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Doggu Deizu Dog Days Season 4 Release Date

Dog Days Season 4 Doggu Deizu Season 4

Doggu DeizuDog Days Season 4 Release Date

            Really though, this show is a wholly example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Episode 1 is incredibly light and shallow, but the show blossoms into something much better by the end. All the characters are likeable and have their motives, so when conflict erupts, you can't just point to one side and go "those are the bad guys clearly in the wrong". Art is cutesy if not revolutionary, and all of the girls are best girl (except for the humans, they're lame) The show takes a war-game type approach, and paved the way for great shows like Mondaiji-tachi and No Game No Life, so that's cool I guess. 

                So this is how the story goes, Cinque Izumi is a cheerful and athletic half-Japanese, half-Cornish boy who studies at Kinokawa International School in Japan, and has a normal life everyday until he suddenly got summoned to the alternate world of Flonyard. The people there look no different from humans, except for one thing; they have animal ears and tails. The one who summoned him is Millhiore, the dog-like Princess of the Biscotti Republic, who requested his assistance against the forces of the feline-like Galette Lion Dominion. 

                On a personal note, I had quite high hopes for this show. With a good amount of successful anime stemming from being original anime series, Dog Days, having that element, combined with having an excellent seiyuu cast and being animated and directed by the staff from the animation studio Seven Arcs, seemed highly promising to deliver a successful show.

                For action fans, Dog Days may intrigue you with a decent amount of action. For fantasy fans, Dog Days is likely nothing new and there's probably better shows to watch out there. Enjoyment-wise, Dog Days proved to be a mildly entertaining light-hearted series with the action and a few comedic scenes here and there. Despite of those, it has already aired three successful seasons.

                However, if you are a Dog Days fan, I think you are also excitedly waiting for Dog Days animator Katsuya Kikuchi’s tweet for another Cinque adventure (just like what he did confirming there is a season 3). 

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Well so far after 3 seasons my question still remain unanswered: Why nobody gets killed/ seriously injured in this anime? It's a freaking world where war happen as often as people check their FB for God's sake. They need to put more "epic" to this anime otherwise the viewer will get bored with this fast AKA not season 4. (I know it's a "light" anime but this is overused)

Uhm... Mai Huu, have you even seen the anime? That was very clearly explained within the first few episodes. The way the world is designed is brilliant and imaginative.

i would also like to add that there were parts were people got hurt becuase they were out side of the blessings range, or it wasnt working.


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