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June 2015

10:29:00 AM
Zettai Bouei Leviathan season 2 release date

When an anime serves as a prequel for an Android-based RPG you've never heard of, chances are good that one shouldn't go into this series expecting much more than a four-hour commercial for the game it's advertising. Throughout the entire run of Zettai Bouei Leviathan, the show never really tries to be more than it is, which is a mediocre piece of fluff that just happens to have a fantastic voice cast. 

Zettai Bouei Leviathan tells the story of a trio of dragon-girls on a planet named Aquafall that is occupied by dragon-people. At least, some of them are dragon-people, as we see non-dragon denizens milling about over the course of the show. One day, Aquafall starts getting pelted with meteorites that contain insects known as Lucasites who start invading the planet for an unspecified reason. In order to put up some resistance, the fairy Syrop goes on a journey to establish a team to defend Aquafall from these insect invaders, but, instead, she just ends up relaxing for a while with the first three girls she comes across and calls it a day. Once she infroms the girls that their planet is in grave danger, they all rebuke her, so she decides to stick around and convince them to join her team. That's right. The world is in grave danger and in her quest to form a team to save it, she asks the first three people she finds to assist her. Strangely enough. nstead of going and finding teammates who are actually interested in saving the world or who even have the skills required to do so, she decides that these three are her only options and spends an inordinate amount of time pestering them.

Granted, the story is mostly non-existent, but to be fair, If you decide to watch this, you're probably not here for the story. For the majority of the show's run-time, the characters just sort of hang around and do nothing, with the occasional cgi bug battle thrown in. However, for the most part they just go to the beach, eat, or visit a hot springs. Additionally, this anime acts as a prequel to the game, so the plot doesn't even really kick in during the show. In other words, if you want a story, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. 

As far as the characters go, they unfortunately don't fare much better. The cast mostly consists of the four main characters; Leviathan, a timid water-user, Bahamut, a selfish fire-user, Jormungandr, an adventure-loving warrior girl with an ax, and Syrop, a useless fairy that isn't good for anything other than food jokes. There's very little depth to the characters, who are best described as vague, color-coded archetypes. Although there is a bit of character development here and there, there isn't enough of it to make the audience care about any of them. So, this might not have a second season if you are hoping it will.

10:29:00 AM
Sparrow's Hotel season 2 release date

A simple litmus test for how much value one might find in Sparrow's Hotel can be done by the brief uttering of one of its jokes: "Cute girl with large breasts is good at fighting". Now, if you are presently convulsing in laughter with tears in your eyes and a pain in your sides at the mere thought of that "joke", boy are you in luck, Sparrow's Hotel uses that joke repeatedly! Hell, it's the only joke it has! None of that pesky "variety" garbage to encroach on your love affair with that perfect, solitary joke. As such, Sparrow's Hotel's doubtlessly masterful sense of humor will remain laudable for as long as one finds this lonesome joke funny. For most of us, however, that moment will arrive mere seconds into the first episode.

Sayuri Satou, a busty and overly capable bouncer for a successful hotel, is somewhat renowned for her eccentricity and her overzealousness. She tends to go overboard and treat the simple task of calming the guests as that of an assassination or something of comparable severity. That is the entire premise. The meat of Sparrow's Hotel rarely strays from this barebones scenario. Various quirky characters occasionally enter the fray, but they are similarly marred by being one-note affairs. For instance, the sis-con is characterized entirely by his unhealthy affinity for his sister, and the grizzled biker character never diverges from his trite archetype. This isn't necessarily an inherent flaw - better comedies such as Cromartie High School have thrived on this sort of characterization - but the jokes associated with these characters are just as banal as their cardboard cutout personalities would suggest. It'd be a stretch to even consider incessant reoccurrences like Satou fervidly beating up gangsters a joke, but Sparrow's Hotel sure tries its darndest to frame it as one. And as one might expect, the results are invariably poor.

In terms of presentation, Sparrow's Hotel started out as something unique. The show had an art direction straight out of the early 90s, but even by those standards, it would've been hopelessly deficient. The animation was choppy and innumerable corners were cut, resulting in a product that the director even had to apologize for on account of how shameful it was. While this would have looked bad in the 90s, it feels entirely alien in 2013. Being remarkably bad is hardly commendable, but it made the show almost worth watching just to marvel at the fact that this was a show that existed in today's modern anime climate. "Almost" being the operative word there. "Was" being the other, because Sparrow's Hotel abruptly changes its art direction to a rounder style that is more in line with modern sensibilities halfway through the series. While it might sound like a positive turn of events, it takes away the only thing that made the show noteworthy: all we're left with is the comedy, and we already know how that turned out. There is a slim chance this will get a second season, though. 

