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Kodomo no Omocha Season 2 Release Date

Kodomo no Omocha Season 2 Kodocha Season 2

Kodomo no Omocha Season 2 Release Date

Do you still remember your good old elementary days? I can’t remember things anymore but there are some left in my memory that I think would last my entire life. Those were the days when I felt like I am the star of the show. Being a star is what a young mind wants and would always enjoy. The laughter, the silence, the tears that I’ve shared with my old friends, almost of all the memories were gone but the feelings is still left and kept inside my heart.

The story of Kodomo no Omocha also known as Kodocha took me on a time machine ride back to the days when I wasn’t thinking right well. I mean when I was a kid. I thought that this anime brackets for the young age but after watching the first season it made me think again. Kodomo no Omocha isn’t just an anime with 102 episodes but it is an anime that deserves more than any romantic comedy anime out there.

I love this anime so much and after watching the last episode of the season. I knew that it would take so long before this anime to have another spotlight again. I may sound selfish because all the animating companies are working hard with their projects and proposals but Kodomo no Omocha needs a second season real soon!

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