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Mushishi Season 3 Release Date

Mushishi Season 3 Release Date

Hi guys! Good afternoon! I hope everyone is doing okay.

Mushishi Season 3 Release Date

For the first time, I have watched an anime adaptation that has an occult detective genre. I don't know what that genre is until I research few facts about occult detective. I am pretty sure that most of you don’t know what occult detective genre is. It is about finding facts or being a detective but not in a natural way; it involves ghosts, supernatural events and some weird unexplained stuffs.

The original manga of Mushishi isn't just for a show. It is an award winning manga that blew the heads of its fans. I am not one of the original fans of the manga series but I'd like to read the manga itself. I mean, not just to read the book but to own a hard copy as well.

The season 2 of the anime adaptation went so well. I don't know if I should add this but I am sure that fans are waving for a next installment of the anime adaptation. A season 3 is a must!

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