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Rose of Versailles Season 2 Release Date

Rose of Versailles Season 2 Release Date

Rose of Versailles Season 2 Release Date

I’ve asked my brother this question a long time ago and I would like to share this to you. I asked him if there was a time that he taught of living as a gal because I taught of living as a man out of nowhere. LOL! I mean, I am a pure 100% gal it just came to my mind and asked that question to my brother because of curiosity. Back to the question, my brother answered me that he is willing to do that but I should promise not to laugh at him while doing the act simply because it would be really funny to see my manly brother turning into a gal even just for a day.

As a gal, I prefer watching or reading a manga or light novel that falls under Yuri than Yaoi genre. Although the main targets of Yaoi are gals, it is just that I don’t like it for real. I mean, imagining that two boys are loving each other in real life is not my type. I am not pointing out something but this is my own personal opinion, you know.

I love it how Rose of Versailles managed to spin everything especially when every time Lady Oscar thinks about her people among her territory. Lady Oscar is a true symbol of humanity that is covered and kept in the dark.  I want a second season and see how Lady Oscar would grow her love towards her country and onto the girl of her life.

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