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Hajime no Ippo Season 4 Release Date

Hajime no Ippo Season 4 The Fighting Season 4

Hajime no Ippo Season 4 Release Date

"What? 76 episodes of… boxing? 76 episodes set in a small square ring? Yeah, right."

I had no idea.

You know you love an anime when it drives you to shout, to hold your breath, and to jump right out of your seat. You know you love an anime when the thrill makes your spine tingle so much that you actively root and cheer and punch the air in victory as if you were right there ringside. You know you love it when you marathon through 15 episodes one night, and wake the next morning only to continue watching. And even after 76 episodes and two bonuses, you can't let go. They've already wrapped you up in that world, those characters, their lives, their ambitions, and suddenly… suddenly you're expected to just leave?

With that being said, this series is brilliantly done. There's comedy, romance, and plenty, plenty, plenty of plot. Follow Ippo as he grows as a person and as a professional boxer. You'll laugh, and you'll probably cry here or there. The fact that I don't even like boxing never came in to play. You'll probably find yourself doing some jabs here and there while watching the show too. It's that captivating.
The show switches easily from being about an intense Boxing Match to a hilarious turn of events usually ending up with Ippo getting toyed around with by his friends. 

This anime is for everyone, it's a great anime that leaves you sitting at the edge of your chair wanting more episodes. 24 minutes ends up feeling like 5 and you've suddenly watched 10 episodes in one go. I hope this will be given another chance.

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I don't think, I could describe Hajime no Ippo any better! I could imagine myself in all those situations! The jabs, sitting on the edge of my chair, laughing, crying, EVERYTHING!!!!


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