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April 2015

Yuki Yuna is a Hero Season 2 Release Date

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Yuyuyu henceforth to avoid confusion with the character) was one of the least anticipated tiles for Fall 2014, but as a fan of both the SoL and mahou shoujo genres I figured it'd be a decent watch but didn't have high expectations for it, the PV hinted at a mundane show about nothing in particular with some magic to mix things up. Upon looking at the staff list however and seeing names such as Seiji "Nice Show Would Be a Shame if Something Happened to It" Kishi (Angel Beats!) and Mr. "Woah, This Character Is Still Alive? Better Fix That" a.k.a. Takahiro (Akame ga Kill!), I couldn't help but wonder "what are these monsters doing in a show about cute little girls?"

            Yuyuyu's was shaping up to be a massive massacre as Studio Gokumi took the lead in the animation front, and that's exactly what happened, Yuyuyu was indeed a massacre – of my expectations. The story starts off with a simple play of a hero trying to stop the demon king, a child's play, aimed at such, but helps set the tone for the rest of the show, in multiples ways, this is a simple story, we're not dealing with an over the top sci-fi setting that requires several episodes before you grasp what is going on and these characters are no geniuses or unique souls who appear once in a thousand years to change the world... Or are they?.. Probably not.  It takes less than 3 minutes for the characters and setting to be introduced, even as the staff credits appear over several still images it's easy to understand that the world our heroines live in is a simple one, there's some city landscape shown but it's mostly countryside, it all screams peaceful, very peacefully.

Yuuna, Tougou, Fuu, Itsuki, together they form the Hero Club, a club that focus on helping people, mainly through the form of community work. Shortly after their introductions, we get to see a bit of their daily lives, make no mistake here however, being part of the SLICE OF LIFE™ genre, this anime makes these cute little girls face real adversities as they try to find owners for kittens, update their website or think of what to do when faced with japanese middle schoolers' greatest fear after common cold – the cultural festival.
Everything stops, however, when they receive a strange message on their phones. "We're it". ;)

            The first half isn’t quite as good as the second half, but if you're able to stick with it, your patience will be rewarded. Just be warned that this isn’t a relaxing series at all. If you’re expecting Aria with a dash of Cardcaptor Sakura, you'll be disappointed. It’s more like Lyrical Nanoha with a dash of Angel Beats.

            The Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru anime continues to be very popular in Japan with high sales. Continued support from fans of the series will without a doubt have a second season of the anime in the near future.

World Trigger Season 2 Release date

First thing to say... PURELY UNDERRATED. Second, felt sorry for those who dropped this series from the start. Third, this show is AWESOME!!!!

Way back when I started watching World Trigger, the first 10 episodes are a bit booring because there's a lot of dialogues. But wait, you'll realized these dialogues will help you understand what is World Trigger. It's educational dialogue for this show. And wait, don't expect that the rest of the episode is dialogue, the next cours will blow you with a lot of action pack. It's like you're watching a ONE PIECE like atmosphere since it is also produced by Toei Animation, but of course they don't have the same story or plot. They have their own originality and signature. One Piece has the atmosphere of old to modern, while World Trigger has Modern to Future. I'm really glad that I didn't drop this show because of it's current rating and even now, I always anticipate this in its weekly release. Some people dropped it because the animation sucks. I don't think so. The animation is just average and it didn't sucked at all. The story is great, give it a chance.

         Let me just give you some advise, watch it 'til episode 12 because episode 13 and beyond will blow you away with a lot of action pack, especially the Invasion part where every episodes gaves a lot of tense, and unpredictable happenings.

         Story takes place when Usamo met Kuga, a Black Trigger user who is also a Neighbor. Kuga came to earth to search for his Father's friend. Usamo help Kuga to find with him, but it turned out Kuga is also helping Usamu for being an Agent and put him in a lot of trouble for being a friend with a Black Trigger user. But their friendship became stronger as the story goes on.


         Kuga, 1 of the main character, is honorable, good sense of self, and of real justice. Amatori, is a strong girl who doesn't know how to use her power yet and because of that knows her place and tries her best to not involve people or stay out of the way. Jin, another character is smart, witty, and caring and has ability to foresee the future!

