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Samurai Flamenco Season 2 Release Date

Samurai Flamenco Season 2 Release Date

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Samurai Flamenco Season 2 Release Date

My brother introduced me this anime. We are both Kamen Rider (Mask Rider) fans and every time I Samurai Flamenco I always remember the original Kamen Rider series. HAHA! Having an action pose and fighting for the name of justice made me think that Samurai Flamenco's concept is somehow derived from Kamen Rider series. Rider Change! HAHA!

In the anime, Masayoshi Hazama stated that every kid dreamed to be a super hero that would bring peace and order and to fight evil no matter what's the cost. But each dream of every kid dies and drifts to their passion such as music, computer games, animes and many more. Yeah, Masayoshi Hazama is right; if there is only a hero that would bring peace and order on every chaos and cruelty that is happening in the world then everything would be fair and square.

With 22 episodes fighting for justice, I think it is not enough. Samurai Flamenco really deserves a second season for this anime. Oh man, another round please. Henshin!

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