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Kingdom season 3 release date

Kingdom season 3

Kingdom season 3 release date

The kingdom series is so precious and sentimental to me now that my only regret was not finding out about it sooner. The emotions welling up inside of me are so powerful that I'm going out of my way to write this review. Now rather than try to entice newcomers to tryout this series based solely on its merits, I will try and put forth my true and pure emotions in the raw intensity that the show also demonstrates.

We find ourselves in an age of anime where main characters are mostly found annoying and disliked by most fans, however the case for Kingdom has always been the opposite. Most Kingdom fans enjoy seeing Xin and his development is no doubt one of the shows’ pinnacle moments, however scars of this started to show in the first season and in the second are almost laid bare to all. Kingdom relies too much on Xin. Xin is the MC and is expected to be the main driving force of the show, but what this has incidentally caused is that when the series decides to take a different turn by removing Xin from the story for a little while, it immediately becomes apparent that the show has lost its potency, the supporting characters are just not strong enough to move the story along and their development most of the time takes a back sit or is overshadowed by Xin. Xin is still one of the most interesting MCs in anime and it is because of this that when he is absent on screen for too long, Kingdom falters.

In comparison to the first season, the supporting cast of the second is absolutely outstanding. The introduction of Wang Ben and Meng Tian, two fellow aspiring great generals like Xin added new meat to the story by letting us witness Xin grow around others of the same rank. Xin’s weaknesses are plain to the eye when he compares himself to the two and their continuous rivalry to render achievements as well as seeing their relationship grow is a joy to watch. Kingdom also continues to do a great job in personifying not just Xin’s allies but enemies as well. Enemies unlike most anime are well presented as actual people with hopes, dreams and ambitions with steadfast determination to see them through, their contrasting personalities and exchanges in the story displays how good use of characters really pays off.

The story is quite better in this one while the music has improved. As I said the funding has improved thus the quality of the anime will always improve. There has been two seasons as of yet, and anyone who has watched it is anxiously awaiting the third season to begin.

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