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Toradora! Season 2 Release Date

Toradora! Season 2 Release Date

Toradora! Season 2 Release Date

What’s the matter of having a flat chest? Oh, I am happy that I am not like the “Palmtop Tiger” simply because I won’t have that passive effect to guys while I am walking around. LMAO! Also, being a palmtop tiger is not really a good idea and knocking off heads with other people is not really my real deal. Seriously, my persona is kinda like Minori Kushieda’s.

But you know, having crushes is so normal as a high school student and helping a friend to reach each other’s crushes platform is so normal as well. Spreading rumors and developing relationships secretly is something that is not that new anymore. We all know that in the story of Toradora! Ryuuji and Taiga would have a very strong relationship in the end.

Nevertheless, we still kept on watching and faced the wall again just like all the good anime series out there that lacks a season two. The story was pretty much covered if we talk about the 10 volumes of the light novel but there should be some slot not for an OVA or some specials. A second season is what the fans are looking for.

High school life is a romcom just like Toradora!

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