10:28:00 AM
Yuyushiki season 2 release date

Yuyushiki sides in the better part of all girl cast shows.  There are a few things that set this aside from many quick cash "cute girls doing cute things" show. (Not that I'm trying to imply that it ISN'T) If you are reading this to find out if Yuyushiki is below or on the line of mediocrity, then I'm here to tell you that it's worth watching. This is coming from someone who generally do not enjoy watching these types of shows.

... Where was I? Oh, yeah. Yuyushiki was just something I eagerly anticipated and enjoyed each and every week. It felt familiar. It felt like Azumanga Daioh, it felt like Lucky Star, it felt like Hidamari Sketch, it felt like K-ON! and it felt like Yuru Yuri all at the same time. It was like a beautiful homage to Slice of Life Anime, and yet it felt like a new experience. Some will call this blatantly ripping them off, but it feels like it aspires to pay tribute to the genre in mimicking the humour, atmosphere and slight boredom of the aforementioned Slice of Life's.

The characters consist of the most typical (I think the other review put it best); one dumb, one crazed, and one who is closest to being "normal". Even though they behave are often odd, it is VERY convincing. The things they say feel very natural, which is something many other slice-of-life shows fail to catch. And it's not afraid to admit that these girls most certainly do not represent the population of "normal" girls that we see today. A few side characters even comment in the anime that the girls are strange and sort of awkward. They do not pretend to be innocent when it comes to the topic of lewdness or go overboard with it like in Seitokai Yakuindomo (not that I'm trying to bash it).

Overall, I enjoyed it as much as its fans did. I hope this will get a second season.

10:26:00 AM
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 release date

This anime was a pleasant surprise. It has an interesting take on the bro-sis relationship. The two siblings treat each other like most do in the real world, with dislike, indifference, hate and of course love.

'Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai' (Long titles for the win) is one of those animes I just can't figure out. On the surface it appears to be an anime about a brother and a sister who struggle to realise their feelings for each other. But in reality it is about much more than that. We have a good chunk of the story here focused on anime and the world of otakus as well as the friendships that one can gain simply by going outside and meeting new people.

That said, the plot's main purpose is to of course present us the life of siblings who, as is often the case, display aggression and hostility towards each other but in reality care deeply for one another.

The two main characters, Kyosuke and Kirino Kousaka are complete opposites when it comes to their personalities. Kyosuke is a kind and mostly peaceful person who enjoys 'ordinary and average things' - his words. He also happens to be quite possibly the unluckiest person on the planet, often blamed for things he didn't do and accidents he didn't cause. Add to that the fact that he'll do anything for his unappreciative sister and you've got the perfect recipe for a martyr-type character. Indeed the suffering this character will go through in this series is immense.

His sister, Kirino, is a spoiled brat with a serious attitude problem, completely cold and hostile towards her brother. She's a tsundere without the dere part. She behaves similarly to other people apart from her two closest friends. This character annoyed me to no end and at times I just wanted to drop the series simply because I couldn't listen to her constant complaining and her ways of screwing up her brother's reputation in the eyes of many many people. Ironically however, her tsun( no dere) behaviour perfectly fits in with the plot in this series and without that disgustingly hostile behaviour this anime would not be complete.

We have a few other supporting characters of course, the tall and mysterious Saori, the intelligent and menacing Kuroneko (real name Ruri Gokou) and perhaps the most relaxing character to grace the screens of anime watchers across the world - Manami.

Kuroneko is your typical gothic style anime watcher who mostly spends her days writing novels that even native Japanese-speakers wouldn't be able to read. Her vocabulary is vast and getting in an argument with her is always going to end bad for the challenger.

Saori is... tall. There's not much I can say about her apart from that because this series simply does not give her enough time. From what we see we can make out that she's quite geeky and she simply enjoys spending time with her friends.

Manami is a hardworking and kind person - mature beyond her years. Let me put it this way, if I was looking for a lifelong partner she's the person I would try to get to know better. No wonder then that Kyousuke prefers to spend every free minute he has with her. A lot of characters in this anime see them as a couple and Manami's grandfather is trying every trick in the book to push their relationship to the next level. Hilarious stuff.

It has an intriguing plot to begin with and as the story unfolds it actually makes you care about the characters.  Enjoyment wise for all my positiveness there were a good few episodes that were genuinely tedious, the episode they spent pitching an anime to studio execs springs to mind fairly quickly. This should not detract from the good 75% of brilliant material, many genuinely laugh out loud moments, a fantastic pacing and energy to the whole experience and a surprisingly good spread of themes, episode styles and character face time. There is a slim chance that this will get a second season, but I hope it does.

