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Trigun Season 2 Release Date

Trigun Season 2 Release Date

Trigun Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever seen someone who has a bounty on his head? I mean, in real life. Have you ever encountered a wanted person? Well, I think I am still a lucky one because most of the wanted person here on my lovely country doesn’t want to cross path with my charm, woops. You know, a wanted person always bring destruction to its surrounding although most of the time they always surrender to the authority.

I used to catch my brother watching Trigun over and over again. I also used to ask him if Trigun is his favorite anime but he always say no. What makes him watch the anime adaptation of Trigun over and over again is because of the action of every gun fight. It was my brother who spoiled me this anime, he even bought a Vash the Stampede action figure alongside with the priest Nicholas Wolfwood for me.

I know it is not just me who is upset with Trigun. Not because of the content of the anime adaptation but because there was no season 2 for the loyal readers and viewers. Everyone would love to see a trailing second season of the adventures of Vash the Stampede.

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