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Re-Kan Season 2 Release Date

Re-Kan Season 2 Sixth Sense! Season 2

Re-Kan Season 2 Release Date

In some ways you may be thrilled by ghosts. Like me. Like the story of this anime;

Hibiki Amami is cursed with a sixth sense. Wherever she goes, she sees the spirits of those who have shed this mortal coil, and even though she's clumsy and faint of heart--ugh, wait a minute...something about this show looks weird, but I can't put my finger on it. Anyway, most of her friends have accepted her power to interact with ghosts, but the jumpy Narumi still isn't comfortable with all this occult stuff popping up in her daily life.

It's a 4-koma comedy adaptation, but in the trend of the worst among these, you don't have to look up that it's based off a 4-koma series to know. The show jumps from punchline to punchline about how weird it is that Amami can see ghosts with no sense of flow or cohesion between jokes. The gags are more cute than funny to begin with, sweet and silly but completely lacking in bite, but the jarring and jumping edits between them ruin what could be a tender and endearing mood. Unless you find its cutesy humor engrossing despite the poor timing and lackluster visuals, there's no point in hanging around for this one. Most of these ghost jokes have been made better in series that aren't even comedies, and the awkward pacing, barely competent animation, and awful-looking background art just serves to cut the legs out from under the show's potential charm.

There's just not anything unique or intriguing about this one. Its specific brand of gooey humor might work for you so there's no harm in trying it out, but there are too many roadblocks in the way to really recommend the experience over the dozens of better all-girl 4-koma series or ghost comedies out there.

                Some may have been saying that this anime won’t have a second season. But we don’t know yet, we don’t know until the producers announce for it. I really hope that there will be a next one. I know you do as well.

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There's nothing bad about this anime. It's a funny, cute story that I think may even turn into a Shoujo-ai. But that's just me. It has humor, it has great characterization, and the character development is entertaining.


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