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Little Busters Season 3 Release Date

Little Busters Season 3 Release Date

Little Busters Season 3 Release Date

At first I thought that KyoAni would be in charge for the adaptation of this visual novel. Those who love to research backgrounds of companies and companies would understand what I meant about KyoAni’s adaptation for Little Buster. Since it wasn’t KyoAni then it was a different one… J.C. Staff did the job instead.

The first season of Little Buster was really great. It is a good idea to have a plot that falls under comedy, fantasy, drama and romance given that the source or origination was a visual novel. Because of the success of Little Buster’s season 1, I went out to find to find a copy of the visual novel under Windows and PS3 platform. The game is really nice and I would have another batch of free time then I would purchase the second game Little Buster: Ecstasy.

J.C. Staff did fulfill the wishes of all the fans. The season two came that was critically acclaimed by most of its loyal viewers from the first season. Now that the season two is over with the eight-episode OVA series being released one by one, I hope that there would be more to come from J.C. Staff. There pressure is there but you know, there will be always a light. In J.C. Staff I believe for a third season.

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