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Planetes Season 2 Release Date

Planetes Season 2 Release Date

Planetes Season 2 Release Date

When we talk about a story that is set in the near future, I think it is all about exploring space but not yet about light-speed traveling. For a normal person who loves to watch international movie films, most of the science fiction stories that revolves around the space which were set in the near future setting are films that I would always love to see.

The anime adaptation of Planetes is not really new in my eyes. Seriously, I think everyone has watched films about outer space exploring already that’s why for me Planetes is not something new BUT watching every episode of the anime is like watching a movie film every single time. Makoto Yukimura did a very good job to pass the visualization of his outer space imagination to its anime viewers and manga readers.

A story like this that won several awards weather we talk about the original manga or the adapted manga needs a second season indeed. I don’t want to raise my hopes because the first season is already fully-packed with 26 episodes. If only that there was more volumes on the manga then materials is not a problem for a trailing one.

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