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Princess Tutu Season 3 Release Date

Princess Tutu Season 3 Release Date

Princess Tutu Season 3 Release Date

Before jumping onto an anime series, I do research first about its origin, the animators, the writer, and of course the illustrator. If the writer gives life to a story, the illustrator gives the physical aspect of the story. Although some writer can pretty much draw/illustrate as well. There are tons of illustrators that are so popular when it comes to their work; one of them is Ikuko Itoh. Well, if don’t know who Ikuko Itoh is. She was the person in-charge of illustrating the masterpiece characters of the Sailor Moon.

I never really expected that much in Princess Tutu. I thought that it would be just a normal anime but I was wrong. The bump really never stopped for every episode of the anime. Even the plot is superb. For me, the plot twist of Princess Tutu is better than Sailor Moon’s. I am not pointing about the whole concept of Princess Tutu versus Sailor Moon. Of course, Sailor Moon is way better than Princess Tutu at all aspect.

Since the massive hit of Princess Tutu in the anime screens, it never had any news if there would be a third season or not. What I know is that the manga had stopped at its second volume and a movie was never released. There are times when we really love at anime yet a sequel season doesn’t have. It happens for real. I hope that Princess Tutu would have a continuation. A season 3 is what it deserve as to end the story series.

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