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Nana Season 2 Release Date

Nana Season 2 Release Date

Nana Season 2 Release Date

How I wish I could encounter or meet someone that has the same name of mine. I mean, there are tons of gals out there carrying the name Mae but I haven’t found the one would I could spend my time with (considering that her name is Mae as well) just like in the story Nana. Chances are not that slim, but hoping that a manga or a story would be the same as my own story is not that bad at all. I have tons of friends, but they don’t carry the name Mae. HAHA!

The seek of fame and recognition versus the seek of love and happiness. Both are different things, and both are heading the opposite way from each other. Even though the two Nana(s) have different personalities, it didn’t cause any bleaker to their relationship. In fact, it made more bonds to them which made the story so tight for those who love to read or watch stories with strong kind of relationships.

I think this information is known to everyone across the board. Nana’s season 2 doesn’t have any final news yet. What can I say if Ai Yazawa is ill. The author is sick that’s why a collaboration of the animators with the author is kinda difficult to do considering that fact.

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