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SKET Dance Season 3 Release Date

SKET Dance Season 3 Release Date

SKET Dance Season 3 Release Date

Talking about the story of SKET Dance warps me back to my high school days when I used to be part of the high school supreme student council. You know, the council that operates and serves as the voice of all the students inside the campus.  Also, as a student council we have to maintain peace and order, even if it would cost our sacred dignity. HAHA!

SKET Dan’s objective is pretty much the same as a student council member’s role. The problem solving method of the Living Assistance Club is something more than I have expected in the story. You know, the laughter every time the three members of the club try to solve a problem never dies. In the end, all the respect of mine goes to the three members of Support, Kindness, Encouragement and Troubleshoot club. Without the perseverance of their characters, I think SKET Dance is nothing but a whole mess.

The season two of the anime adaptation started at the 51st episode and ended at the 77th episode. Kenta Shinohara already finished the manga story but the second season was left floating in the sky. For me, the last episode about helping the basketball team isn’t a good episode to end the season or maybe the story at all.

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