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Rekka no Honoo Season 2 Release Date

Rekka no Honoo Season 2 Release Date

Rekka no Honoo Season 2 Release Date

How wouldn’t really love to have a real “princess” by your side? HAHA! As a gal that acted and wanted to be a princess of my brother, I always try to heal him and somehow comfort him whenever he is on chaos or despair.

Rekka no Honoo or also known as Flame of Recca has tons of critics when it comes to its anime adaptation. The pattern was not really followed at all. Some says that its first season doesn’t deserve a second one because of its flow while some says that it is normal for a manga having a little bit of spin when it gets adapted into an live anime.

Its first season is really not enough. If you have watched the full season 1 of Flame of Recca then you would definitely know what I mean. A season 2 is a must since there are still issues that has not been solved especially the mystery part of Fujin.

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