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Magical Warfare: Mahou Sensou Season 2 Release Date

Magical Warfare: Mahou Sensou Season 2 Release Date

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Magical Warfare: Mahou Sensou Season 2 Release Date

Shackled by the Ghost Trailers, Mui Aiba tried her best to retrieve her brother. From the chase of Mui Aiba trying to bring back his brother to his original senses, started the journey for three high school students. From the training of the three high school students down to mystery of the Ruined World made anime a main stream one.

Takeshi Nanase as the main character of the story gained an evasive type of magic. Kurumi Isoshima gained corporeal magic which allows her to transform; she has feelings to Takeshi and lead the main character to win a fight against Gekkou. Lastly, the punk-rock student named Kazumi Ida gained destructive magic; although his spotlight is that not shiny, his role is still vital to the story.

Originally written as a light novel, Magical Warfare is still on going. With a manga and anime adaptation, a second season for this anime is a good idea. A trailing season should go out because I am pretty sure that Mahou Sensou fans would request the production team to push for another one.

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season two please....

when season two will be release??

agreed we demand season two, I though the anime was good and had an interesting design to it, rather then the ordinary run through like most others.

I highly doubt that there will ever be a season 2, since this is perhaps one of the worst executed animes I've ever seen and the sales in Japan was ridiculously terrible. If there's no money to be made, it will not be considered.

season two plzzzzz and thankyou love this anime so epic one of the best I have seen and I have watched over 1,000 anime

You need to go correct yourself and come to realize what thoughtfulness creativity and good quality is cause apparently you do not know what either one of those mean.

Plizz release this animae season2 I love it tq

i have waited for 2 years, but s2 hasn't released yet. is it really possible that mahou sensou has season 2?


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