you're looking for a more mature comedy anime this would be a good choice.

So in the end, the otherwise mediocre summer 2013 season produced a gem in an unlikely genre (LMAO), as the oft-muddied comedy conventions get a well-deserved polish. I can rarely claim to enjoy straight-comedies, but this is probably my favorite show of the past few years. I hope this gets a second season.

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