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Kekkai Sensen Season 2 release Date

Kekkai Sensen Season 2 Blood Blockade Battlefront Season 2

Kekkai Sensen Season 2 release Date

The use of blood for one’s advantage is such a mediocre thing in an anime. But this one is different. It has exceptional vibrant colors and bizarre battle scenes. And a good plot, too. This show is nothing more but excellent! It does have a large array of unconventional characters who have different back-stories which eventually intertwine with one another until it eventually unravels and converges into a single event that affects everyone around them.

'Kekkai Sensen' is a good example of a straight up normal world being turned upside down and since then, nothing seems unnatural. It feels like a grander version of ‘Kill la Kill’ and most of the limits has been pushed to the max. Location-wise, it is situated in a more modern environment which is working well with the plot so far and one can only wonder how long the city will survive when more damages than repairs are done to it on a daily basis.

Its calculative unique genre and plot would bring wonders to those who appreciate them which is what these series have accomplished.

It has its story in motion way long before anyone noticed and blends in a variety of unique twist to keep you on the edge on your sits. Armed with crazy story settings in a slightly older age world accompanied by hilarious (but awesome) action sequences and refreshingcomedy, it is simply a pleasure to watch. The OSTs are a thing to die for and you will find yourself enjoying it sooner than you think.

It will be a good news it there would be a second season for this awesome action anime.

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I agree.

Im going to hate if they dont make another season. Its such a vibrant world. It would be like as bad as Attack on Titan not getting a second season.

I dont think the show is getting enough attention. If it keeps going like this we arent going to get another season. We need to promote it in some way. I was thinking of making a few clips showing the cool battle scenes and uploading them to youtube.


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