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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Season 2 Release Date

Are you that kind of person that will still have the right posture of mind when a calamity happens? Well, I’ll be honest. I am not that kind of person. I panic like hell and would make things even worse. But I am the complete opposite of my brother and our best friend. Those two always know who to calm their self down and focus even in the middle of chaos. Maybe it is because they are always alert on their surroundings that is why they are always ready if something like that happens.

Well, we really don’t know when a calamity will happen. Even our country has predicted that in my lifetime there would be a sudden earthquake that will kill tons of my countrymen. That prediction is not just a prediction for me. For me, it is a warning that everyone should be aware of.

I was the first one who watched this anime before my brother. Mirai and Yuuki is a good example for the both of us. We are a combination of pessimistic and optimistic siblings. Even though the anime is just a one-shot drama tragedy story, it made me so aware that there are infinite possibilities in front of us. We just have to be always ready and accept fate for real.

I don’t know if there would be a season 2. I want it to have a second season. For me, this anime is for everyone, to give knowledge to those who doesn’t care of safety at all.

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