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Lupin the 3rd Season 2 Release Date

Lupin the 3rd Season 2

Lupin the 3rd Season 2 Release Date

The origins of Lupin III can be traced back to the early 20th century works of French writer, Maurice Leblanc. Essentially opposite of detective Sherlock Holmes, Leblanc created a gentlemen thief named Arsène Lupin. Like his title suggests, Lupin was thief, but a gentlemen in nature. He would always “politely” leave notes to the police indicating where and when he would steal something, but would always escape their grasp. His goal was really not to steal, but to live life on a dangerous edge and to savor every moment of the chase. Old Arsène enjoyed considerable popularity in his days and has a long-running franchise to him as well. Fast forward all the way to 1967. Professional manga artist Kazuhiko Katō was “discovered” buy a magazine company who was interested in his work.

Following the success of the manga, Lupin III was soon picked up for anime form in 1969 by TMS Entertainment and Toho. Virtually unknown director Masaaki Ōsumi was hired to craft a short pilot film that introduced Lupin and his gang. The pilot was highly controversial at the time to say the least. The realistic violence and adult themes simply didn’t fly well with the companies, so the project never saw distribution. Two versions were produced: a 16:9 CinemaScope version intended for theatrical release and a 4:3 version meant for television. Despite the failure of the pilot, Lupin III was still picked up for a 26 episode television series. On October 24, 1971, anime history was made.

For the first time ever, here was an anime series intended for adults and not just kids. On its own, Lupin III lays down a solid effort. There is action, intrigue, and betrayal...all of which would become staples of the Lupin franchise. The characters that will go on to become some of the most famous in anime history are established here. And while the animation is undoubtedly telling of its' age, the standard for long, lanky legs and hairy hands is set. With all the good foundation that Lupin III sets for the franchise, there is, thankfully, one aspect that did not carry over...the music. The combination of hippy j-rock and the repetition of Lupins' name does not make for a good soundtrack.

Lupin the 3rd anime is never an experimental installment. There will be a season two if the producers would like it to have one. There's no other options but to wait for the higher ups or maybe push it by waving a good number of fans-likes-it-so-much attempts.

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