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Romeo no Aoi Sora Season 2 Release Date

Romeo no Aoi Sora Season 2 Release Date

Romeo no Aoi Sora Season 2 Release Date

Old but gold. I think that is the best way to describe this anime. Literally, it is not that old compared to some anime adaptations like Dragon Ball or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Oh no, my bad, I shouldn’t have compared Romeo Blue Skies or Romeo and the Black Brother to animes like Dragon Ball and stuffs. LOL!

Like almost all of the works of Nippon Animation, Romeo no Aoi Sora is one of their best animated works. Seriously, I really can’t think on how Nippon Animation is able to bring up something like this without a single pattern from a manga or a light novel. Even though it was based a swizz novel The Black Brothers, the plot of both stories are different and you can’t even compared the book and the anime as well.

Nippon Animation has a habit like this. Once they have it, they are done. Of course it is not just me that wishes for a second season of this anime but you know is just like that. They create and rolls another one to give chances to animations that are piled stacked on their line.

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