10:24:00 AM
Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san season 2 release date

Over-the-top crazy comedy with mermaids and actually a first anime where I don't have to bother with writing a story summaries or re-write a synopsis. I'll save you the reading and tell you straight away - there is no story. Everything you will see is just absolutely random set of scenes featuring mermaids and few other mythological creatures. 

It's simple, it's crazy and it's funny as hell. Why? It's easy to understand. Show relies on general "randomness n craziness" and fast paced, dynamical interaction between characters as a main fuel for humor.
Muromi-san on the Shore is a comedy in which the protagonist Takurou's life is gatecrashed by the titular Muromi when he accidentally catches her whilst trying to fish. Over the course of the series Takurou meets more mythical creatures, all of which are drastically different to what he was expecting. 

The show is made up of 13 minute episodes, and this short length is definitely a good thing; it means that the pacing is fast and concise, which is perfect for the humour used. Additionally it means that the show cannot string out jokes so that they become dull and monotonous. With reduced time slot, there is only an opening, which is catchy, energetic, and crazy.

If it's references something, it references a well-known myths or historical events general audience should be familiar with, instead of referencing thousands of other anime shows you maybe didn't even seen. You can't misunderstand what they are aiming at. You simply have to laugh.... well, that or feel embarrassed or bored in case you don't like this particular comedy genre. Nothing more to add. 

Muromi-san on the Shore is a comedy and nothing more, so everything rides on how funny the jokes are. Whilst there are a fair few misses, the show is consistently amusing throughout its run, which will be more than enough to keep a smile on your face. That said, whilst amusing, only occasionally was it hilarious enough to evoke laughter. The gags are solid, but for a show that needs to rely so heavily upon its comedy they weren't good enough to carry the show to higher heights.

Also, there will be many people who will not agree with the humour at all, in which case the show will be torturous to watch. After watching the first episode I would strongly recommend dropping it if you did not like what you saw, because it'll only be more of the same style of humour. For most people though this will not be a problem, since the zany humour is incredibly accessible.

Overall, Muromi on the Shore is a show that will keep you well entertained, having some incredibly funny moments that will catch you off guard. However since it isn't good enough to keep you laughing consistently, the show, whilst being entertaining, is nothing more than that. It may be a forgettable anime, but for what it's worth it provided me with a great couple of hours of amusement. 
I demand a second season!!

10:23:00 AM

Mushibugyou season 2 release date

So what will you do if insects came to knock at your door? Well, normally you'd call the pest control. But here's the problem. These are not your ordinary insects. In fact, these are the type that will tear you apart and eat you alive. It takes more much than the pest control. Luckily, you can call upon a more reliant force known as the City Patrol, an elite unit of insect exterminators who are specialists in dealing with those pesky creatures. Mushibugyou was one of the rare action animes that the MC was not that too powerful and too weak either. The anime's story lets the MC, Jinbei Tsukishima, too grow more powerful and wiser as the series progress.

As one of the lesser known series from the 2013 Spring lineup, Mushibugyou might of slipped under some people's radar. In fact, I wasn't aware of this show until a friend told me about it. No, it's not because I hate bugs. I mean, I'm sure a lot of people hate them in real life as well but this series fits within more of the 'underrated category. If the first episode doesn't deter you from watching the anime, then that's basically what you get. The first episode clearly sets the scene for the anime, and how it's probably going to go. 

Anyways, it is adapted based off the manga known as Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyou. (take note that it is adapted from the alternate version of the Mushibugyou manga). Otherwise, the series stars Jinbei Tsukishima, a young man who becomes a new recruit of the City Patrol. The boy is inexperienced but joins the unit to honor his family and protect the people. 

The series takes place in an alternate Feudal Era Japan setting. Thus, expect some of the architectures' designs to look like some of the more traditional style of Japanese culture. The country in which the series takes place at is simple though with no complex technology. Rather, there is a system where people tries to follow to maintain order. But then of course, that order is disturbed thanks to these monsters known as the Mushi, the giant insects as well as the antagonists of the series. They disturb peace and causes destruction. Now, who you gotta call? The Ghostbust- I mean, City Patrol. Lmao.

The anime let its characters to grow and to have a meaningful development. It's quite rare, these days, to find an anime which all of its characters are growing together; not the typical anime in which the main character is only the one who's getting stronger. The story is not confusing and not too predictable. Yay. But the only downside of this anime is that it doesn't have a second season. I still hope it will have.

10:21:00 AM

Kuromajo-san gaToru!! Season 2 release date

The girl was calling Cupid and she accidentally called Gyubid, yeah really funny... lmao. From that day on, Chiyoko starts learning witchcraft from Gyubid, the self-proclaimed hottest instructor of the magic world. The training regimen is tough, and punishment for slacking is harsh. Fortunately, Chiyoko is able to keep her extra-curricular studies secret, aided by the fact that no one else can see Gyubid. This anime is just for fun, people shouldn't watch if they'll take it too seriously. I I had to write this for people to know that this anime isn't so bad... It is a six minutes long (that's one of the best parts).