         The perfect time for Osamu to be killed off would be when Kuga (who is an awesome character) was being targeted by thugs for his money. When the thugs try to get money from Kuga and Osamu try to stop him, Kuga should have told the thug, sorry Osamu says you guys are bullies and I should give you any money. If you want any money you have to go through him first! And then the story can kill Osamu off for being a weak little idiot who can't even defend his own ideals! 

         Even though I found this good, I really want this anime’s story to end there. Meanwhile, there is a chance that there will be another season!

In search of the Lost Future season 2 Release Date

I honestly don't know why this show has such a low score. Perhaps too many people didn't adhere to the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover".

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete has a very interesting story indeed. Without spoiling anything for the potential viewers, the story is at its core a mystery. Until a certain episode, we are kept in the dark as to what the purpose is for the numbers on screen, and the relationship of the main story to the first scene in the first episode. Needless to say, when everything is revealed, it all makes sense. With the ending though, some viewers may not be satisfied. I, for one, believe that an ending is paramount to the conclusion of a series. I applaud Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete's writers and staff for not pulling an ending out of their ass. The ending fits perfectly with the series, yet it leaves me wanting more.

Having looked over quite a few of the screens from the visual novel, I'm surprised at the huge decrease in production quality. Now granted, this is Studio FEEL we're talking about here, not necessarily your highest budget studio like ufotable or Madhouse, but I found the artwork "different" from other shows. While the visual novel is beautifully drawn and painted, giving each still a watercolor effect, complete with excellent and beautifully selected colors, the anime is flat, plain, and for some, an eyesore. But it’s good, overall.

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete was an anime I have wanted to watch ever since I knew of its existence before it even started airing. I don't know how, but it just seemed to captivate me. Thus, I waited to watch this adaptation of the eroge of the same name, and at last, my waiting paid off. Honestly, I want another season!

"I'll see you again tomorrow, right?"

Tribe Cool Crew Season 2 Release Date

While this show is clearly targeted at a younger audience, I think it's a bit more important than just another children's program.

As of the 24th episode, it is actually setting itself up to tackle some real political issues, all explored behind guise of a kiddy show about dancing and friendship.

The dance component though is unique, and they mix in a lot of different styles even though it's hip hop, but tends to repeat.

Furthermore, many of the dance scenes appear to be done entirely in CGI, which is a fascinating step to watch develop in the anime industry, especially as it deals with the intricate movements of dance. Most full length feature films created with computers take years to create, while I'm certain the producers of Tribe Cool Crew are on an incredibly tight schedule, so what they are able to create within that time frame is remarkable, and has improved even over the relatively short period that the show has been airing. Especially impressive is how the animators manage to deal with so many different body types, and even differentiate between different characters even while they dance the same moves.

It's fun, and definitely fresh. It'd be nice to see other children's anime to tackle new areas and themes like TCC does too. And let us hope for a season 2!

Terra Formars Season 2 Release Date

So I began watching terra formars mid airing, I had always wanted to check it out (since seeing it on anichart) and I did so. to be honest I had high expectations, out of all the anime this season this looked the most unique. after finishing the first episode my expectations took a huge hit (this was one of those slow beginnings of introducing characters and backgrounds). i almost dropped it but I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t because on episode 2 is where the real meat of the show started.

Now if you can’t tell already this anime has gore and i started watching this on crunchyroll (god the censoring was terrible), luckily though I found a site that had it fully uncensored and was able to take in the full experience.

Every year theres allways those anime wich generally are deemed has "bad" or "mediocre" because of their inconsistent nature and their unpopularity, they strive to get a certain fanbase however this "try hard" factor usually winds up becoming their very downfall.. However if theres a show that despite being unpopular and mediocre manages to be a hell of a ride, that would be Terra Formars.. At first glance, naturally, terra formars looks like your survival horror show that it takes itself so serious its laughable.. and thats exactly what it is.. the best part of Terra Formars is the fun you get from it.. The art is really messy and misguided, the antagonists are crazy stupid and the characters are there to either get killed or to support the non-existent drama.. I do have to acknowledge Terra formars for their story telling wich isnt bad.. actualy its quite fair however this loses all of its impact due to the small lenght of the show and weak character development, i also have to point out the fact that they explain really well every "power" and insect characteristics in a fast and efficient way.. It is true and i cannot deny that Terra Formars is nothing but a popcorn flic, and that is enough to make this show superior to various other shows of its kind..

But honestly I think the story ends there. Slim are the chances that there will be another season.


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