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Major Anime Season 7 Release Date

Major Anime Season 7 Release Date

Major Anime Season 7 Release Date

I think I am not mistaken, Major has the most number of anime episode as a baseball sports anime. I know that there are tons of baseball anime out there. Some people even say that Cross Game is better than Major but it doesn’t really matter though. What matters most is not the length of a full anime series but the fact not to open-end an anime which has enough material to build for another season.

The manga of Major still has enough volumes to fill up a complete season 7 of the anime. I don’t know why OVAs are getting released even though that there should be a good chance for the seventh season. Oh crap, the animators should know that there are tons that are waiting a last an final season for Major.

Major S7 where are you? Will you take that long? The OVAs pretty much ended the story. I think my wait won’t happen for real.

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