Story in this anime is interesting; every episode (so far) was different in some way.Art is very good. You can watch this anime with some kid and he/she will laugh. Sound is good. I didn't like it at first but now I listen to it almost every day.Characters are funny. I like Gyubid, she is a black witch but she's still really fun, I laugh when I first saw her, and I didn't know was she a female or male...yeah, kind of stupid of me.

I enjoyed watching this anime and I hope more people will start to watch it.

Anyway....this anime is special and you should start to watch it, you will like it....It doesn't have big boobs or kissing scenes, but it has something special that will take you in childhood again. I hope this will get a second season.

10:19:00 AM
Kingdom season 3 release date

The kingdom series is so precious and sentimental to me now that my only regret was not finding out about it sooner. The emotions welling up inside of me are so powerful that I'm going out of my way to write this review. Now rather than try to entice newcomers to tryout this series based solely on its merits, I will try and put forth my true and pure emotions in the raw intensity that the show also demonstrates.

We find ourselves in an age of anime where main characters are mostly found annoying and disliked by most fans, however the case for Kingdom has always been the opposite. Most Kingdom fans enjoy seeing Xin and his development is no doubt one of the shows’ pinnacle moments, however scars of this started to show in the first season and in the second are almost laid bare to all. Kingdom relies too much on Xin. Xin is the MC and is expected to be the main driving force of the show, but what this has incidentally caused is that when the series decides to take a different turn by removing Xin from the story for a little while, it immediately becomes apparent that the show has lost its potency, the supporting characters are just not strong enough to move the story along and their development most of the time takes a back sit or is overshadowed by Xin. Xin is still one of the most interesting MCs in anime and it is because of this that when he is absent on screen for too long, Kingdom falters.

In comparison to the first season, the supporting cast of the second is absolutely outstanding. The introduction of Wang Ben and Meng Tian, two fellow aspiring great generals like Xin added new meat to the story by letting us witness Xin grow around others of the same rank. Xin’s weaknesses are plain to the eye when he compares himself to the two and their continuous rivalry to render achievements as well as seeing their relationship grow is a joy to watch. Kingdom also continues to do a great job in personifying not just Xin’s allies but enemies as well. Enemies unlike most anime are well presented as actual people with hopes, dreams and ambitions with steadfast determination to see them through, their contrasting personalities and exchanges in the story displays how good use of characters really pays off.

The story is quite better in this one while the music has improved. As I said the funding has improved thus the quality of the anime will always improve. There has been two seasons as of yet, and anyone who has watched it is anxiously awaiting the third season to begin.

10:17:00 AM

Ketsuekigata-kun! Season 3 release date

Ketsuekigata-kun! or you might call this 'blood type' anime, this show is just like horoscope- trying to specific and predict people based on solely an object they had. While here, the show is trying to categorized people by their blood type, there's currently popular belief in Japan and many other East Asian countries that a person's blood type might predict what kind of personalities they have. 

Note that, don't take this show very seriously, it's a joke that exaggeratedly a stereotypes. This show isn't trying to define a person's personality based on their blood type. Somehow the problem is just with their individual personalities (or so the narrator has been said). Well, it is common among anime and manga authors to mention their character's blood types, and to give their characters corresponding blood types to match their personalities, same goes with the video games.

Not much should make this show more entertaining rather than the comedy itself. Blood type A might have something Blood type B don't have, and vice versa. You also can see their different reactions from same kind of situations. But the personalities they presented ain't very accurate as well. Currently, there's no scientific research that proves blood type can be much affects the person's personality. But surprisingly from this show i find the accurately percentage might be 40-60 % since I knew and heard most people has the same weakness or advantage with characters here. I, myself included. Well, yeah my advice you can just take the lessons from here, don't do what they ludicrously do.

That aside, the characters design is kind of adorable to the excess that their face are showing their own blood type, it's so simple. Purposely for focusing to divides their personalities as well.
Even the music ED describes their personalities but it did well for trying to tell they should get along with each other. And for the cast voices this anime really has a great line-up of seiyuus. They're most known people for the popular characters they're voicing, and here the voice is what i could say accurate and most fitting for the characters. 

Ultimately, what this anime only lack is the duration, seriously in only 2 minutes the conversations is being rushed like blablabla and blablabla tara! the ED song is playing. People have been mentioned this. You're gonna find it hard to get what they're saying unless you press the pause button for every long-and-fast talking they made. I even replay the episode for 2-3 times to really get or understand what the plot they're hinting. I know I am not the only one. I’m quite sure this has a slim chance of a third season.


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