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Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date

I never had the chance to write on a diary. I know that it is really easy to write your personal experience every single day of my life but Fate doesn’t want me to have that chance. Although blogging can be somehow considered as a diary (online diary), I still can’t consider it the same as writing on a personal diary.  I think everyone knows how special and precious it is to collect your personal experience and feelings on a wonderful book called the diary. But what if your diary can tell the future? What if your diary would tell the story of yours not you telling your story to the diary?

Jumping and hopping to another anime when I am done with season 1. I am always like that, after watching all the episodes I try to watch another anime because somehow waiting for a season 2 makes my eyes itchy. I am always a stalker to anime production teams to know the latest news about my favorite animes that I am waiting for season 2.

I'd watched Mirai Nikki a year ago that until now there is still no news from them. No news from the production team itself. Ugh, if they only knew how much I wanted to watch it for another season. The season ending of the first season was open ended that's why fans of this anime are really asking for the Season 2. My fingers are still crossed hoping for season 2 to come out. This is a life of an anime lover, you have to wait, wait and wait though somehow it may last forever! =)

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