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Rozen Maiden Season 5 Release Date

Rozen Maiden Season 5

Rozen Maiden Season 5 Release Date

Everyone has his or her own talents. Whether you're good at drawing, playing a sport, or even making a simple meal, there's a special hidden talent within everyone. For a particular boy named Jun Sakurada, he has a talent too. We should all be proud of our accomplishments right? Well, that doesn't fit the case with Jun because after a particular embarrassing moment in his earlier school years, there's that fear of anxiety that followed him for the rest of his life. Has that ever happened to you before? Maybe but did it ever escalate it to a point where a person almost completely changes from whom they were once before? Probably not. This is what this anime tries to convey.

Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen appears to function as a sort of reboot on the Rozen Maiden franchise as we are reintroduced to Jun and the Rozen Maidens as they deal with an enemy threat in the form of new Maiden Kirakisho and crossing into a parallel timeline where an adult Jun never gave life to Shinku. Before I address the new content of this addition to Rozen Maiden, I do want to address the major issue of this series coming with familiarity of viewers to the franchise
The show's creators make it under the assumption that you are already familiar with elements and characters to the series, thus quickly pacing through events in the first episode of the series in introducing Jun and the six Rozen Maidens from the 2000s adaptations of the series to get to the main plot of the series involving Kirakisho. This already alienates new viewers of the series since the last animated adaptation of Rozen Maiden came seven years prior with the release of Overture. Other than providing background on Jun's issues due to focus on adult Jun, other characters who existed from earlier adaptations of Rozen Maiden don't get their backgrounds as fleshed out, limiting any connection new viewers would have to care for them since the show assumes you already know about their issues.

For whatever reason you decide to try out this show (and even followed it for four seasons) just be aware that it can feel a bit different from what you might be used to from the original RozenMaiden series. By different, I don't mean as necessarily an unpleasant experience. Instead, it conveys a different and more realistic side of Jun and his story. The boy is not in kiddy clothes anymore but lives a new style of living. Although it's not pleasant, there's also some signs of joy. The lines of reality and fantasy are often crossed throughout various times. This can also bring on a different feeling for viewers. But more importantly, patience should be a key to deal with this adaptation. This is very indifferent. Rozen Maiden is often interpreted as a girly show because it has dolls. But for Jun, making dolls isn't just about fun. It's about a talent and his way of life.

I do hope this gets another shot, I mean, a fifth season, for diehard Rozen Maiden fans like me.

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