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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Season 2 Release Date

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Season 2 Bladedance of Elementalers Season 2

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Season 2 Release Date

The best way to describe Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance is that it is basically a remake of Zero no Tsukaima with a few additional archetypes thrown in and a few intricacies removed.

The show is a very standard harem, somewhat in the vein of Infinite Stratos, where the main character is the only male elementaler in a school for female elementalers. Predictably, he quickly runs into a cast of about 5 girls who all have affections for him.

In short, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance takes place in a fantasy world where magicians called Elementalers (or Elementalists if you prefer) form sacred contacts with elemental spirits in order to be allowed to wield their powers. However this privilege is only given to pure maidens of noble families who undergo training in order to become spirit contractors. This means that there are no male Elementalers... or at least there shouldn't be but *as it happens*, there is one exception to that, namely the story's protagonist Kazehaya Kamito. Consequently he's transferred to the rich girls' classy school as the only man in an ocean of girls. Sounds cliché and overused as hell I know, but I think it utilizes that premise better than most other such cases out there.

What the show does well is pacing. Most harem shows have a few episodes of pointless stalling to focus on one individual girl and pretend that they are going to offer some romantic development. While some girls are more or less prominent in Blade Dance episodes, the story does continue to move forward each episode and there is very little in the way of wasted time (other than fight scenes that are perhaps too lengthy). But despite that, I am still hoping for another season! Stay tuned with us. =)

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Highly doubt about season 2. Since the manga stopped (or I can't find it) either way, the series is getting kinda old don't you think? Too old to be exact

They can run the anime still. The first season of the anime ended with Team Scarlet going to the Blade Dance. There is still plot to cover so if they wanted to, they could make another season. There have been series where they continue creating the anime once the original author of the manga or light novel stops publishing. They either go to where the author stopped or reach that point and continue on. I do not know why volume 14 has yet to be published since they were shooting for some time during the summer and that has yet to happen. No matter what happened to the next volume, the anime could still continue since it has a lot left to cover before it reaches the point where the light novels are at.

I'm pretty sure they were light novels... Of course, there's probably manga for it too, but...

im not sure aout the manga but there are light novels and they are still going they just finished volume 15 they are also translating it so there migh be a change but i cant say that for sure tho

thats true indeed at the moment they just realeased the japanese version of volume 15 and 14 is totally translated at the moment they are translating the 15th as well if u wanna see the progress visit Baka Tsuki


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