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Skull Man Season 2 Release Date

Skull Man Season 2 Release Date

Skull Man Season 2 Release Date

Are you willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent people just to solve a mystery of your own life? Will you kill or shield a person just to have clues and be lightened up for another path of your question?

Skull Man was diverse from my personal favorite Kamen Rider series. It is funny to say that it was derived from Kamen Rider concept and spun by Shotaro Ishinomori’s personal view.

If you have read the original work of Ishinomori, it is just a ONE-SHOT MANGA. Yes! A one-shot manga that turned and adapted into an anime.  It may be impossible for some anime fans to say that it was adaptated into an anime considering that it is just a one-shot manga but hell no. Because of its antihero-ish plot, Skull Man made a massive impact to manga readers and eventually turned into a single season anime.

Yes, Skull Man is just a single season anime. I want it to have another one though but to think that the original manga was published 40 years ago made me sad. A chance for a respin, republishing and reanimating is already zero though.

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